The internally Displaced People Should go Back to their Homes

In 1992, there were tribal clashes in Molo. Some individual from certain tribes lives were shortened. There properties destroyed and they were forced to leave the land they bought with their hard -earned- money. These displaced Kenyans , some flew to Uganda for refuge while their Country was stable.Has the Kenya Government ever tried find out who occupied their homes and who does farming on their farms ? At least these people had land and homes established before clashes.
I am sure The government of Kenya has never wasted time to investigate on this which is the reason as to why clashes keep on re-curring every election to come. That engineered some communities forced to leave their farms and businesses in the mid 1990s in west Pokot District, used to be called. I expected the government act responsibly find out why did these left the land that belong them to seek refuge in a neighboring country ! If these people own land in those Areas , The Government should have the responsibility as a country to repatriate them, and provide security, let them go back to their former homes cheaply, instead of buy them land wherever else.

The claim always is , the forced out of the land is that, ‘they are taking our jobs and businesses and they occupy their ancestral lands’. Should the blame be put on some people for working hard to amass wealth ? . If you have lived in a place for long and you have not amassed enough , do not blame others for getting rich in a shorter time than you , instead accept your personal mistake and land from learn them to make better you, because not everyone waits for angel Gabriel to bring food from heaven.

It has become a routine in Kenya , violence wait for approaching election or just after the election . This is because our politicians are planting bad seeds in the youth mind who are desperate for jobs to win votes to fill up their Debes. Many are thinking what will happen again come 2012.The youth will not just wake up one morning , get hold of pangans ,rungus and match boxes without being incitement from an elderly . No, never.

The internally displace people (IDPs) should not be bought land any where in Kenya. The government of Kenya should act by returning them to the land they used to leave , to farm before post election.It proves how dedicated the governments is in preventing any violence related with election in future.

 Secondly , it proves the government readiness to deal with any act of criminality and administer justice to protect Kenyans. Now that PNU and ODM are one Government , i dont see why should we have( IDPs) because , the Truth and reconciliation was forged through Koffi Annan Mediation.Unless they are just there to justify asking for help from donors.

 We are approaching another election and IDPs have not been settled and those in Uganda not repatriated ! The government should provide security and move back Kenya to there homes. These will stop people from thinking to evict others come election. The selection of DR willy Mutunga to head judiciary , Kenyans have hope for justified future.
The good news is the monitoring politician from spiting venom in the name of hate speech to guarantee Kenyans safety. The same should be extended to social media to monitor communications and messaging of hates through facebook, friendster or bizoppers and twitter only to control the spread of hate messages but to not suppress freedom of expression and association.It is through these social networks that gave birth to Arab uprising demonstration leading to violence.

 Ugandans have tried to block these communications through these social networks without success. Blocking is good at all because some messaging are of good intend, they should only monitor to strengthen security only.
By not acting the Government is giving those who evicted others an automatic win over the victims of these violence. They will always ridicule, saying , ‘ you see , we chased them and now they are refugees’. Those who burned others houses and forced them of their land, will assume they have recovered their lands and will encourage the delays tittle deed issuance after selling a piece of land to someone and wait for approaching election to force the victims off their land so that they can not claim anything after election violence . This mount to ‘looting without fear.’

The acts of criminality is likely to occur in the neighboring communities because they have eyes to see and ear to hear what others did and criminal escaped justice and can decide to do the same on their part.There is nothing that deny them to chase the neighbor who happen to come to that land later than them to claim their traditions in the name of our ancestral land .

 The best thing to do is to make the whole land to belong to the government. The so called ancestral should sweep out of Kenyan constitution because every tribe in Kenya, Came to Kenya, at least from somewhere ; i e Nilotes from Sudan , Bantus from Congo Niger and the Cushites Ethiopia that is Their ancestral lands. The Kenyan land should be for the Government and should be controlled in terms of acreage owned by one individuals. 

That will stop people from fighting because of land for good. Buying (IDPs) land some where does not assure them security in the fast place .Others will think (IDPs) are bad people and had right to be chased from where they use to live because of their bad behavior,Forcing them from where they used to live before post election violence should be treat as a crime punishable by the Law and those involved ought to be brought to books to assure Kenyans safety.

 Otherwise someone somewhere now is scouting on somebody’s land and he is only waiting for election ,2012 to get himself a free land, after all IDPs will bought land by the government in another province. This because they are not seeing those who killed others being jailed or punished . They are only seeing Ocampo six , who were even comfortable when people were butchering themselves.
For instance some one sells car to you , later He organizes a gang to rob back the car from you, the same happens with land , someone goes desperately looking for land to buy , come election he or she is evicted and the piece of land goes back to the owner. The reason why we have government is to prevent this happening!

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