5 magazines and websites that publish articles on “theme” education

If you love writing about education, and all that associated with it, this post is for you. To benefit from this post, first read what kind of articles they publish, and their submission guidelines.. Some of these magazines and website accept unsolicited submission; some want a query letter or pitch. Payment is between $50 and $1000. Submit your work to any of them, or if you can all them.

PTO Today

This is a magazine for leaders of parent-teacher organizations; for example PTO, PTC, and PTA. They publish articles every after one month. That means six times in a year. They publish articles discussing parental involvement in school leadership, working with school staff and school funding or fundraising. They run how-to pieces, profiles of people, programs, and expertise articles. The tone of the article is informational, and informal, not really news. According to PTO today website, they don’t talk down to readers; instead they use PTO-specific examples to express concepts.  They do prefer writers who use the language of parent groups in their writings.  It is a well-paying publication, from $200 to $700 for a feature article. For more read their submission guidelines.

Back to College

This publication accepts and receives unsolicited articles submission discussing information for adult back to college students to pursue advance degrees. The article is to discuss re-entry experiences from getting a scholarship, on campus life to mastering online education option. They feature articles addressing issues of importance of adult students according to their website. Length of articles is from 1000 words to 1500 words plus. Payment per articles is $55 plus for original articles and for reprint $27.  Notification for acceptance is 30 days minimum and 90 days maximum. For more go through their submission guidelines.

American Educator

 It is a quarterly publication, which means four times a year. They prefer queries to manuscripts.

It is run by the American Federation of Teachers. It mostly addresses the state of education in whole the country. It covers new trends in education, labor issues, and politics.  Article length is typically runs from 1000 to 5000 words. Payment is up to $300 for articles. For more, go through submission guidelines.

Teaching Tolerance

It provides several opportunities for freelancers to contribute articles and lessons. It is simple, what they require is lively and concise writing. Note their audience of preK-12 educators, are interested in diversity, anti-bias, multiculturalism, and social justice themes. Be familiar with Teaching Tolerance’s style of writing and content prior contacting them to publish your article.  They accept freelance submissions for articles, lessons and blog posts that reflect their viewpoint. Payment up to $1 a word for features article. This means an article up to 800 words, you are paid $800.  To earn more write more words up to 1600 words maximum. For more go through their submission guidelines.

  Education Forum

It is the official magazine of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. They serve as a progressive voice on public education. That is, on all issues affecting people working in public education. They have a reach of 60000 public education workers in Ontario, Canada. Payment is up to $500 for every feature articles. This can be someone monthly salary some place in Africa. For more read their submission guidelines.




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