Free Freedom of Speech is A Thought


A free freedom of speech can make one win in an election or not win at all. When Barack Obama was giving his campaign speech, he told Americans, he will fight terrorism, and he will capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. He won with over sixty million votes, and over three- hundred college electoral votes. He, Obama knew what problems American population is facing.

President-elect Donald Trump, had the same thought, as Obama, though two have many differences. He told voters in a difference version, that Obama has already allowed terrorists to enter American in the name of asylum seekers! And immigrants, So, Americans are not safe, and these others from Mexico, illegal immigrant have come to take American jobs and so, he Donald Trump wants to win to bring jobs back to Americans and flush out terrorists from United State!

He knew minority votes is insignificant, his target was, a majority of white Americans who are affected by threats of terrorism and loss of jobs. This is how the slogan “to make American great again” became a magical charm to win, just like Barack Obama with “Yes we can”. Yes, we can! do what? Capture Osama dead or alive, and Americans live in peace.

In an election campaign, you have to prove that, others, Indeed, done mistakes. Donald Trump had to prove to an electorate that they did a mistake to elect Obama to the oval office. He had shown an example in his campaign, the land Minnesota, belongs to white Americans who are the majority. What has the government done, to the land that belongs to white American? It has a located it to asylum seekers. What will happen if he Donald Trump wins? He will make America great Again.

He did not give details on how to make American great again because the details might spoil. His was to show voters that, they did a mistake to put this government in power. Voters sometimes are like girls, they love when you lie to win their hearts. Girls, when a boy comes to meet them in a borrowed shirt or shoes, they understand the boy is serious to extend of even borrowing, to please them, and those others who boast of telling the truth about themselves are not serious. Girls love it even more when they learn that you telling a lie to draw their attention

Approaching voters to ask them to vote for you sometimes, you need to do a bit word hooliganism for voters to understand what you are better, and be identified with them. For example, if you go to a place or states where the word fuck is mentioned after every any other word or sentences, please just speak like them, you win the votes. Did Hilary real try that? No, I was in election spiritually. Yes! Donald Trump did.

When you are planning to go for a campaign rally in a certain place, just hours before that, you receive news that there was gun shooting where you are supposed to have you rally, and you immediately your cancel that rally, and the whole country is watching your moves, what does that tells the electorate? That you are a weak president? If I was in the shoes of Hilary Clinton, I could organize a full battalion of Marine Commandos and a fleet of media, in that particular County to show the world I am stronger and tougher, I am sure she could have won.

My suggestion to next democrat to challenge the election of Donald Trump for his second term is to have something to tell Americans, something touching their lives, like terrorism, jobs or even the land issues. He or she will win magically just like elect President Donald Trump.

One can even pretend that all Muslims in the United States are terrorist and if she or he win I will deport them to Asian, Middle East, and African, while at the back of his mind, he knows it is impossible just like Donald Trump, but you would have already touched the hearts and feeling of Majority of white American, while in your campaign teams you have a few Muslims who have win you minority Muslims votes. Call it winning feelings from all directions, Call it confusing voters, but that how real games politics is!

American love peace and hate destruction of their properties and lives capitalized on that and you will win. To them what is important is their safety, you will be voted in, even if you are carrying loads of scandals on your head. Sometimes let “fucking” word come out of your clean mouth, of course, a professional lawyer, and human rights activist like Hilary Clinton, won’t let that happen, better lose in an election but live with her professional ethics and values.

Hilary lost votes, not because of emails and private servers. Being a lawyer, a human right activist, she was a more qualified presidential candidate, but some who are not professional lawyers like her will ask who is a lawyer, a human right activist, and criminal justice advocates? The answer from people who not “professional”, will say these are the people who allow immigrants to take our jobs, our land and allow terrorist to enter our country! Oh! Please don’t make Jesus, I am just thinking.

We winning an election in Kenya, if everybody else is giving money, you have to try something unique, like helping a mob to stone “a small thief” to death, in front of media cameras , you will win because you are one us. I say, small thief because big, bigger, biggest, huge and gigantic thieves live life at large. These bigger thieves speak a lot English, entertaining the public, and cat-walking…, this is not my small English; it is big English for His Excellency, Deputy President William Ruto. I will add that, they dance in and out of court till the case dies an artificial death, cases for these bigger thieves I mean.

In Kenya it is opposite. There is more of hate speech than freedom of speech. There is more of ditching out money to voters than voters donating for the campaign of their candidate of choice like in the United States. Try in Kenya to contest for an elective post, and you never been mentioned in any scandal, you lose, because you don’t know anything if we help you win, how will we benefit if you don’t how to loot?

You are supposed to know how loot, so that if we help you win, you, in turn, help us opening a window for us to loot! Or else we need cash money now. If a political does give we back -bite him or her. we will not vote for this one . Huyu ni Mkono Gamu!


You see, how we normally commercialize election in Kenya. This is my thinking. I have failed to know why Kenyans elect back corrupt leaders.

An American election is over. Till the end of four years term. Kenyan’s election will happen while Donald Trump is in office as a president of the most democratic country in the world. The president-elect is tired of getting news of looted money in government offices, and especially project funded by Americans taxpayers’ money. I have a feeling Trump can Bomb Kenya anytime from 20th January 2017. Trump might want Kenya to produce thieves of the Money the send to fund projects in Kenya.

My appeal to a president-elect just to understand Kenya are thieves and know a better way of dealing with thieves, not bombing. These are not my words.

“We are thieves, even while here in Israel, we are looking for something to steal”. said President Uhuru, while  he addressed Israel officials in Tel Aviv, in a televised speech to said President Uhuru, addressing Israel officials in Tel Aviv, in a televised speech to a whole world! And that is Kenya swallow a razor blade if you wish!

So in Kenya, we vote clean leaders out because they are not part of us. Oh! My God this my thinking you can sue me this if you wish. Just like Hilary Clinton, a lawyer, a human rights activist, a woman with decorum and dignity, long government serving citizen, could not win an election in a more Democratic united States of America, because she advocates the rights minority, advocate criminal justice and a peace loving mother.

Come August 2017, election, though I am not sure, because there is an underground movement among law -makers, that election be held in December 2017 and others say March 2018, is an end of their five years term. Yes, we elected them and must pay them and so, their payments made in full to the last microsecond and the last cent.

We make laws anytime we want, and we can change laws and anytime we want. We do anything that will help us steal from the public. Oh! Just before I forget, Kenya might go for a referendum to change election dates, and election laws and legislators can claim a pay up to March 2018. We elected these guys for a five-year term, and maybe will opposition save taxpayers? I don’t know.

Next election can go up to December 2017 if electronic voting machines are to be procured at least eight months before an election date. Or else we do manual way, we rig, and we fight again like 2007-2008. Now my questions, President-elect Donald Trump, Understands very well that we steal even in elections, will he help in any way?

I am patiently waiting to hear congratulations messages from African to Trump after he emerged the winner in the toughest race ever contested in the most democratic nation in the world.


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