8 Online Magazines That Pay Freelancers Up To $1000 per A Feature Article

To earn from writing is hard work. For one to be notice by publishers, in this digital age, every author has to have a platform, where publisher can check how they are performing. Before a publisher considers your work for publishing, he or she has first to establish your past, as an author, have been published? Just like employer, do you have work experience?  The publisher has to find out, if you have been published before, won an award, have a large following on social media, or have a following your personal blog. That is why I always start by advising every writer to start a blog, have your mug shot that blog, and whenever you submit a query letter, especially online do not forget to send a link of your blog. You can make money from your blog as market yourself as well.

Below is a list of high paying online magazines, which I think are help for you as a freelancer.

High Times

 If you write about counter-culture, marijuana cultivation, entertainment and travel feature articles, then High Times is where to send your work. They are looking for work of art, illustrations, and classical photographs and interviews pieces. You can reach them by emailing through their editor. Work length is from 1500 words to 2000 words and news articles are up to 500 words. They do not accept unsolicited articles, so a query letter to the editor first. They pay $50-$400 per photo they uses for the publication. For Rates they pay $100-$500 depending on size, and length of content. Payment for feature is $500 to $1000 and they publish both in print and online. For more about High Times go through their submission guidelines.

The Gay & Lesbian Review

It is a bimonthly magazine for GLBT, men and women and publishes essays, movie reviews, book reviews, and plays. Their Payment is a flat fee of $100. Submission to them is through email, though hard copy is also acceptable. They have published the theme they want for website. Feature articles can be up to 2000 words. For details on what they publish, go to their website, read their submission guideline.

The Nation

The nation is a liberal political magazine publishes political commentary covering national, and international affairs as well as articles. They publish in both print and online. They have a dedicated readership, and they enjoy a supporter of 30,000 donors. They pay up to $150 for commentary and for articles from $350 to $500. They accept submissions of art as well as poetry.  For more how submit you to the nation, go through their submission guideline.


They publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Narrative is dedicated to advancing literary arts in the digital age. They do this by supporting the finest writing talent and encouraging readership across generations in schools, and around the globe as per their website. Narrative online library of new literature by celebrated authors, and by the best new and emerging writers is available to read for free. They accept only online submission. Before you submit your work, you are advised to read their publication online for free. They give varies rates for example a six-word-story is $50 , an  istory , a poem is $100, and winning a contest up to  $4000, but they charge a reading fee  which also various just as their varied payment. It is the only a read fee charging publisher, I can recommend because you will not regret paying.

 Life in a Kilt Magazine

This is the best magazine for writers who write about lifestyle. They publish about kilt-wearing. This may include profiles of people who wear kilts, How-To, Human Interest, Humor, News Analysis, Essays,
Guides, Arts & Entertainment, Style history and events. Payment is from $50 to $375 per feature and articles, depending on length, quality or accompanied by a photo or illustration. They want first a query letter through email. For more about Life in a Kilt Magazine, go through their submission guide.


It is a quarterly publication. It covers issues that threaten the American West, its people, lands, and wildlife. It features rural families, the critters and country. The length of articles is 500 words to 650 words. They are serious about checking facts and spellings. It to offers tough talk, real people and amazing photos for national resources for example the American cowboy. Payment is from $50-$400 for every article used. They will response in (6-8 weeks) for more read their submission guideline.


It is a premier magazine of luxe country-life. They publish profiles prominent people living an equestrian, profile unique homes, lifestyle, farms, ranches, and articles on travel, home design and style, culture, and eating. EQ welcomes submission of articles for all categories; fiction and essays. Word length: (1200-3000) words for features and (350-550) words for departments.  Payment is $100 for departments and $200 to $300 for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Russian Life magazine

It is a bimonthly publication. It covers all aspects of Russian culture, travel and history. Features are generally free-lanced and they are looking for writers, to send queries for features or for a small number of other departments. They have not specified their pay rate but it reported to be from $100 to $300 per article they use. For more go through their submission guidelines.

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