Chasing Mirage


At midday, the sun hits a dry dusty earth; wind blows lighter dusts, and lighter objects around. Pieces of paper, dusts on the earth surface, and dried leaves, moved higher and higher, in circle, towards the sky, you might think they are being signaled to meet the blue clear sky.

Balls of sweat formed on my face, I felt wetness inside my clothes, making it sometimes sticky to body, and causing discomfort, sometimes this forced me to unclothe my chest, and use the shirt or a t-shirt to cover my head as I take courage, and determination to walk through hot sun.

I felt sweat all over me, I looked as if I have sprinkled water on me. My feet embraced dust handsomely. Drops of sweat will reach my eyes. It felt hot when it reaches the eyeballs. The drops tasted salty when it find its way through my lips to my tongue.

 It makes me think that salt we consume never digestion inside the body; it gets out to the environment through sweat. I had to prove it. I once had a rest under a tree after walking in the sun, and sweating recognizably. After a while, my body cooled down and I felt particles of salt on my skin.

Thirst began to torment me, a wish to see a source of water nearby came to my thought. I wished it could magically rain, so as, I be saved from thirst and treacherous hit of the hot sun. The sky was clear and blue, thin white clouds were seen, in the horizon, in the direction I was leading to, the blueness had begun gather where I came from. No one will ever forge hope at the sight of white cloud. The whiteness of a cloud hopelessness.

My father used to tell me that, the blueness in the horizon, or the blueness above the earth, what we refer as the blue sky, is end of human eye power to see. He explained farther, that when you move towards the direction of a blue far hill that blueness moves further from it, to another hill far away, and real color of a hill reveal itself as you come near it, and where you came from gather blueness, to mean the distance you have cover is long.

The inferior mirage looked like water on the water body surface. It made me thirstier. The air around was dry. I long to smell, and breath in wet air but nowhere. This is what life is. Chasing mirage to forge a false hope. Slightly above the short vegetation, scattered on a dry mourning earth, waves of mirage glitter. It amazed me.

 It looked like clean water flowing on land but it was what the elderly say a lie to the eye. It made me remember the saying, not all that glitters is gold.

Eyes can be cheated sometimes, and how will life be without a lie to the human eye?

In place where dusty earth surface stay long without a drop of rain, taking bath means taking priorities first, drinking and cooking is more crucial. Sometimes I take bath and become dirty in minutes, as dust land on my skin, I had to ask myself why I took bath.

 Taking bath and leaving my skin dry was a better option. Smear myself with a Vaseline, I become dirtier as particles of dust stick to your skin.

My skin and dust were intimate because I sweat a lot, and most of time, to feet. I could watch dirt on my feet, and I just say it is okay. The environment where one grew up is what makes one who he or she is.  I had to love dust, romanticize with dirt and live with it all.

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