Solar energy is the way to go for Kenya

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To reduce air pollution by almost 50 percent, it will be of great importance if  solar energy and Use of green electricity produced by low-or even zero-pollution facilities is maximized.  Solar energy light is cheaper, affordable and environmental friendly.

Solar energy is a rapidly growing way to generate electricity.  It is estimated by the International Energy Agency that solar energy will produce nearly a quarter of the world’s total energy use by 2050.

Kenya for example seventy-five percent of Kenya is arid and semi-arid.  It means Kenya has larger areas with potential in tapping solar energy.

Solar energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy consumption but it is indefinitely renewable.

Solar power can be used to generate electricity.  It is also used in relatively simple technology to heat water solar water heaters.  For many years, it has been used to pump tap water in northern Kenya.

Suppose electric automobile lines are made to connect our towns, cities, states and countries. Just imagine having electric vehicle. One is able to travel to the office and back home and pays electrical usage bills than fuel. The electric vehicle does not use fuel but it use solar charge battery.

Suppose everyone coming from up country for example to the city travels on electric train, electric car.  Air Pollution on the face of the earth will reduce by a good percentage.

We have to begin conserving energy right from our home by turning off appliances and lights when you leave the room and when we do not need energy.  We can recycle papers, plastics bag, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans.

When we recycle energy, we conserve it and reduce production of emissions that contaminate air.

Taking care and Keeping woodstoves and fireplaces.  Planting of deciduous trees around homes is important.

This provides shade in the hot seasons but to allow light in during rainy season.  Use green electricity produced by low-or even zero-pollution facilities and connect outdoor lights to a timer or use solar lighting.

“In 90 minutes, enough sunlight strikes the earth to provide the entire planet’s energy needs for one year. While solar energy is abundant, it represents a tiny fraction of the world’s current energy mix. But this is changing rapidly and is being driven by global action to improve energy access and supply security and to mitigate climate change”. Says International energy report (2014)

Acid rain formed in the air destroys fish life in lakes and streams. Excessive ultraviolet radiations, coming from the sun through the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, which is eroded by some air pollutants, may cause skin cancer in human.  This happen because of accumulated impurities in the atmosphere, which has increased global warming.

Ozone layer in the lower atmosphere may damage lung tissues of animals inhaling in air with impurities. Reducing or minimizing air pollution will reduce expense of treating respiratory diseases, save lives of living organism.

Effects Air Pollution is greater compared to other type with only 28.1 per cents of it as oxygen. The same 28.1 per cent is being contaminated on daily basis posing dangers to the lives on the earth.

Acid rain can kill trees, destroy the leaves of plants, can infiltrate soil by making it unsuitable for purposes of nutrition and habitation.  Ozone holes in the upper atmosphere can allow excessive ultraviolet radiation from the sun to enter the Earth causing damage to plants.

Ozone in the lower atmosphere can prevent plant respiration by blocking stomata openings in leaves and negatively affecting plants’ photosynthesis rates, which will stunt plant growth.

It will help significantly reducing air pollution if we change to maximum use to solar energy than combustion fuel.

There is need to understand Pollution Agents we are to make a change in the already contaminated air. This refers to pollution agents as the chemicals, which are released into the environment as part of the waste products generated from production and consumption activities.

Pollution agents are the “operators” which make pollution “happen”. They are also known as environmental pollutants, air pollutants and so on.

Some of them are carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides.  These pollution agents contaminate atmosphere on daily basis. The recent development of solar energy driven planes could be alternatives to these agent of destruction and whole life on earth.

Pollution is a special case of habitat destruction.  It is chemical destruction rather than the more obvious physical destruction.

Pollution occurs in all habitats land, sea, fresh water, and in the atmosphere.  Much of what we have come to call pollution is in reality the no recoverable matter resources and waste heat.

The only alternative is make use of solar energy and Use green electricity produced by low-or even zero-pollution facilities.

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