5 Websites, Magazines, and Blogs That Pay Freelancers Up To $1500: Entertainment and Pop Culture


If you are freelancer, and you love writing about entertainment and pop culture, listed below are websites, magazines and blogs worthy sending your work to, sending your query, and making a catchy pitch, they are interested good writing, and they pay well. All you need is reading what kind of content they publish, then give exactly what they need, and reach them for consideration; to publish, and use your work. Some require you to fill in tax form before they pay you for your work, tells you that they are a serious, and lawful business and they are trusted.
If you are passionate about pop culture, wish to get paid for your piece writing, and with ability to review movies, video game and television clip, then, Dorkly is for you, and is your fandom. You can stick to them for a pay. For every article they publish, they pay $75, in USA dollars.
Good news, they accept and unsolicited submission from freelance writers, freelance Illustrators, game reviewers, movie reviewers, television reviews and commentary. Submission is done online, and if you have a problem, doing submission online then, reach them through contact of editors’ display on the website. If you live in USA and Canada you may consider applying for a job, they have a job listing even outside writing field.
It is a blog and it publishes comics writing, pop culture and games. They are interested in games that are weird and too bad to get out of mind. They are interested in publishing reviews of fictions. For comics they pay $200, and the pay up to $100 for every article they use.
Huck magazine
They are constantly looking for inspiring stories, for example the counter-culture or youth subculture. Huck publishes news, reports, traveling diary, opinions, profiles, documentary, and photography essays. You have to send a pitch to relevant editors, their contact are displayed on the websites. If Huck publishes you articles, you are paid $500 for single piece they accept to us.
The verge
It is a very popular magazine with a wider readership. It was founded to explore how technology is changing life now, and the years to come. They pay 30 cent per word. They Kind of article they publish is what I call long-form journalism. They publish Pieces of 1500 words to 3000 words. If you have a piece on transportation; for examples Taxify, or Uber technologies, pieces of science and culture, then do a nice pitch because The Verge is your magazine. They emphasize that, if you are interested in writing for them, and then consider reading what they have published already, that is their past issues, to familiarize yourself with what type of content they use.
Boy’s life
It is a monthly magazine, they only magazine publishes about the boy child maybe. It is published by the Boy Scout of America. The piece of writing must be entertaining to boys of 6 –17 years of age. It covers themes like professional sport, American history as non-fiction. It also publishes pieces of writing about aviation, nature, health and music, fiction is only assignment, you can query, if you are a fiction writer. Payment varies from $500 – $1500

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