Kenya to switch off Analogue Transmission

The government has announced December 2012 as official date of migrating from Analogue to Digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Nairobi areas  and its environs. The moves been countered by complain to afford Digital migration though it is thought to more beneficial than Analogue.
Dr Ndemo cited ICT as one of economic pillars identified and expected to increase the GDP growth rate and carry on it. ICT is anticipated to play a crucial role in propelling economy.Migration to digital broadcasting ropes the Africans social development agenda through founding of more new jobs and generation of foreign exchange. It is also viewed as attracting direct investment to African continent.
The benefits of digital broadcasting scaffold is better picture and quality sound production more channel to viewers and better utilization of the scarce frequency resource.Analogue switch is probable to down gradually to other towns as the lesson in Nairobi is to be used to make the switch off to the rest of the country smoother.
Since setting up of digital broadcasting in Kenya, it’s  only up to ten towns that enjoy quality pictures and sound. It is projected to ramification to entirely country in the near future.The digital television committee (DTC) is a multi-stakeholder committee comprising members in the ministry of information and communication commission of Kenya CCK, Kenya Broadcasting Corp[oration , National communication Secretariat(NCS) and media owners Association being represented.
The digital Kenya Secretariat which is lives within CCK provides logistical support to DTC.In 2012 /2013 budget the government waived import duty on digital receiving devices to make it cheaper for the buyers but some consumers still complain of inability to purchase the gadgetThis was in line with the East African Communication (EACO) resolution passed in April ,2012 to lessen tax on set to boxes to make them within reasonably price.
Remarks by Director General of CCK Mr Francis Wangusi held the commission has licensed two digital signal distributors, signet part of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 2009 and privately owned company, Pan African Network Limited in 2011. The duo are rolling out digital signal in the entire country.
Distribution has so far reached a significant number of major towns. Public is aware on the progress that has been running on air on popularity trends. For this  to happen,  the public has to be informed of benefits of migrating to digital broadcasting CCK  recently ran for last three months media campaign.Kenya has upgraded technology from Digital Video Broadcasting to Terrestrial (DVB-T) the upgrade is still climbing ladder to a more superior(DVB-T2) that provides better services with most favorable utility continuum that the better still head to come is the “best” of technology to entire Nation.Mr Wangusi acknowledge technological shift did have impact but he commends CCK has been holding engagement with those affected to reconcile the rationale and business sense of technological upgrade.
It is Kenya government initiative to migrating from analogue to Digital television broadcasting got from the decision made at the Regional Radio conference in 2006 in Geneva Switzerland(RRC-06). I t required countries in the RRC to plan area to migrate from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting technologies by 2015.
Kenya seems to be on the better course to meet deadline.Wangusi commends the Africa Telecommunication Union (ATU) for the good progress that has been made so far across the continent in the (ICT) Sector. He added that the  commission shall continue to play an active role in the initiative of the Union.
Message from the ATU Secretary General Mr Abdoulkarim Soumaila who cited the global ICT trend runs through a dynamic change because of development and abundance of digital technologies with definitive aim of building a full digital economies. To have a say to digital economies and to the world in general is to move from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting that seeks to revolutionaries TV in reflective ways.
Moving from analogues to digital broadcasting will provide cost effective likelihood to play a part in the digital world .It is meant to provide affordable means to partake in services from e-government to e-commerce’s.
Digital TV will revolutionaries  quality -of -experience by providing super quantity and quality if what is available on TV and to offer viewers with much needed choice. This fits well in ATU wider subterfuge plans and continued dreams .The facts that information  is a significant economic, Issues  the government has to ascertain  policies and outlines to address digital smooth movement  from analogue to digital broadcasting.
It is crucial for some governments in the African continent to take action in  migration  set up process for the continent to  move in one accord and to maximize the benefit from migration to digital broadcasting technology.
In  the Sectary General message , many countries in the continent have shown internet and have began to integrate digital migration processes on average but he cited  some countries in the continent still lag behind.
Secretary general of ATU is pleased to note significant progress made as result of two continental summit held in Nairobi and Accra in November 2012 and September 2012 respectively .He also commends two coordinately workshops successfully held in Mali and kampala.
“ Migration from analogue to digital broadcasting is a flagship project of Kenya’s economic blue print vision 2030.” Says  information and communication permanent Secretary Dr Bitange Ndemo in celebration of the 35th of African Telecommunication Union (ATU) /Information communication technology(ICT) day on December 2012.
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