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While we teach others, we learn more, and we master the material, according to Roman Philosopher Seneca. It sound an ancient method to learn but it pays. Even today, successful individual in their careers or businesses, have come long way, through a mentor. They are where they are today, because someone showed the way by holding their hands. Someone mentored them.

 Philosophers and scholars in the ancient days, passed down knowledge and skills to generation after, through apprentice, which is a person learning a trade from a skilled employer, or a professional,  for example lawyer, or a mentor, having agreed to work for a fixed period of time, at low  or no pay.

You do not need be expert teach in the first place. What is important is teach others what you know. As you teach, you master the topic, and you can retain a lot material to memory. If you are thinking of how to benefit from skills, and knowledge you have gained, then think to teach others.  Teaching these days is made easy, start platform, for example a blog, then teach.

Undergraduate for example can volunteer, and can teach in high school classes,  and high schools student then volunteer to teach in primary school, you gain experience and learn from teaching others.

Why is mentoring the best way to learn

Scientists have proved that teachers, and students who apply what they call “the protégé effect” as a method to learn a new knowledge, skills or sharpen your professional skills further,  scores  higher than students who try to learn, and master material on their own.

We once visited a school in western Kenya, many year ago, a school  that had made it a tradition to score a mean grade of 80 marks and above in every subjects in final exams. We wanted them show us how they were conducting their lessons, maybe exams leakage! No, we were wrong. Everybody in that school teaches something, even if one question, or just one sum.

 There was no sign of stealing exams, but they had unique ways learning; teacher to pupils approach that is, the teachers teaches the pupils a normal lessons, pupils to pupils- pupils teach each what they know; here,  pupils were not allowed to ask the teacher a question, unless nobody in the whole class, knows  answer to that question. It was a kind of a rule. If you happen to go the teacher, then teacher will ask you if, you have asked your colleagues the same question. If the teacher learns that nobody in the entire knows the answer to question, then the teacher takes the responsibility to teach the whole class.

In mathematics class for example, every pupil will come to class prepared to teach others one sum. They were 45 candidates, each will teach, one question, and the remaining five questions, the best in mathematics from our visiting side, were selected to teach, each one sum.  We applied the methods when we were back to our school, to prepare for the final exams, it worked. We knew it worked, because we also had average of 87.8% marks in mathematics, while they had 89.8%. It was a testimony, we benefit from teaching one another, what we knew.

Tutors who apply, mentoring methods improves the performance of students in tests and in gaining life skills. Researchers have found out that student registered to mentors, work-harder to understand the concept and recall it more accurately and apply it effectively, be it in a test or at workplace. Our teaching workforce therefore serve as mentor to our students, not just tutors.

Today’s lecture halls is full of smartphone and good laptop connected to internet and social media. Learners had no time even to discussion lessons after lecturer has left. Discussion on social media groups. It is sometimes offline.


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