30 days left to Kenyans general election


In 2013 i wrote a feature article just before election, and i said Uhuru will win, it happened, i cited reason why Raila will not win, one being him touching on land issue during his campaign. The article appeared in a foreign media, and i am sure a few Kenyans read it. I thought Raila will not touch again on land issues in this country till he gets hold of power. I was wrong. He recently brought this delicate and sensitive issue in Maasai land.rao

The land problems touches the hearts of the most powerful individual in the country, the owners of large acres, who might even buy independence of independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) at any cost given a chance, so it is like digging your own political grave putting emphasis on it just before election. It really earned him a name, according some individual in the government as “an inciter.”

There were threats after threat from opposition side to government side. It made headlines in media houses for a week. I really saw it as risky to a rest the former prime over hate speech. He defended his actions bitterly. And think, if a rest was effected it have earned former premier more votes in August 8Th election. It could have attracted media attention. A few people liked him for that, many had question in the mind.

And Kenyans are very funny, when you threaten them with violence, they will say, “Wacha Tuone vile Kutakuwa” (let us see what will happen). For example when you tell Kenyans it will rain today, a few will pick their umbrellas, and many will say “wacha tuone kwanza Kukunyeesha” (let us see it raining first)

They know if it rains they will buy umbrellas on their way to work. Hawkers in Nairobi and other towns, know well when it rains it is time to make good sales. I went to someone house and he had seven Umbrellas in one corner of his bedsitter, the reason why he had many! Because he has been buying them on way back home and leaving at home in morning with hope that it won’t rain. He does have enough money to buy every time it rains. Threatening with violence to Kenyans it is simple waiting first rain to purchase an umbrella. It won’t change voting pattern.

It is totally different from USA. When Trump threatened to reject election results, many Americans were worried what will happen. The most powerful country in world was divided; they tried all they could to remain together during, and after election, even though up to today, there are some issues that are yet to be ironed and still American are using both houses of representatives to make sure all goes well.

Kenyans will want first that violence happen before they react, and, I appeal to people fear God, if you don’t fear God, then fear international criminal court (ICC). I am saying so because Uhuru again will win unless opposition decides to make changes and put their house order, this last day. Uhuru team is aggressive and is going for votes.


Raila side has a lot of chance of winning, but there is something wrong, that will drag them behind, I don’t know if Raila listens to his advisers or he is trying to fix in politics, in the twenty-first century.

The fear of God, respect of voters decision, and fear of international criminal court, the three is what will keep Kenya together. This time round we are proud of a trusted; conduct a free and fair election, in an honest environment opposite what judge Kriegler, described as “a dishonest environment” on 2007/2008 general election.


International criminal court, in case violence will have enough time gather evidence, to try suspect and it won’t be 2008/2008 where evidence was tempered with. I am Bensouda and her will not be got unaware this time, in of any election violence.

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