Niko na Safaricom Live partners Kijiji Entertainment as Kenya turns 50 years since independence

Kijiji Entertainment is in partnership with Niko na Safaricom Live and the Kenya at 50 organizers are staging a once in a life time concert at the Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani on 13 Th of December,2013. The events brings together 57 well renown performing artists, 82 supporting cast and a team of 32 crew. It is scheduled to take 12 hour begins at 7pm till dawn.

This high-energy, full production, multimedia extravaganza dubbed the All Star Event will explode with urban hip hop, folk and afro-soul songs featuring the music of the present Kenya and that of the decades gone by, at Kasarani. Featuring great bands and performers, 28 of the artists have been involved in the Niko na Safaricom Live concerts over the years, while the rest will be drawn from the various genres of music, including traditional folksong artists.

Kijiji Entertainment has been staging the third edition of the Niko na Safaricom Live, has created a music repertoire that is a true celebration of the musical sounds that have kept Kenyans informed and entertained. Presenting it in a unique way by merging it with new technology, as well as theatrical performances. In addition to the 28 Safaricom artists, renowned chakacha/benga musical band, Them Mushroom, gospel artist Esther Wahome, Mercy Myra and stand up comedian Felix Odiwour a.k.a Jalang’o will be among the artists expected to perform.

“As Kenya celebrates fifty years of independence, the Kenya at 50 Musical concert will reflect on the past five decades and how music and arts have influenced Kenya, the African continent and beyond. For the 50 year celebration we hope we can enable the youngsters to travel to the old days and appreciate the musical sounds of that time. We also wish the older generation to view the present day music in a different light,” said Mwendwa of Kijiji Entertainment.

With culture touted as an essential building block of nationalism, and music a vital part of any nation’s culture in unifying people, music has been a vital tool to appreciate and recognise Kenya’s diverse nature.
Kijiji Entertainment is now moving into a pole position in the live concerts, film and TV industry, having brought to life plenty of memorable characters since 2008, with the first Village Musical, the 2013 Niko na Safaricom Live concert series, and the launch of Groove Theory the first musical TV series in East Africa that airs every Wednesday at 2030hrs on Zuku Afrika Channel 100 depicts the struggle that young music artists go through to shape their musical careers.

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