How tasking is writing process

Mind of a writer overruns with a world of ideas. With his or her to do list is filled with personal proposal and work plan. He or she has several pieces of papers ,well organized with well researched pieces of information or business ideas.
Ideas come to the minds of a writer at a time. It is noble and almost a tradition for every writer to have his tools with him all the time. This is because you do not know when a business idea gets into his or her mind. The idea comes in as a writer observes situations around his or her. He gathers information by engaging all the senses.
Carrying a notebook to write your own idea before it get out of mind is something that lives in a writer’s thought .A writer  is always cognizant of  forgetting a point that is significant  in supporting this  or her statement. For the writers to hold any water it has to contain facts and attributed to source if the piece of information is to have value in it. A pen, a notebook and urge for information is essential wherever the writer walks at anytime.
There are two types of writer and a part time writer. This is some one who is engaged somewhere or does writing and working at the same. These are typically of writers in Africa.  They teach for instance as well as writing on their free time. Then a full time writer, a writer who specifically writes to earn a living out of writing and a writer who writes because he/she is passionate about it.

If you are employment or self-employed or you write out of passion. It is important to develop positive attitudes toward writing and have passion towards it and be a good time manager. A writer sacrifices other things she or he loves for writing. It includes waking up at midnight to write to meet deadlines against the will of his body and spouse.
Spending 14-18 hours a day and allotting only 4 hours to sleep and two hours to other activities .It is risking health problem related to not having enough sleep or straining a lot.One has to love researching on ideas as soon as the idea pops into his or her mind.
If you  are writing as well as doing another job, you need to be keen in keeping time because you have  to jot down an idea as soon as it pops  into your head  so that  you are  in a position to Google it later  when  you get time. Time is always on your side and there is a need to develop ways to cope with it. It is a rare resource you ought to use wisely. Otherwise you would be getting idea as it disappears at the same time.
Writing will serve well if you enjoy it. To write a story, an ideas or proposals the makes sense requires your full attention. Write-and-write and re-write and re-write for you to come up something of valuable. It needs your energy, your time and patience and perseverance come up with a selling story and a winning proposal.
Many people have made a living out of writing; creativity and uniqueness of their idea. It excites them to wake up out of their beds in morning to write. Sleep late in the evening to have something jotted down to a piece of paper.  If time is not managed well writing may dribble into the business that you earns you money at the moment specially working writers.
Anybody who writes and at the same time involves in other business is guilty of letting writing take over. You do not have to stop thinking and putting down ideas and proposals in pads. One has to find the right balance of current paying job and ideas that flows to his head and that keeps him or her up at night with excitements and plans to come out with something tangible.
If one has set working hours he or she has to stick to that because the biggest problem is sticking to time allotted to other business that earns you now.  This will affect your work and your writing business as well.
Writing is just like any other type of entrepreneurship that needs organization, management, co-ordination and planning. One has to be convinced that he or she would not postpone what he does for a living to write down ideas that might help him no soon.
What he or she has aim is to achieve in the end especially for the beginning writers.For established writers it is different. The lifestyle of a well set up writer is living and earning out of writing because he has already secured market for his or her writing. He enjoys his royalties has he writes and enjoys writing as well. Writing in itself is a form of entertainment.
One feels good when he writes. When he or she gets bored the first decision for a writer is to engage in writing.
Combination of working on ones proposal during the day  and not working on what earns him or her a daily bread may leads to getting less pay at expense of writing that  wont pay soon. It is just like going parting and forgets report on work on time. While writing down your ideas do not spend more time doing it while suppose to be working. This will  affect you  and even destruct the flow of ideas into your mind there is  needs to settle  your daily household tasks which is  a relieve and refreshing to you  and when you get into writing business you find ideas flowing as you get down to writing. One has to be focused and spend his or her work hours on the current bread winning activity no matter how that relate to your writing business. 
It is hard to concentrate on the current activities when you have not achieved or performed well in the former one. Your thoughts and concentration will be divided too. Underachieved activity will haunt your concentration and your thoughts might not flow to pads as you write. That will be an obstruction to your success in writing job. If you find your self sprawling off to work on activities that are not related to your present business, immediately stop and get back to your work.
Writing has a stress – relieving – benefits to a writer. It is good for people who can not sleep at night. Writing something things down helps they get a good night rest. It is so because once you write something down you no longer struggle to remember it. That means your brain stops racing and you can get a sleep after you are settled in your mind. If you put down idea to revisit later, it gives you confidence not to stop working to do research or planning. You wont have to worry because you are assured in records that some things you want to do are save for a later free time.
Let the writing spirit grow because you have reason why all these ideas keep on coming into your mind. There is a reason why writing excites you always and you are passionate about it. Keep on writing and nurture writing spirit and keep it flourishing. Have time structured well and forcing oneself to do certain things might hurt the excitement you are enjoy while writing. Write to keep the excitement alive as long as you have the spirit and passion.

What you are doing at present is important to sustain your living but remember writing could grow, develop and shape your career. It may lead you to a more fruitful and a happy life in the future. Keep on top of you current projects to earn a full concentration of your writing business. Never stop writing down your ideas because you have obligations at hand.
Always find time for it. Writing business needs planning and idea development, setting time a day, a week for writing is essential as it gives you a surety of progress toward making your own idea a reality. This helps to alleviate the feeling to make progress. It makes you attempted writing ideas when you should be focused on other activities because you are guarantee progress in future.

Writing helps one to express oneself, how much he or  she can communicate; writing helps one uncover more about the way he or she thinks, it a form ideas and thoughts that  allows you to work and plan for them better than when you let the ideas remain evolved in your mind. Writing translate one thoughts to other people, writing help in acquiring vocabulary of a languages as you always longer for suitable term to communicate you thought. Writing motivates ones towards positive thinking which is important to one healthy living.

One who is dedicated to the world of writing, he or she learns how form a language, how put together a plots, spellings and to make a logical argument. Writing is the important part of our life and it is a better way to relax. It is a suitable way to spend your free time to learn, entertain yourself and build a health living of your own self.
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