7 websites that offer writing jobs to freelance journalists and bloggers

  Do you want to make money writing as a freelancer?  Listed below are some of finance websites, blogs and online magazine that publish articles about saving, earning, and growing money. What you are required to do before you make your submission, first of all go to Google search, then type the name of the website, I have put in black bold, that will lead you to the blog, or magazine website, read submission guidelines, get to know what type of genre they want, and the length of the pieces they publish, the method of submission, this is so because most of them have an online submission form, and others through email to the editor, and you hardly get one that seeks submission by mail.

 The Penny Hoarder

The pen Hoarder currently seeks freelancers, full-time writers, and editors. If you have what it takes, to serve as a freelancers, a copy writer or an editor, go their website for jobs requirements details, and drop your curriculum vitae and a cover letter. They publish articles about earning, saving, and investments. They are looking for posts about anything weird or crazy to make extra penny. In case your job application didn’t succeed, they can use your article, and they pay $75 for a 700-900 word article.  For more information go to their website, and go through their submission guidelines, you might fall in love with them; they have over 23 million readers in a month.

The Motley Fool

It was founded in 1993 by brothers David and Tom Gardner. They help investors make the most of their money, and offer financial advice investors need. They are looking for articles that are more thoughtful, well written, and sound, and they pay $100 per a piece published.

If you wish to publish a multiple posts, then you are lucky to work The Motley Fool, because they will offer you a long-term writing contract. You can simply go to their website, read submission guides and lastly click on personal Finance Writer, and then from there you are close to contract.

 The Dollar Stretcher

The dollar stretcher gives professional advice on saving money. Articles they publish the range from penny-wise spending ideas to professional advice. Their pay is $0.10 per word that means $50 for a 500-word article,  for pieces published in their monthly print publication.

They are open to guest posts, but only under certain conditions. Payment for your work is made two weeks after acceptance. It made through address you provide, by check or via PayPal account in US$. For more on how to submit your article, go through their submission guidelines.

 Doctor of Credit

They accept and publish guest posts on everything that talks about credit. They prefer pitches on any finance topics for example, sign-up bonuses or money-making opportunities.  They offer a pay of $50 for accepted and used guest posts. They can really cure your disease of credit. How to submit your guest post? Go to their website and click on submission link.

Money Pantry wants

The title is written as one word, MoneyPanttryWants. It is for freelance writers with unusual and interesting story to tell. It is also practical ideas for earning, saving, and investing money.  Their payment range from $30 to $150 for articles published online, but they don’t have a clear border, which articles they pay $30, and which one they pay $150 on their submission guidelines.

They aim at receiving articles of no less 700 words, but generally like longer pieces of 1000 words to 2000 words range. They understand there are stories that can be told in fewer words though.

Use Introduction and Summary so make sure you start your post with an introduction in few sentences, and end it with what they call a takeaway or final words. That is to end your story with a summary. They like a friendly style.


It is a website for investors who are interested in energy trading that is the U.S. energy industry, environmental, social, and government investing. They publish articles from financial analysts, climate scientists and business journalists.  They seek a detailed and well-developed pitch. That includes an overall message. This thesis statement explains how it relates to current corporate news and analysis. Their pay is $180 per post. They receive inquiries through email. For more learn from their submission guidelines.


This online blog pays $50 to freelance writers, contractors, bloggers, or business owners. The send payment to you via PayPal from Gadgitech, if they use your piece.Their focus is mostly on client-contractor relationship.  It is oppose to SEOs and affiliate marketing. They accept features articles of about 1500 to 3000 words. is owned, and backed by Gadgitech Ltd which is an established UK company. Gadgitech Ltd owns and runs other sites like,,, and For more read their submission guidelines.

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