Strong Acids, Alkalis and Noises that cause harm to our environment

Used in manufacturing and industrial production. They can destroy tissue, and cause internal damage to the body organs.

The above substance adds, and contaminate environment, make it dangerous for lives on the planet earth. Light from cities and towns at night that interferes with astronomical observations, known as light pollution.

It may disturb natural rhythms of growth in plants and alternative organisms.
Continuous noise that is loud enough to be annoying or physically harmful, known as noise pollution.

Heat from predicament that’s discharged from a plant into a watercourse or lake, where it can kill or endanger aquatic life, is known as thermal pollution.

The discharged waste may contain one or more the materials discussed above.
Environment is that the sum of all surroundings of a living organism.
It includes natural forces and alternative living things, which provide conditions for development, and growth as well as of danger and damage.

Environmental policy affects human health by reducing environmental risks that result in either premature mortality or non-fatal ill health. People attach value to the reductions in health risk associated with environmental policies, and valuing such benefits can be undertaken using either revealed preference, or stated preference methods.

Depending on the nature of the environmental pressure and health impact, research has shown that health benefits can represent a majority of benefits of policy interventions. However, most such studies done using adult samples, and there is a need for similar estimates for children.

Rao, M.K., Environmental Pollution and Toxicology, The quality of life on earth is to the equal quality of the environment sustaining it, and disturbed by pollution. The effect of misplaced resources generates unfavourable conditions, which threaten the fabric of biosphere. Even after associating pollution with the advancement of human civilization, it has no such concern as it was in the last few decades.

As human being steps into the millennium without the essential ecological wisdom, this may surely result in endangering the quality of life of our future generations. Rao explained further.

The seizure on the environment has come through the increased pollution pressure, which lead to over exploitation of land, air and water resources and also provoking the ecological balance and implanting various xenobiotic substances into the environment, which affects its self-purification and carrying capacity.

This problem has drawn global attention in recent years to find out the ways to sustain and manage environment. It has challenged the environmentalists, scientists, technologists, politicians and socio-economic reformers. There arises a question of sustainable development has appeared which require judicious use of nature without compromising on its capacity to meet the future needs.

This results for new outlooks towards developmental activities and technologies, so that eco-health is- maintained, alongside conservation of invaluable resources.
Man has taken just a couple of centuries to destruct them. The nature needed thousands of years to create resources, which supports life. There has been a greater scientific attempts however has changed its direction and technical approach to ensure great human welfare.

Pollution Effects
Effects are many and wide-ranging. There is little doubt excessive levels of pollution ar inflicting tons of harm to human and animal health, tropical rainforests, as well as the wider environment.

The effects in living organisms might vary from delicate discomfort to serious diseases like cancer to physical deformities, extra, or missing limbs in frogs.

Experts admit that pollution affects ar typically underestimated which additional analysis is required to grasp the connections between pollution, and its effects on all life forms.

Environmental Pollution Effects on Humans

Studies have shown that, pollution causes not only physical disabilities but also psychological and behavioural disorders in people. The following are effects pollution on humans:

Reduced lung functioning

The gases inhaled into respiratory organs affect significantly lung-working condition as expected hence reducing it. Irritation of eyes, nose, mouth and throat: as the contaminated gases are inhaled, with varied chemicals components contained in them, human being suffers eyes, nose mouth, and throat illnesses.

Asthma attacks

Some people are born with it but expert associates it with contaminated gases inhaled by parents during pregnancy, which genetically live with descendant of that particular birth. Respiratory symptoms such as coughing, and wheezing. Many respiratory diseases are resulted from gases emitted into the atmosphere on daily basis.

Others are

Increased respiratory disease such as bronchitis, reduced energy levels, headaches, and dizziness, Disruption of endocrine, reproductive systems, and immune systems, Neurobehavioral disorders, Cardiovascular problems, Cancer, and Premature death, all these are associated with toxic waste we are in contact with in our daily lives.

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