My first recognition liebster Award

It is my first nomination for Liebster Award. A blogger friend has just nominated me. She is called Amdawadi Chidiya. Her website like is below.

Rules of Liebster Award:-


  • Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you, write about their blog too.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Nominate 5 to 10 blogs which you feel deserve it.
  • Let the nominees know that you nominated them.”

“Don’t forget to create 10 questions for them to answer. Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they’ll know what to do. Once you’re done, come back here and comment with the link to your post so I can check out your answers.

Question for me


  1. What kind of sickness have you lied about so that you wouldn’t go to school?

I remember in grade two, I had not done my home, I knew very teacher will punish me for being careless, because the book where I had copied home question got lost on my home! I don’t know, I forget at school! Or someone pick from my, I don’t know up to today. I was also afraid to tell my mum I have lost a book, I need money to buy one. To void being punished I told I feel like throwing up, and feel headache, my mum knew these were my main sicknesses. She asked me if ii want to stay or go school, maybe I will okay then. I chose to stay at home. She hurried for some businesses, and promised to return soon to take me to the dispensary around midday, she give me five shillings use to buy what I might need before she came back, I got a chance to replace my lost book with her noticing, and I had to wait for others to return home so that I can copy assignment for the next day. When she returned I was already well playing, so there was no need to go to seek medical services.

2. what attracted you to start a blog?

Eagerness to get published, and make money from writing and blogging, and I was surprised when my presence online make me meet many people from all over the world.

  1. Which was the last movie you watched in a cinema hall?

I don’t real attend movies in cinema halls, but I occasionally do watch online lectures that are motivational, plus reading. I find reading doing me well than watching a movie.

  1. Do you like job or blogging? What do you like and explain why?                    I like job and I like blogging too. Sometimes blogging can be a job, in short I like both because I do both now.
  2. What are you hobby?

My hobbies are reading, writing, nature walk and traveling.

  1. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

The best praise I have ever received is “good boy” when I was in lower primary school especially when I happened score all points in test, teacher Rose say “ good boy, keep it up” she put it in writing, in red ink pen in my book. I will really feel good the whole day, and day dreaming score all points.


  1. What question do you hate to answer?

I have never had question that I hate, except a question I don’t know the answer. Some it will force me to admit that, I don’t the answer. That is when I hate a question.

  1. What type of music do you listen to?

I like R&B

  1. Who is my hero?

My dad is my hero and a role model

  1. Mountains or the beach view or TV or indoor game or outdoor game


  1. Who are you?
  2. What motivates you in life?
  3. Who in the world is your role model?
  4. What do you like about blogging?
  5. How did you start a blog, was it somebodies advice?
  6. Do you think blogging is a new professional?
  7. Briefly explain the history of blogging?
  8. Do you call yourself a writer or a blogger?
  9. Do you think blogging as helped you in anyway?
  10. What are your hobbies?







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3 thoughts on “My first recognition liebster Award”

  1. Wow 😊 I have read your answers which i asked in liebster award. 1st question’s answer is so funny. Even I did the same like i m feeling stomach ache i dont want to go school 😝😝😝😝😝 Thank you for accepting the nomination.

    1. Thanks you very much be blessed

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