All you need to know about Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP)

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Citizenship by investment programs has never been more competitive while their demand today is more on global level rather than specific. There are several reasons for this all-inclusive phenomenon but eventually, it all boils down to mutual advantages. For example a country’s capability to permeate its economy with foreign capital and capitalizing on many benefits of dual citizenship! Many off-shore investors are motivated by visa-free travel, ability to safeguard personal wealth or simply to enhance healthcare and educational prospects granted through such programs. Benefits are numerous and as miscellaneous as investors who chase them

Whatever the reason behind motivation; the safest and most lucrative citizenship by investment programs of all available today is Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP). Immigrant investors today are already benefiting from the program so you better consider the opportunity as well. The program is newly endorsed by Government of Grenada, granting foreign nationals’ Grenadian citizenship in return for minimum $200,000 USD and prescribed administrative fees. The aim is towards economy and infrastructure growth within the country.

Key advantages of GEIP

When compared with other citizenship programs, GEIP tends to be highly competitive and its benefits are far greater thanks to qualified investors. Here are a few major benefits of GEIP.

          It requires less investment capital as compared to many other identical programs.

        Investors may contribute without any discrepancy as the program is entirely safe for investors as responsibility of securing investment bonds falls on Grenadian government.

          The program also allows investors to track their applications swiftly and accept tax inducements via additional investments. This will be either in form of bonds or high-end real estate assets within Grenada.

          Once a permanent resident through Grenada citizenship by investment program, investor may request for full citizenship and enjoy freedom, liberties associated with it.

          Grenadian citizenship endow share in commonwealth of state’s progress like other natural born citizen. This is most important as it allow sharing profits from country’s oil and natural gas deposits.

          The best feature that surpasses every other is a lifetime opportunity provided to GEIP investors for living in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. Grenada captures the charisma of former times with a unique combination of modern luxuries; each is devoted towards authentic Caribbean style.

          Also known as “Spice Isle”; Grenada offers some of the world’s most exotic spices. The island is surrounded by natural tropical vegetation and azure beaches where cool breeze flows. At every turn, you’ll be enthralled with unspoiled and natural beauty Grenada offers.

Grenada passport requisites

It’s a small commonwealth located in Caribbean and like many other countries, obtaining passport isn’t a cinch! You’ve to overcome many hurdles before being eligible.

          The first thing you need is application form for passport from Grenadian government. Provide relevant answers to questions such as how long you wish to stay, reason to obtain passport so on. The form also asks questions over citizenship and family background.

          Latest passport size photographs with blue background and attested by eligible reference.

          A copy Grenadian birth certificate is a must that must be attached with application form and pictures.

          Pay the required fee and wait for approval from Grenada’s government.


The instigation of citizenship program by Grenada is highly acclaimed by many around the world so you better send in your application today; there’s no point resisting!

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