Cotu (K) Prepared To Blocks PUSETU

Central organization of Trade Union COTU (K) fight to thwart registration of newly founded Trade Union, The Public Servants Trade Unions (PUSETU) was revealed at 89th executive board meeting this week at solidarity Building in Nairobi.

The executive board upon scrutiny of the aim and objectives of the newly founded Trade Union body noted that its main goal is to interfere with the smooth operations of COTU (K).

COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been mandated by The Executive Board to proceed and do all within his powers to ensure PUSETU overtures are silenced with the Board promising financial support to his office.

The resolution unanimously ratified by the General Secretaries of the 38 COTU (K) officials will remain binding to the entire labour movement in Kenya. COTU (K) boasts of 1.8 millions members with secretariat taking leads in co-coordinating effective implementation of passed resolution.COTU (K) members stay to non-partisan and exercise neutrality in the March 4th2013 general election and allows its members to freely exercise their constitutional and democratic rights to make own choice to a political party of their own.
In a press release to the media no political party had directly approached COTU (K) for support but COTU (k) leadership is to continue to engage all political parties with a view to identify ones with workers- friendly policies to support should there be a need.

Employers have been directed by ministry of labour on COTU (K) request to deduct Kshs. 20 from every employee’s earnings, who are COTU (K) members to be utilized in the completion of ultra modern Resource centre at Tom Mboya Labour College and fund training programs of members.  This is because of the growing education and need for training.

The Executive board unanimously endorsed the new national social security) Fund (NSSF Bill 2012 but faulted one provision in the Bill on the quorum for meetings. Members sought amendments on the quorum of members the NSSF Board which exclude Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and COTU (K) in what is to be quorum of the meeting.  The bill gives two quarters members present in order to form a quorum to go with a meeting.

The Board viewed realization of quorum without FKE and COTU (K) as dangerous citing past historical political inference in the fund.  
COTU (K) through Secretary General Atwoli has sued National Hospital Fund Board for the new rate citing unfairness.  The minister for medical services Prof. Anyang Nyang’o has also been accused for refusal to consult with COTU (K) and FKE on the newly proposed rates member unanimously endorsed.  A decision to replace the secretary General with General Secretary also cropped. The fight is purposely for the labour movement to remain solid and formidable.


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