How to Survive being sacked

 Be appropriately dressed when looking and walking .punctuality is what cairns keeps you in a job .attitude everything and so learn faster to cope up with the existing job environment

Employment relation should be understood it is important for job success .some job require in dependability .that mans as employee you should perform o when you are given a job to perform on your own .it is important you be realizable and know you job well

Understand the job intimation and compete tasks in time .on job training is free and flexible and read to learn. Know supervisors well, be trust worthy, no employer who likes to keep employee with long hands but employees with tatter thought and skills

Exercise a lot of maturity and understanding benefit you in your job peace .benefit from networking with other and mashing friend at the work place

How and where to get a jobGet a job is very hard these today’s because many quality grandaunt are flowing every of the year into the job magnet. Many job are advertised cheaply in the social Media and presences blogs

To wait for the job to be advertise on radio ,television ,newspaper or magazine are my talk long before seeing an advert employer are marching use of the new melees to advertise vacancies freely

Some employers require prospective employees to have subscribed to their website in-case the job is available they apply only by apply and they are done

It is also good to identify the area you are seeking employment list down the name, address  ,e-mail and  websites  of companies and organization in  area including government to their websites if you need to be alerted the  vacancies are available .fund and make  friends in some these organization of they can alert you employer will waist  money advertise a post sometime the just asked other employ to look  for someone to replace employee who has been sacked or got  a greener pasture somewhere or died .it is natural such can happen and  so  need have a friend in that company to uniform of such post

Networking working is every importance because your network can alert of a vacancy available from where ever he/she works. Make sure net work is alive and it works

Making into an organization well dressed just as you going for interview with your going for  interview with your document well arranged and present to the manager professionally let him  or what benefit her company .sometimes can luckily e told later day .make sure have contact whether you promised or not

Ask for volunteer and internship because that is how you can build work experience and where show skills and handwork to impress employers

Volunteering help a lot and it adds credit to your CV some volunteer service can win a job or scholarship .it can also laved to be employer in that organization

Creating your own job is another alternative job is not only washing for someone, you can cart your own and employee other .think of a business idea you offer to your community and be paid incentive .example organizing a group of youth to washing cars in your town at the end of the day you Share what you collected among yourself .by so doing you created a job .you own job and good service to the community

Registering to professional websites and legal job agencies and professional websites in linked in un-job-listing intentional relief agency and many more

Searching for a job is a job in itself .you need to put strategies just like the business planning

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