Truth about United States mission in Benghazi

An extra-marital affair that has lived on headlines for a week across the world that USA chief intelligent official, retired general David Petreaus fooled around with his biographer Paula Broadwell that has cost him his job might just an additional to Benghazi attack cover-up.
The global media is digging deeper to unearth what might have lead the retired army general to resign is more than having another woman. Having love out married life seems to another problem that compromise USA security or even world security.

US official praised the general for his good in Iraq and Afghanistan but speculations surrounding the sudden resignation of CIA chief based on his role in an allegedly cover-up of the US mission attacked in Benghazi in September 2012. Allegation is more serious that just having love outside marriage circle that could handle a religious way or in court of law.
It is now clear that what the media describes as a US consulate in Benghazi never existed. What existed is US diplomatic mission building which served as meeting venue to coordinate aid offered to rebel-led revolt according to Middle East security officials.

US official blamed a film about Islamic figure, Prophet Mohammad for claimed popular protest lead to the attack of US mission.According to intelligent official, the popular protests did not take place in the night of attack. Recruitment of fighters including jihadists took place in the building branded consulate in Benghazi. Big monster might eat t up US as foreign Policy and international relations.

If the building described as a consulate was real, where was the heavy public security that normally guides US consulates around the world? That might be a sign the building in question not used for a sensitive purpose. Unless USA has two consulates in Libya, the real consul is Tripoli even today not Benghazi. President Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton both referred Benghazi station as US mission.

On August 2012 two weeks before US ambassador, Christopher Stevens attended opening ceremony of consular service in Tripoli where he said he was happy to announce US readiness to offer full consulate service to Libyans.

An hour to the attack, Stevens had finalized meeting with a Turkish diplomat. Turkey leads insurgency against Assad’s rule. Ambassador Stevens was allegedly involved in recruiting jihadists to fight in Syria according to Egyptian security officials. Does it mean top security officials work hand in hand? They might even be eating in one plate may be if they help one another to put down legal governments.

This is more serious than sex scandals used as a shield for defense and cover the truth. This may mean in every war in this world there is an American hand involved. It is clear US government is supporting rebels. Recently Obama announce a $ 50 million dollar aid to rebels.
The principle of salvaging the suffering in the Arab world and trying to avoid the truth of failed democracies in the world by bringing down governments in power placing with jihadists. The principle is using their own enemy to fight them. The reasons why some arms of Al-Qaida receive aid form US to overthrow regimes. Removing dictator from power is good but working with terror group is not.

Assistance received by rebels form US includes direct assistance, weapon, and financial assistance to Libyan and Syrians rebel but it is US has vowed fight on terror. Why is USA together with Jihadists in roof? May be we are meant to get confused for something to happen because some are truth reveal by resignation of retired general.

Nature of assistance by United States is questionable because there is evidence al-Qqaida is among the rebel fighters supported by US in Libya and Egypt. If so which war on terror is US fighting. It is funny jihadists group fought US in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the fight to help in fetching hot overflowing Arab spring waters.

It is true there are no permanent enemies in these wars.
US official state that White house is proving non-lethal aid to the Syrians rebels and there is widespread report showing US works closely with Arabs world to ensure opposition in Syria is armed.

An extra-marital affairs, cover-up of Benghazi attack and increase criticism doubting strength of CIA in Benghazi on the night of attack might leads to fall of big names in the US security agents, General David leaving his job is just the beginning.
The headlines may not stop soon as General Allen name coming on spot with investigation under way. The world is not stopping digging deeper to the heart of matter to find out what else might have contributed to the resignation the general. His resignation is not even stopping world from know the truth.
Paula Broadwell is still finding space in headline despite her disappearance from the media. She might need to stand up and face the world to set her record straight. Alternatively, may decide to remain silent for fog to clear ahead for utter anything to public for fear of fueling the already burning fire. 
Her disappearance from public may do her good. Straightening her record now is hard because the wound is still fresh though the scar may remain even later.
FBI investigative about 30000 e-mails concerning Broadwell threat to a third party. The outcome might more about her public and private life.Everyone is wondering what might happening in her family now as avoids the media.

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