Four Publishers Currently Accepting Book Manuscripts from New and Established Authors


Book authors, for both nonfiction and fiction books, bellow is a list of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts from both new and established authors. These publishers only need original and well-researched work, submitted to through varies methods. It could be through email, online submission or through traditional method, by post. Choose one method that suits you most, and let your work be published, and begin receiving royalty.

  1. Olympia publishers

The main office is in London, United Kingdom. Olympia Publisher are thrilled to announce that they are establishing a new office in United States of American and India subcontinent, They are proud to give a golden chance to new authors to be published, from across the world. They describe their books and their authors as very special to their business.

They believe, and wish to publish stories that touch people’s lives, stories that have meaning to the readers, stories that evoke reader’s emotions, stories that can change life of a person reading it, stories that entertain the reader and affect readers emotionally, that make reader want to read more, and stories that make readers cry or laugh.

Most importantly, the sweet feel in the heart and mind of reader, or a pain in heart of the reader, when she or he reads your work, is a platform that puts the author in limelight.

They welcome submission from a wide range of genres, offering new and ambitious authors a rare opportunity available in the current world of publishing industry. They have a well-established market that covers a period of ten years of experience in marketing, producing and distributing books.

They are dedicated to help new authors, in order to give them the best start in life, as they put it.  You too, could be one of their valued author!

There are three possible ways to send your work to Olympia publishers:

  • You can submit your work through an online submission form
  • You can send your work via email attached as Microsoft word document or PDF format.
  • Lastly, you can post to their postal address as displayed on website, currently to London office only.

NB: They do not receive academic and foreign language submission.

  1. Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers

They are proud of publishing high quality books from exciting authors for last 15 years. They, with their imprints publish a wide variety of genres, adult fiction and children books included. They offer both traditional and inclusive contract to both their new and established author. The offer equal opportunity to both.

How to Submit Your Manuscript

There are three different ways to submit your work to Pegasus publishers; these include

  • Submission online
  • Submission by email
  • And submission by post

Manuscripts guidelines

  • Send a synopsis and a complete manuscript
  • Indicate the number of words
  • Genre and target audiences
  • Authors name and contact, include and other information about the author for example a short bio
  • Submit material in PDF format

Electronic version

Your manuscript has to be in one file, in Microsoft word document format. 12pt Times New Roman

Print copies

On a plain white A4 pages, with large margin all round, at least 4 centimeters using 12pt Times News Roman font.

  1. Novum publishers for New Authors

They called themselves the specialist for new authors. They help, and welcome new author to world publishing. It was started in 1997, and it is a family run business, but they have served renowned personalities in the industry.

  To submit your manuscript here are the tips how to;

  1. Attachment
  • Complete manuscript
  • Name and address of the author
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Illustrations if any
  • A synopsis

Their reply is quicker than many publishers between 2-3 weeks are; you expect to hear from them about the outcome after perusing your manuscript.

Submission is either by email or by mail (CD-ROM, memory stick.)


books-education-school-literature-51342It is one of the UK leading independent publisher of original voices, and hard to put down stories. For fiction writers, fiction lover, JOFFE BOOKS is your publisher. They focus mostly on crime fiction, thriller, and mysteries. They currently work with crime fiction authors from USA and UK.

How to Submission your Manuscript

  • You can send full-length book as PDF or Microsoft word document.
  • Three paragraph, in length synopsis in the body of the email.
  • 100 words about the author, also in the body of the email
  • Put the word submission in the subject line of your email
  • Lastly, tell them how and where you heard about JOFFE BOOKS


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