Vivek has launched locally manufactured Ezee brands to compete dominance of international brand in the locally market

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Vivek launches home cleaning products manufactured locally to break international dominance. Vivek Investments Ltd announced this week the launch of a new, Kenyan manufactured range of premium home cleaning products.
Vivek Group was started in 1994, with the launch of Vivek Investment Ltd and now spans Vivek Investment Ltd, Vivek Industries (U) Ltd, Marvel Lifestyle Ltd and Rose Jewellery Co.The company has now moved to manufacturing its own line of household supplies under the brand name Ezee.
The Ezee brand provides a full range of cleaning products of a higher quality, beating most of the existing competitor products. These products includes: scouring powder, bleach, toilet cleaner, spanning dishwashing liquid and paste, and all purpose washing liquid.
The range has been launched at a price lower than its competitors. It is offering more concentrated products. This mean ViVek products cleans more and with lasting results.The Ezee brand is challenging the dominance of international brands in the local market.
“Importing goods is a simple case of exporting jobs, making the rise of manufacturing in Kenya, central to our future as a middle income nation, and to tackling our now severe state,” says Chintan Thacker, Vivek decision maker.
According to a 2016 Euromonitor International report, international brands continue to dominate Kenya’s home care products market. Most of the products are imported despite the country’s heavy trade imbalance which has put pressure on the country’s, currency, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment.
Vivek has been named by KPMG as one of Kenya’s Top 100 small and mid sized companies in the last two years. This was based on its pace of manufacturing growth it has built already.
It has strongly based in contract manufacturing in areas such as pharmaceutical products. The launch of its own Ezee brand marks a new bid by the company to assert the position of homegrown Kenyan brands in local growth markets.
The range according to Mr Thacker has dominated by liquid cleaning products, rapidly gaining ground in the local market. He said, Liquid detergents are more versatile and multipurpose, in that they can be used for all sorts of tasks, across washing dishes, floors, windows, cars, clothes,and almost all other uses.
Local chains of supermarkets , have already signed up to stock the new and locally manufactured Ezee brand products.
consumers are expected to welcomed by the lower price point, which is a relief. With the 2014 Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showing rising producer prices for chemical products as a result of increased prices for soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations.
The manufacturer is offering consumers complimentary gifts with some of the Ezee products, which have all been pre tested and proven to be the best for the market.
“We’ll be targeting distributors, wholesalers and retailers for the Ezee brand, as well as supermarkets,” said Mr Chintan.
Product range is manufactured in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the Vivek’s manufacturing operation base on Mombasa Road.
“Our manufacturing plant employs world class quality control systems that won us the Company of The Year Award in 2015 for productivity and quality by the Kenya Institute of Management,” said Mr.Chintan.
As part quality control processes, Vivek retains one of every batch of product it manufactures. It is kept until after it’s expiry date. This is so for the manufacturer can continue to be sure of its continuing quality.
Ezee Brands available in Kenyan market Launching Ezee is a realization of years of preparation and development within Vivek, creating new local jobs, and fulfilling the next step in our vision of expanding and promoting manufacturing in Kenya as our nation’s next level of development according to said Mr.Chintan.
The group markets a range of middle class oriented household products. It is the sole East African distributor of the Vinod stainless steel and glassware. It imports and sells of PVC flooring. Its Rose Jewellery Co. sells mid-market jewellery as the only jewellery sold in Kenyan supermarkets, which is offering a unique and high traffic marketing outlet.
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