Early childhood Education is Important

 Men and women of a nation,Grown well by means learning,To harvest high quality staff of a nation,Investing in human training added value,It is quality seeds, that gives quality harvest. Nation human resource is her pride, Oneness of a nation is planted early in age, In the field of quality education for betterment, And unity of tomorrow of a nation is today system, Seeds of righteousness, bears fruits of righteousness.

Every child to get one quality education, Articulation of the tongue should not speak, To tell the marginalized school i attended, Quality early learning of the young of a nation, Makes quality destiny of older generation ahead. stimulative and creative mind early in age, Brings up well the young of a nation, Is growing well the wealth of a nation. 
The young with one aim to build a nation, Not to keep blood of hatred and tribal in hearts.   Plant one wish to the youth of a country,  To offer a job to  a qualified country man,  To contribute to nation building, Not because he or she is from my village, But because he or she a pride of a nation he belong.   
 One belief that prohibit shading another man blood, Just because election results did not favor one of our,  Or seed of corruption planted by our fathers, Is so to haunt the living nation by dead a live, And a blame to live so and so is rich from stolen.   Learn to forgive and forget the deed of our fathers,

Together build one nation of a loving people, Who respect another human life,rights and property, Wish one to live as one may wish for himself, Blame no other for human for stealing from public. Seed of love of one’s nation is grown early in ages, Tribal talks is bad thought planted in our youth, It poisons the future great minds of a nation, 

To Change a poor nation to a richer nation, Not rocket science but plan, plan and do, Invest greatly in early education only to twenty years, To harvest human machine to for building a nation, home grown and creative  talent is stimulated, Early in education and never born with , News tricks is taught to new dogs be told.

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