Growing up in the slum suburb

Blessing left Mr. and Mrs. Morgan house help job in the city suburb and decided to settle down to marriage life at young age. She had no formal education. She dreams to be a lawyer or a doctor at her younger age but lack of school fees to high school dimmed her golden dreams .She opted to seek a house help job in the city.

After hide-and-seek love affair with Nkuia at early age Blessing Omari met affluent Khuta who was curious to discover sweet love with her. He used to meet her after work when blessing was almost going home. Mr. and Mrs. Oman begun to suspect Blessing for her new behavior thinking of the dowry they were to get if she remained a good girl. Sometimes she comes blaming a lot of work given by her boss and some public transport vehicle for delay to her boss telling to sleep to help visitors and remain with the child. But at the back of her mind she knew the good and true reason for all this was her love affair with Khuta.

She had regular boyfriend Okiriate whose parents had approached Mr. and Mrs. Omari for marriage arrangement. She missed her monthly periods and she immediately informed Khuta but he reacted differently. He strongly told blessing he was not ready to be the father or continue more love with Blessing. It was a heart break to blessing who hoped to get married to a rich boy with financial ability to support her and the children. The girl blamed herself for her mistake together with her family background.

She had swallowed it all alone and decided to patch her pregnancy to her regular boyfriend who was happy to be the father. Okiriate was proud he is a man and he had a woman with a child that sprung from his groin in her womb.
Okiriate was the first to anchor the news to his parent that his girlfriend had missed her period. He had a thought that she might be pregnant. He feared the ruling of his traditional norms that a child born before marriage ceremony belonged to girl’s family. He wanted his parents to shift in for help and rescue it before situation slipping out of hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Omari were ready for anything to arrange the marriage ceremony or wait for their daughter to deliver at home to receive a new family visitor. To them they were proud of their daughter and any announcement made first was good news to them.
Mr. and Mrs. Bari were ready to do all they can to make their son proud. A committee of village elders was called in for breakfast at Mr. Bari homestead. At the mid of feasting, Mr. Bari delivered the news to the old men and a delegation was sent to alert Mr. Omar and his family of the visiting committee  for marriage proposal. One evening when Blessing was returning home from her house help job she was informed to be ready for visitor coming to their family the next morning and someone will be sent to deliver resignation message to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan.
Blessing slept silent as if dead in her bedding with a speaking mind and silently praying the truth may remain buried forever. She knew the truth about the child she is carrying in womb belongs to irresponsible rich man not to the innocent serious responsible one who has agreed against odds to marry. She loved Okiriate braveness to face situations with a Man’s heart. She wished it’s him who impregnated her. She was filled with pity and sympathy for his innocence and she begun to love him even more than ever. But she blamed the devil the mislead her to Cheat on this good and understanding man.
One day blessing was seated outside her parent mud walled house enjoying the warmth of the rising sun and viewing the up shooting skyscrapers of city. She wished her parent had one of their owner houses among the city tall building. May be Khuta could not have underrated to denied her. She shifted her thought to Okiriate.”He is hard-working and responsible may be one time he will buy a house in one of the neighboring city suburbs”. She thought in a monologue.
Her heart was occupied with the love she had for Okiriate and part hate she had for Khuta and another for the baby she carried in her womb. She prayed silently for the baby she was carrying be a boy. She will educate the boy to be a doctor or a lawyer. She promised herself work hard to be able to afford school for the boy.
She remembered one occasion she discussed with Okiriate who had luckily completed his secondary school exams and had secured a job telling that he will do all he can to enable sit for secondary school exams  in two years and wonder why she cheated on his responsible man. Seating for high school will enable get a job or go to college and get job latter.
Marriage arrangement was done and it was time for Blessing to move to live with her husband. Okiriate parents had a two room mud wall house in a small piece of land out of the city outskirts. Okiriate had to make an extension of Iron sheet Single room from one end of the walls. This is where he is to begin his family life. He worked in private pharmaceutical firm as casual laborer.
The dowry was agreed on, part of it was paid and the remaining was to be paid before Christmas that year. The old men and women feasted delicious meals served and hot drink during the marriage ceremony. Blessing was happy she would supported by her husband and in-laws but the guilt of the true father of child she carrying haunted her. It never gets out her mind however she tried to forget Khuta.
Blessing was a girl every man watched in the village of Boma. She was a first born in a family of four children and the only girl. She had Angelic looks, character and miraculously well behaved. She was a beauty queen to be precise. She wore a beautiful face, a lovely smile and a merciful look but had one problem why Khuta jumped her after she got pregnant. She was from a clan that was termed lowest caste in the society, outcast despite her angelic beauty.
She had every quality of being pleasing to every sense of every man. Wealthier men in her village wished they be the first to seduce the gorgeous Blessing. She was unlucky to be born in a community that entertained societal stratification, Caste level systems and her family position situated in a level of outcast. Boys from noble families cursed the division and segregation in their society and even described it as primitive because that denied them to marry “The Beautiful Blessing”.

Blessing’s parents belonged to the same clan and community. Blessing and her three brothers were supposed to marry from their owned division of the society. Riches did not matter most in this society. The community comprised of the ruling class who find themselves in office not because they worked for it but because a taller relative has held the post before. The hard workers who their offspring’s were not supposed to see the dolor of a school or access information. Having influential relative, the level of caste you belong determined what you earn.
Despite of blessing successful marriage celebrations she remained deep in thought in some occasions. She was used to a lot of work that her new family and her mother in law home household tasks she could do in minutes. Okiriate had two sisters Asunta and Sophia. They were all in high school. Sophia was almost the same age with Blessing.  Blessing wondered why she has settled in marriage life and her age mates are in school.
Blessing hated the societal division in the society she lived in. She was beautiful and loving but she could not get married to Khuta because of her family background. Khuta was from noble clan. It he could be termed as coveted to outcast class. The two could be ridiculed and or discriminated or even killed if found they have fallen in love. It could even lead to war between two clans.
“If he knew he couldn’t be allowed to marry me by his clan why did he approach me for love?” Blessing asked herself.
Blessing was tall brown with astonishing beauty. She had a built up of an athlete body. Her black-long hair reached to her waist. Every boy in the village admired her. Rich men approached her but family background kept them off. For noble clan to marry from outcast was a curse. Blessing knew well why she could not entertain rich men it was because they wanted her for sex only but Khuta succeeded to lie to her to give in. She remembered him telling her that they will run and get married and live in a foreign country. “But what happened Pregnancy is what made him changed the vow?” She asked herself. To prove she was right Khuta ate from the plate and then spite on the same describing it as not worthy to have it.
She was blessed with strong well arranged white milky teeth with a natural gap on the upper incisors. Her eyes sparkle life. The name Blessing was a blessing to her if had a shop she could make big sales because had a talent like natural smile and a business executive courtesy and etiquette.
Blessing carried pregnancy for eight months instead of normal nine. Some could have suspected but the norms of the society agree that some pregnancies come and end as early as six or seven or eight months or sometimes go beyond by a week or two. The boy was born.
Blessing named her boy after Mr. Morgan her former employer Mr.  Morgan was good. He used to visit send Blessings presents and even told her not to stop visiting them and she might even resume her job after she delivers. To Blessing it meant a lot. To remember her first love with Mr. Morgan neighbors’ son Nkuia who is now married to the only Morgan’s daughter Tanya. “I am from lower caste but even the noble ones chase after me”. She prides herself in trying to for get the reality in the she lives in.

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