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Sometimes back someone describe stealing a gun from a police station was easier than getting published in Kenya. I don’t think is true for now, because of charging technology, where even traditional publishers are trying to copy up with new publish trends and technology. To me the problem is where to send your scripts for publishing consideration. I have made this post for specifically for short story authors and poets.

There are publishers outside there who want to publish a well written story, entertaining story, informing story, and educating story. As an author for short stories, visit website of the publisher, read the stories they have published before, compare the stories with what you write, or write to the standard they publish, and then submit your story for publishing consideration.  I do not publish link of magazine website here; just type name of the magazine on Google search, it leads you to the magazine link for details.

The Threepenny Review

It is quarterly arts publication. It focuses on literature, memoir, arts, society, and essay. They publish Short stories not exceeding 4000 words. They have what they term as “table talk” items. Here they accept a piece of 1000 words or below.  This can be a piece one humorous musings on culture, art, society, politics or lifestyle.  The Threepenny Review is paying $400 per short story, and the same amount for an article.  For a poem or Table Talk piece, they pay $200. The payment buys first serial rights in print and digital editions, and the copyright is then reverts to the author immediately upon publication as per The ThreePenny Review website.


One Story publishes literary fiction. They only accept stories of about 3000 words minimum and 8000 words maximum. These stories can be any style and on any theme, but they have to be good and readable stories. What they are looking for is stories that leave readers feeling satisfied. That means must leaves the  reader feeling strong and benefited a lot from reading it. One story pays $500 and 25 Contributors Copies, for First Serial North American Rights. According to one story website all rights will revert to the author upon publication. They only accept online submission and you have to sign up an account with OneStory. From that account check your submission status. When it appears “Received” then it has been accepted.

Boulevard Magazine

Boulevard Magazine accepts prose pieces from new and unpublished writers with exceptional promise in their work. They receive fiction and nonfiction up to 8000 words. It is important to note that they don’t receive science fiction, horror, erotica, romance or children’s stories. They charge submission fee of $3. They do conduct contest and they pay $1500 for a winning story. They accept only online submission. It is open for submission from 1st of October to 1st of May. Their pay rate range from $100 to $300 for every story they published, but still receive $1500 if your story wins in the contest.

Camera Obscura

It is a biannual independent literary journal. They publish contemporary literary fiction and photography. They seek pieces of 250 words to 8000 words, their editors s have recently allowed exceptional novella of about  12000  words  to 30000 words. You can also earn from reviewing a photo currently on the gallery. For submission Deadline, be checked the guidelines page to find out when the next deadline is announced. Payment: $1000 for one featured writer published in each issue, and all other contributors receive two copies of the issue in which they are published. The best Bridge the Gap piece, photo review receives $50. So be ready to compete.

The Sun Magazine

Submission is open and The Sun Magazine offers the biggest payments compared to other magazine.  They are open to anything but emphasize specifically on personal writing, interviews, poetry, provocative political and cultural pieces. They are seeking for work that runs no more 7000 words. Submit something you think their editors would love, and you could get a nice payday.

Payment: A one-year subscription plus $300 to $2000 nonfiction, or $300 to $1500 fiction.  For poetry $100 to $200 and submission is online only.

 Virginia Quarterly (VQR)

A wide-ranging publication that features both established and upcoming writers and VQR accepts short story fiction 2000 to 8000 words, but they do not receive pieces of genre like romance and science fiction.  For nonfiction they accept from 3500 to 9000 words. This includes travel essays that talk the world around us. Deadline: Submission periods are normally from June 15 to July 31, and October 1 to November 15. VQR accepts nonfiction pitches from June 15 to December 1.

Payment: They pay $1000 and above for short fiction and prose approximately 25 cents per word and higher rates for investigative reports $100 to $200 content published online.





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