11 blogs, websites, and on-line magazines where writers get writing jobs that pays alerts

Writing can be fun, a well-paying job just like any other job, or to some, it is a hobby, but, all these depend on how the art of writing makes sense to you as a person, and why you write. If you write for money, then make sure you know who needs to read what you write, and give you readers what they want to read, and you will get paid for it.

It also depends on readers of the content you write. Is what you are writing on demand? Do your audiences appreciate when you post your writing on a platform? My advice to writers is to start a blog, and start making posts, and start making money, as you look for publishers for extra pay. In Kenya for example, we have many writers but few publishers, and so write for the world.

I have listed below 11 websites, online magazines and blogs that, first pay writers for their work, and secondly give a treasure of knowledge and skills about writing for money, to writers, and lastly, they are publishers, for different genre for a pay. Go through one by one, you won’t regret reading this post. Good luck.

Writer’s Digest

A magazine for writers to celebrates their writing life. They offer everything writers need to stay relevant in the art of writing, to get inspired, to improve, and understand the uniqueness,s and challenges of publishing today and for their work to see light. They publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, articles and scripts.  It is a widely-read and well-respected magazine writing.

They accept both manuscript submissions and queries for articles that inform, educate, entertain, and inspire their readers. You can submit your work to any of their departments by email. These include 5-Minute Memoir; reject a hit, and writing technique department.

They pay 30 to 50 cents per a word for articles up to 2,400 words. That means $720-$1,200. They may also stop publishing your work with a 25 percent kill fee. To learn more about writer’s Digest, read their submission guidelines.

 Funds for Writers

They publish a weekly newsletter to showcases paying markets, grants, contests, and other writing opportunities make money writing. They are seeking for original articles about any kind of financial tips and paying markets for writers. They accept article between 500 and 600 words post. Your must have a PayPal account to get paid or check. They pay $50 to PayPal or $45 by Check. The also accept reprints and they pay $15 by PayPal and $10 by check. To learn more about Funds for writers, read their submission guidelines, and subscribes for newsletter for writing opportunities.

 Write Naked

It is a writing blog that is dedicated writing life cut open. They accept queries for you to make a guest posts. The post has to discuss the freelance writing life from publishing trends to a day in the life of a writer according to their guidelines. They pay $50 per guest post but they will pay $200 if they are impressed. Impress them for a better pay. To learn more about Write Naked, go to blog and read their submission guidelines.

 Freedom with Writing

It is a website, and email newsletter. It publishes articles about paid writing opportunities. They publish eBooks too. They focus on helping writers get paid. They pay $50 for lists of publishers that pay writers and higher for a longer list. To learn more about Freedom with Writing, to their and read their submission guidelines.

 Author Magazine

This is a website published by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. They have a mission, which is to develop writing talent through participation, education, and accessibility. They publish how-to articles about writing. They also publish emotional and inspirational articles for writers. They pay $50 per articles and $30 for book reviews. To learn more Author Magazine go to their websites, and read their submission guidelines.


It is a portal used mostly for submissions. They publish on their own blog. They publish articles that discuss publishing or digital media. They are looking for book reviews and essays on any topic. They value high literary quality. They pay $50 per post they accept to publish. To learn more submittable, visit their blog and read their submission guidelines.

 Make A Living Writing

It helps writers globally to find real success in their writing careers. They receive and accept queries for guest posts. The post has to offer first-hand professional and practical advice to freelance writers.  You must to be a member in order to make query, and you must either be a current or former member of the Freelance Writers’ Den, or a student, or graduate of Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program. They do run open pitch periods. Payment is $50 per guest post. To learn more about Make A living Writing to go the website and read their submission guidelines.

 The SFWA Blog

It is an official blog for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. They publish nonfiction articles of interest to sci-fi and fantasy writers. Payment is 6 cents a word. They accept articles up to 1,000 words. To learn more about The SFWA Blog read more one their submission guidelines.

 Writers Weekly

They publish articles talk about writers increasing their income. They want queries for you to guest posts. Their focus is on selling the written word.  Payment is $60 for features articles. To learn more about Writers Weekly, go to their website and read their submission guidelines.

 The Writer’s Chronicle

It is the official publication of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. This magazine has been in circulation for over four decades now. It is one of the most respected writing magazines. They receive submissions of interviews, craft essays, and pedagogical essays. They are not limited to the mentioned above. They pay $18 per 100 words up to a maximum 7,000 words ($1,260). Please read more on their submission guidelines.

The Establishment

They accept pitches through email. They publish well researched articles. Their aim is to provide a platform for voices of the marginalized mainstream media creating a new establishment.  Payment is $125 for articles 800-1500 words and $500 for long articles of 3000 words and above. For more about, The Establishment, read their submission guidelines.

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