East African Community Has Opened Brand New Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania

The East African community is working towards full implementation of the common market protocol though the outgoing chairperson Mwai Kibaki points out certain bottlenecks and teething troubles.
 The chairman urged partner states to hasten harmonization of their relevant national law as to be in cycle with EAC treaty for realization of intended goals as he hands of Chairmanship to Uganda.

The brand opened center of operations of the East African Community in Arusha is commissioned the Arusha –Namanga-Athi River-Namanga Road constructed as pillars of the steady growing E.A.C. This facility is intended to serve citizens of the member’s partner states and implementing agency is urged to operate according to the spirit of agreement.

Achievements are part of infrastructure developments the community has prioritized to realize, improved and sustainable livelihood of the people of partner states. In the last one term of Kibaki’s Chairmanship EAC worked towards establishment of one stop Border posts at strategic point to ease cross border movement for promotion regional Trade.

EAC through its Sectoral council on gender has formulated 2012-2016 strategic plans on gender equality and all –inclusiveness. The treaty’s commitment of partner states to develop EAC child policy that forms a common regional approach and realization of children rights.

The legislative organ of the EAC has passed several crucial bills in recent years that seek to fortify regional integration. Some mechanism has to be put in place for joint approaches to human rights, health, environment and good governance.

The community has secured two permanent senior judges based in Arusha. Court EACJ is meant to take services closer to the people of partner states. EACJ has establishing sub-registry in the various national headquarters.

These achievements have marked a year for the EAC integration and the community looks ahead to an even faster regional growth and success. The community hopes to realize a setup of single customs territory and towards envisage of political federation.

Sensitization campaigns have to be prioritized by EAC Affair as important part of the integration process. Citizen of the partner sates should make to understand and appreciate the benefits of the regional Integration Agenda.

Kenya handed over the East Africa community chairmanship to Uganda during the 14th summit of the EAC heads of state in Nairobi the week.

According to the outgoing chairman Mwai Kibaki EAC has made a greater progress in the Integration Agenda giving citizen of member states hope for economic and socio-political success in the future.
The chairman in his statement praised the common market protocol that provides opportunities for the member’s states free movement of persons, goods, services, capital, Labor and rights of setting up business and residence is progressing well, though there are more cropping tribulations.

The East African community has already begun benefiting from the establishment of the common market after removal of unrealistic restrictions to free movement of goods and people. This comes in form of Non Tariff Barriers (NTB)

Cumbersome road blocks and time wasting weigh-bridges along the EAC regions major transport corridors has made it easy for traders to move their goods within partner state cheaply and have maximized profits.

The move has attracted neighboring Eastern countries to apply for member as is hope of a better East African community in the near future.The outgoing chairperson of the EAC council of Ministers Hon. Musa C. Sirma looks back with pride and confidence at achievement so far recorded by the council during the last one term.

The outgoing chairman said the implementation of the EAC African common market protocol has made significant progress and East African now can enjoy economic and social benefits out of the common markets.

Sirma, further in his message to the press said the elimination of Non -Tariffs Barriers (NTBs) has been intensified through National monitoring committee (NMCS) citing recent dedicated session of ministers and on going development of a legally fastening mechanism on the elimination of (NTBS).
He commended Kenya for reducing roadblocks along the Northern corridor from 36 to five. This protects cross border traders from unscrupulous high-way control agencies extorting bribes from traders. It is hope for every citizen of partners’ states to see these dreams come true to allow the ripe the benefits of the integration.

The EAC has developed a centralized customs transit data system to improve and enhance information access and advance clearance of cargo in the region. This will make easier for trade to live and running in region smoothly. It also help congestion that in check points that consumes a lot of times.

The world is keenly watching the EAC Integration as Euro zone experience a crisis
. Will East Africa community be better than the Euro zone?

The minister expressed optimism on the East Africa monetary union negotiation saying it taken a steady pace since 2011. Already, 77 articles in the draft protocol having been negotiated.
With such progress Sirma is confident that the journey to the East Africa Federation is on the right and sure course.

The Acting permanent Secretary, Ministry of the East African community Hon.Chiboli I.Shakaba in his message wished the incoming chair of the coordination committee Uganda’s Permanent Secretary in charge of EAC affair, Madam Edith Mwanje Success as she takes over the baton of steering the committee to even greater success.


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