Liquid telecom takes super-fast 100mbps broadband to Zimbabwe aiding small and medium businesses to serve customers globally

workers laying fibre rings around Victoria Falls

(FTTH) network in Zimbabwe. The aim is to provide homes and businesses with a fastest broadband with unlimited data packages. It The company announced today the latest expansion of its” has already placed fibre rings around Victoria Falls to provide multiple routes of redundancy.


Small and medium sized businesses are able to serve customers in a global market. It enables SMEs to exploit modern business tools to increase efficiency. It will benefit business and individuals trading worldwide without limits with cloud-based services, OTT services   online backups, and video conferencing.


Laying of fiber to homes and businesses has begun in town. The Fibroniks service will be offered by ZOL Zimbabwe. ZOL is part of The Liquid Telecom Group. Fibroniks is already available in the capital Harare.

  Up to now broadband services in Victoria Falls have been via ADSL links, WiMAX and cellular services such as CDMA and 3G/EDGE. These services offer speeds of no more than 512kbps. Fibroniks provides people of Victoria Falls with the fastest broadband offered in the continent today.

  “This is an exciting day for the people of Victoria Falls. Fibroniks is what we refer to as “The Real Internet”, a sophisticated superfast service which transforms how people access and share information. A Fibroniks connection provides endless possibilities for everyone using it and will revolutionize how homes and businesses are connected to the rest of the world. We are an ambitious and innovative organization which will continue to invest in building Africa’s digital future.” said Nic Rudnick, Liquid Telecom’s CEO

  Fibroniks service enables people to participate in and benefit from digital revolution. Utilize Unlimited data packages with speeds of up to 100Mbps. This means customers can access whatever they want, anytime, with a guaranteed fixed monthly price. With speeds equal – and indeed exceed – those available in the developed world.

  Fibroniks means people can use multiple devices at the same time with no buffering or delay for home users. Access enhanced home entertainment like video on demand decoders, smart TV and with connection to home security systems. It comes with a voice services and free on-net calls.

 Victoria Falls is home to many small businesses that includes; restaurants, hotels and lodges, sightseeing, car hire and tax services to serve tourists as well as the many business conferences hosted in this town with a population of 35,000 people.

 Victoria Falls this week host the annual Innovation Africa Digital summit which has attracted delegates from across Africa. Liquid Telecom is providing in addition extensive broadband connectivity for the summit. It will enable delegates to access high-speed broadband at 150Mbps with a dedicated link full duplex.

 Liquid Telecom Group has launched its FTTH service in Zambia, where it is directly being sold to end-users through ISPs. CEC Liquid Telecom is authorized Resellers. It hopes now to launch FTTH in Nairobi-Kenya, Kigali-Rwanda and to others neighboring countries in the near future.

 Liquid Telecom Multi-award-winning has built Africa’s largest single fibre network. This network runs from the north of Uganda to Cape Town spanning over 18,000km across borders. It covers Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Liquid Telecom brags no such fixed network has existed before.

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