About Me, My-Self, and I

 Kosiyae  is a published author, blogger, and a freelance Journalist, with hope of becoming an established publisher. He is a complicated man though. You can’t really tell whether he is married or not, may be both , I mean married, and not married. He eats in hotels, hahaha, yes , he cooks sometimes but the food he cooks is never enough always. Yeah! Jacob Zuma is his role Model. He likes how Jacob Zuma wins everything, hehe! elections, court fights, impeachment,beauties, E.T.C, a true African leader, not a pretender.

He loves writing, he writes anything, fictions, non fiction, news stories, creative writing, in short just anything. He has been published, and, he has also published himself. He can also do odd jobs. That tells you sometimes he is a hustler, and he does errand jobs.  So if you have a job just give him a call or an email, any-type of job, then let him go back to his writing. He is willing to share writings jobs challenges with someone  interested, in persons, online or offline. He is who he is period.


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