How to work hard keep your in the job

An employee should remain outstanding in work place so that they can be kept on the job even at a time retrenchment mostly during lay off to cut the expense .the lazy worker are the first to sacked and the most active are last to be layer off .to survive must have a quality that tells the employer a reason for you to remain behind must be product employee
Handling conflicts in workplace is very important to retain your public image conflict are destructive when they load violence diversion of time destroy the reposition of the organization being performance sacking and poor communication at work place
The following are causes of conflict in the workplace:

Time management
Religions difference Discrimination and favors ion
Lack of respect and intimidation
Communication barriers
Jealous among employer
Incompetence and laziness
Theft and robbery
All completion amount employees
Gossips among employees
Difference is social class
Cruel treatment in workplace communication breaks down
Pricier knowledge of co-worker

Qualifies of good employees
 A good employee should have positive attitudes towards employer and job. They must be enthusiastic in all assignment given to them a good employment plan well organized to help them in growing in the field and to further their careers. Being a good employee ensure you remain in employment and create room for a better job .you get give their best
Work get achieved their goals .this is possible through a good neuter rend commitment to realize goal in life and career

 Levels of communication at work place include:
 – supervises
Key to effective communicationsUsed of gestures
Distance and availability
Tone variation
Power of speech
Right communication channel
Keeping time
Engaging the audience
Being considerate and respecting other people’s culture religions
Maintaining on upright posture and eye contact
Be accommodative and know power balance
A good employer should be able to wash no-verbal language in work place
Timing and delivery of service is the reason why you are employed make source you observer
Do not let your mind wonder while on duty remain alert till you are sure of what you do
Listen careful not just hear
Check for accuracy
Be awards of other people need
Ask and don’t tell
Keep an open mind
Develop confer table relation

Surviving in the job placeBe appropriately dressed when looking and walking .punctuality is what cairns keeps you in a job .attitude everything and so learn faster to copal up with the existing job environment
Employment relation should be understood it is important for job success .some job require in dependability .that mans as employee you should perform o when you are given a job to perform on your own .it is important you be realizable and know you job well
Understand the job intimation and compete tasks in time .on job training is free and flexible and read to learn. Know supervisors well, be trust worthy, no employer who likes to keep employee with long hands but employees with tatter thought and skills
Exercise a lot of maturity and understanding benefit you in your job peace .benefit from networking with other and mashing friend at the work place

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