6 online Magazines, Blogs, and Websites accepting Submissions from Freelancers: Lifestyle and Entertainment

apple-check-computer-7079.jpgListed below are Magazine, websites, and blogs accepting submission from freelance writers. Some accept and receive unsolicited pieces of writing, some accept proposal and a completed work and other need a pitch. The best to do as a freelancer is to go to the website and read submission guideline, read past issue, understand fully what is required of you, then reach the magazine management through the methods they have displayed on the website, on how to reach them. It is recommended so as to know exactly what kind of content they publish. Some publishers are looking photographers and illustrators.
Two plus Two
It is an online website, publishing pieces about poker game. They publish technical pieces about playing the game poker. They accept a well written interview as well as biographies of poker game personality. Pay is $200 per every article they publish on their website
How to submit your work to Two plus Two
First, your work has to be about poker or gambling concept or related concept in a different field, interviews, and biographies of poker personalities, a discussion of advanced level of poker strategy and application of mathematics concepts on gambling.
Two plus two accepts work send by emails, and the email is displayed on their website, to be addressed to the editor. The article has to be between (1000-2000) words, and it has to be related to poker or gambling.
The Introspectionist
It is a monthly magazine for very intelligent women. The content they publish is more of in-depth article than of typical woman, Editors look for articles that inform and tells a story, not just normal educating, informing and entertaining ones. They offer also to publish persuasive essay and creative non-fiction. Every month they prepare a theme for the next edition. Payment for feature articles up to (2000) words is $100, and up to (5000) words is $200.
How to submit your work
They accept unsolicited submissions from freelance writers. For more information read submission guidelines. Submission is through email only. They don’t accept any other methods. They are also looking for photographer and Illustrators.
The mask magazine
It is a monthly online magazine. It is an online publication, repository of youth culture. It is also packed with interviews, styles in the age of discontent, and editorial news. Mask magazine editor look for expressive, creative prose and personal essay.
NB: Editors determine whether the content is published for free or paid. If is they decide to pay, payment is from $40-$200. They accept submission through email displayed on their email.
It is a lifestyle magazine for women. They accept articles from (500-1000) words non-fiction submission for and about women. These include humor essay, satire and first person involvement. Payments range from $100 to $200.
Modern love
It is a regular column published by New York Times. They are look for deep personal essays about present affairs, dating, marriage, and parentage. They pay $300 for per piece they accept to use in their publication.
How to submit your essay
• Send a query letter
• Submit an opinion piece
• Submit an opinion video
The Gay and Lesbian Review
They publish non-fiction and poetry. They don’t publish short fiction, personal essay, journals or memoirs. They accept feature articles of about (2000-4000) words. They publish review of books, films and arts work, from (600-1200) words. They publish interviews with prominent GLBT artists, activists, Song writers whose work has made a different. They also accept and publish art memos of about (1000-1500) words. They use article of international spectrum-fight for GLBT rights and culture. They publish correspondence letter to the editor. They take and use guest opinion pieces on advocacy stand on current issue (500-1000) words.
How to submit your work
Submit a well written proposal and a completed piece of writing. They do not accept published excerpt of books or chapters of forthcoming work. They receive both soft and hard copies. And payment is a flat rate of about $100.

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