Strong Acids, Alkalis and Noises that cause harm to our environment

Used in manufacturing and industrial production. They can destroy tissue, and cause internal damage to the body organs. The above substance adds, and contaminate environment, make it dangerous for lives on the planet earth. Light from cities and towns at night that interferes with astronomical observations, known as light pollution.

Teach to what you know for profit

While we teach others, we learn more, and we master the material, according to Roman Philosopher Seneca. It sound an ancient method to learn but it pays. Even today, successful individual in their careers or businesses, have come long way, through a mentor. They are where they are today, because

The Haunting Achievement

The truth has to be told, that attaining adulthood before puberty is not an achievement one is proud of, our children are learning to be mothers before learning to become daughters, our boys become independent men before they become independent sons, lastly, they end in the street. They form what

A night In Africa

Our great ancient ancestors termed constellations as critically important in their life. People who had knowledge on reading and interpreting constellation used it as the primary tool for telling time at night.  The movement, and the position of stars at night in the sky, used to tell time. This position

Chasing Mirage

At midday, the sun hits a dry dusty earth; wind blows lighter dusts, and lighter objects around. Pieces of paper, dusts on the earth surface, and dried leaves, moved higher and higher, in circle, towards the sky, you might think they are being signaled to meet the blue clear sky.

Four Publishers Currently Accepting Book Manuscripts from New and Established Authors

Book authors, for both nonfiction and fiction books, bellow is a list of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts from both new and established authors. These publishers only need original and well-researched work, submitted to through varies methods. It could be through email, online submission or through traditional method, by post. Choose

5 Websites, Magazines, and Blogs That Pay Freelancers Up To $1500: Entertainment and Pop Culture

If you are freelancer, and you love writing about entertainment and pop culture, listed below are websites, magazines and blogs worthy sending your work to, sending your query, and making a catchy pitch, they are interested good writing, and they pay well. All you need is reading what kind of

Advantages of Face To Face Communication over Other Forms of Communication

No type of communication that is more effective than face to face communication. With rapid development of technology, modern society has option to use to communicate with others, but could be a short message using a mobile phone, a voice call, an email, a letter or a video call, but

7 Activities That Feeds Your World of Creativity

A strong desire to learn is what feeds your world of creativity. Call it curiosity, eagerness to know something new in life that is the same as inquisitive thinking. It is a key ingredient to gaining knowledge, getting to know what is taking place in the surrounding you are in.

The most important thing you need to work on as a writer

As a writer, it is important to work on time management.  It is crucial. This is so because it will make you meet the deadline for submitting your assignment in time. If you are a freelancer, for example, writing for different clients or media houses, you have to make sure

How I became a writer

My curiosity to know, and discover new a thing surrounding me is what made me wanting to be a writer.  I know names of things around me in my mother tongue, but I came two new worlds at the same time, when I came to school. In school the language

    5 travel magazines that pay writers for their travel writing and photography

If you love writing about travel, culture, food and wonderful destination, then bellow are five well-paying magazines that pay writers for what they love to write about. It includes professional photography and blogging to make money writing about travels.             1.Great Escape Publishing If you

30 days left to Kenyans general election

                                         In 2013 i wrote a feature article just before election, and i said Uhuru will win, it happened, i cited reason why Raila will not win, one being him touching

Call for Research or Academic Papers

If you are a researcher, and you are seeking for publishing firm or organization, below is a list of publishing bodies for academic research papers. Uniqueness of some these journals is that, they have a room to accommodate, and publish articles submitted in any field of study. The chances your

Norad Calls for Concept for Concept paper for funding

Norad is seeking submission of proposals for its “Strategic Partnership for Strengthening Framework Conditions for the Private Sector” that is geared to stimulate to business climate, and promotes private sector development PSD. Application for funding is now open to the following countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Colombia.

Calls for free submissions for a pay

The Puritan is a literary magazine journal. It is one of the Canada’s Premier online literary magazines. It is based in Toronto, and it was founded in late 2006. The magazine is dedicated to publishing the best essays, poetry, fiction, interviews, and reviews. It is now open, and seeks, to

Call for paper submission

The international journal of humanities and social studies (IJHSS) is receiving papers for publishing, for their May. 2017 issue. They receive original works in form of empirical studies, case studies, theoretical articles, and meta-analysis, from professors, research scholars, and higher archivers. The deadline is on 25th of May, 2017. Publication

Calls for lucrative grants funding proposals

     The UN Department of Public Information is receiving applications from young journalists, for the 2017 Reham Al-Farra RAF, Memorial Journalists fellow program. The last day of receiving application is 21, May 2017. UN General Assembly Resolution 35/201, paragraph III-9, mandated in December 1980. In September 2003 it was renamed,

A call for artists worldwide to enter online exhibition

If you are an artist and you are looking for places to submit you creative work, The National Association of Women Artists and The Cube Art Project, are looking for you and your art, for consideration as well as exhibitions. Please apply before deadline. You can submit your work, or

6 magazines and website that publish articles about family, children, and Parenting

For those who specifically love to write about family trends, parenting styles, children up bring, unique family composition; the list bellow gives you, as a writer an opportunity to publish with them your professionally crafted writings. What you need to know is the need of their target audience. For example

9 blogs and online magazines that pay writers well for contributing articles and essays

If you are a freelancer, and you want to make money from your writing, then bellow is a list of blogs and magazine that pays contributors for published articles and essays. What you need is only to type the name blog or magazine list below, on Google search, then click

The East Africa Data Centre (EADC) has launch a $5 million Dollars Kenya Power substation in Kiambu County

The importance of this new facility was marked on Monday, 23th of October, 2016, in a launch ceremony for the new Kenya Power substation at EADC. In attendance to the launch were Hon. William Kabogo, Kiambu County Governor, the CEO of Kenya Power, Dr Ben Chumo, the CEO of Liquid

International brands retails shops find business opportunity in Nairobi

East Africa retails sector has attracted international brands retails shops like The Foschini Group Carrefour and LC Waikiki. Betty Musyoki, Director of Portfolio Management and Client Services at Broll Kenya says despite slow growth of retail growth in the neighboring east African states Kenya continues to attract foreign investors. She

Types of pollution and their effects

Soil Pollution: It leads to cancers including leukaemia. Mercury can increase the risk of kidney damage. Cyclodienes can lead to liver toxicity. Lead in soil is very unsafe for young kids inflicting biological process harm to the brain. It causes neuromuscular blockade as well as depression of the central nervous


Introduction When we think of toxic waste, we are actually thinking of Pollution. The definition of term pollution is the contamination of air, water, or soil by a substance that is harmful to living organisms. It may occurs naturally, for example through volcanic eruptions. As the result of human activities,

6 online Magazines, Blogs, and Websites accepting Submissions from Freelancers: Lifestyle and Entertainment

Listed below are Magazine, websites, and blogs accepting submission from freelance writers. Some accept and receive unsolicited pieces of writing, some accept proposal and a completed work and other need a pitch. The best to do as a freelancer is to go to the website and read submission guideline, read

My first recognition liebster Award

It is my first nomination for Liebster Award. A blogger friend has just nominated me. She is called Amdawadi Chidiya. Her website like is below. Rules of Liebster Award:-   Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you, write about their blog too. Display the

Honoring Your Reality: My Writing and Real Me

As a person I love writing. I love reading too, with a passion. I have my daily work to earn a living; to balance the two is my routine for five days a week.  Real me, my consciousness tell me my writing is what is important to me, but at

One Publisher Helping Authors Earn from Writing What They Love Writing

One Publisher Helping Authors Earn from Writing What They Love to Writing

The queen I love the queen in you…

The queen I love the queen in you Not really your origin But lighting delight in you The light in you is what I love The person you in you Is what puts life in me Is what puts light? In my face In my soul, In my heart, In