Call for Research or Academic Papers




If you are a researcher, and you are seeking for publishing firm or organization, below is a list of publishing bodies for academic research papers. Uniqueness of some these journals is that, they have a room to accommodate, and publish articles submitted in any field of study.

The chances your work will be published are higher, so long as it is of required quality. The work to be submitted is purely academics research articles. For more details visit the website to get to know what kind of work they wish to receive from writers. There are more benefits, not just getting published, you can get connected to a very helpful peer groups of writers, conferences, and monetary too.


In full it international Journal of Science: Basic and Applied research. This is a multidisciplinary journal. They published research from any    field, be it science, social science, Languages or business. It is reviewed by peer a group, hosted and published by GSSRR, The Global Society of Science Research and Researchers. IJSBAR is open for submission of scientific articles, in any field for 2017 publication.

This is scholarly journal and you are guaranteed that the editor decision within 21 days of submission. This is based on the peer review results. The papers submitted have to be complete, unpublished and not under review in others academic journals or conferences. For more about topics IJSBAR website as more but most important to know is that topics are not limited to on list one the website.


It is an American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. It is multidisciplinary Global Journals, and is seeking papers with significant theme, of research contribution in all fields. They accept submissions of manuscripts and published within 2-5 days upon receiving it. Rejection notification will take 2-21 days. They receive the manuscript from online submission only. ASRJETS receive a fee of $105. It’s publishing and processing is easy and faster, with lower cost.

For more on to submit your paper visit ASRJETS websites for instruction and you also download one of their past volumes, to check whether your work meets the quality they want.


The IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is the largest technical professional society in the world. It has over 400,000 members in 150 countries.

 IEEE GLOBECOM 2017, in Singapore Global Hub to Connecting East and West, from 4-8 December 2017.

IEEE is seeking submission for a symposium papers, work shop proposal and a tutorial proposal for authors, in technical program. For industrial program, authors to submit an executive forum proposal and industry panel proposal, and an industry presentations and demonstrations proposal. In case your missed submission this year, it is an annual event you can prepare to submit for 2018.For more on how to register, visit ieee globalcom website.

Twelfth international conference on interdisciplinary social sciences

 From 26-28th July, 2017

International conference center in Hiroshima, Japan

 This year special focus is on cross cultural and global research interdisciplinary, as a practice as per their website. They are inviting proposal for paper presentation, posters and exhibits, virtual lighting talk, colloquia and virtual posters, to address the following themes: educational studies, Communication, Global studies, Environmental studies, Organizational Studies, social and community studies, civic and political studies and cultural studies.


A call for artists worldwide to enter online exhibition


nature-art-wallpaper-1If you are an artist and you are looking for places to submit you creative work, The National Association of Women Artists and The Cube Art Project, are looking for you and your art, for consideration as well as exhibitions. Please apply before deadline. You can submit your work, or share this post with someone you know, who is an artist, and she or he is looking for audience to their art work.

 The National Association of Women Artists’ has announced a worldwide online exhibition for innovative crafts. Deadline is May 14, 2017. The show will run from June 1, 2017 through to August 1, 2017.

People eligible for this art exhibition

It is open to all The National Association of Women Artist members. Non-members women can also submit their work so long as they are 18 years and above. All applied arts will be considered. These will include: book arts, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, tapestry, mosaics needle-point, metal work, quilting, wood work, origami, basket weaving and papier-mâché.

Awards and benefits

They only want one winner, who will be featured on, and her own page. The page will include biography of artist’s statement. There will be several images of her works, plus links to her own website. Links to exhibition on the home page will be shown.

Pay entry fee

Members of the National Associations of Women Artists’ will have to pay $35 entry fee. And non-members will have pay $45 for two entries. For every additional entry up to 5 entries, you will to pay $10.

How to apply

Application is only done online. Every participating artist is allowed to submit up to five artworks. It must be artist original work. All communication will be handled The National Association of Women Artists, Inc. (NAWA).

The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) is the oldest women’s fine art organization in USA, founded in 1889. It is a exciting community of professional women artists. It strives to support its members and women artists in general, through exhibitions and educational programs.  NAWA members represent all areas of the visual arts. It includes photography, painting, print-making, video art, installations, en-caustic, mixed media and sculpture.

The Cube Art Project

They are seeking, animations, video art, motion graphics, video-mapping and sound visualization projects for screening on their large three dimensional monitor the Cube. This screen is seen by a larger audience, hundreds of people in day. It could reach tens of thousands people in weeks. This submission is open to amateur and as well as professional artists worldwide. It is a curated competition of artwork.  It good for a public art audience, extensive latitude in genre and in style will be considered.  Consideration is given to artworks that are of a formal, and visual appeal.

Awards to presented to winners
1st prize = $500
2nd prize = $250
3rd prize = $10

participants submitting special project are given a stipend up to $1600 to cover expenses.

How to apply

You apply online only. Just type of Google search “The Cube Art Project” and click on apply online link. $5 entry fee is payable.

8 World Class Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts


For authors of novels, science fiction, fantasy, and romance, publisher listed below are partners or imprint of the world well-known big five publishers worldwide. A deal with them is a boost in a life of an author or as a writer. The big 5 includes Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster. You must have read a book by these great publishers, and you must feel the quality of the books, from content to paper quality.  It may seem you need an agent to deal them but not true.  Go to their website by typing name on to Google search, and then go to website read what they want and submit your work will be surprised to get a response from them.

Dial Books for Young Readers

They publish hardcover books for children of all ages. This includes books for young adults. Dial Books for Young Readers, is an imprint of Penguin. They accept unsolicited submissions and query letters from agent and authors as well, but do not respond to unsolicited submissions unless they are interested in the book, which tells you that they have enough slush pile submission.

Wondering what is slush pile? Worry not here it is explained; In publishing industry, the slush pile is the set of unsolicited query letters or manuscripts sent either directly to the publisher or literary agent by authors, or to the publisher by an agent not known to the publisher

In case you don’t hear from them, just understand that your piece hasn’t attracted their interest, and you try sending your manuscript somewhere else. Before you make a submission, read first their submission guidelines.

Witness Impulse

They are friendly to new author s. They accept online submission. The link is very easy for author to follow submitting their work.  It is a digital first imprint of Harper Collins. Publish mystery novels, including digital editions by most famous mystery writers of all time, for example, Author Agatha Christie. If you ever read her, then you know exactly what they publish. They also publish upcoming new authors. They publish both digital and print edition. They want a synopsis and the best seen first, and they publish a manuscript of about 10,000 to 75,000 words or above. For more read on the submission guidelines as well as their books on the website.

Love swept and Flirt

They are Random House’s digital-only imprints. It is only focused on romance and women’s fiction books. Most readers are reading eBooks   and they are seeking to partner with the most forward-thinking and up-and-coming authors, and to introduce them to an avid new audience of digital readers community.

The receive queries online submission of 40,000 words or more, in contemporary romance, erotica, paranormal romance, historical romance, women’s fiction, and new adult, though  no strict word count limits for submissions. But work must be at least forty thousand words in length.

They require no agent, they deal directly with authors. If your book does well as an eBook they will consider publishing a print version of it at a later date. The good thing about publishing digitally with Random House is that your book still gets the same serious consideration in terms of editing, marketing, distribution and design. For more visit their website and read their submission guideline.

Forever Yours

Forever is a romance imprint of Grand Central publishing, and, it is the imprint of the Hachette Book Group. It is the digital sister of Forever.  They focus on publishing established and upcoming authors, and they need no agent. Often publish authors not published before.

They publish eBooks; they can also publish print on demand but the book has to be 50,000 words or more in length. The response in 6-8 weeks and give an offer of 25 percent royalties, and receive but  accepts romance submissions from all subgenres,  for example contemporary, romance, new adult,  romantic suspense, western, category romance stories,  inspirational, historical, erotica , paranormal, and  time-travel. They receive in queries through email, a detailed synopsis of novel and a complete manuscript formatted in to a RFT file. They publish novellas, and shortest work they publish is 12000 words and the long about 100,000 words.

To submit to them, send them an email that includes a query letter, a detailed synopsis of your novel, and your completed manuscript formatted to be a RTF file. They accept novellas as well as novels. The shortest works they publish are 12,000 words; the longest are 100,000 according to their submission guidelines. For more read their submission guidelines. They have a larger chain of distributorship and market.


Harlequin has many divisions. Each division focuses on different subgenres in romance. It might take you sometimes to figure out what is the best fit for your manuscript.  These several division are open to different heat levels,  in the context of romance novels, heat level  is a scale that measures the amount of romantic or sexual details allowed in a  particular division  of  book.

Submission process is generally user friendly. One has to create an account. That account can be used to submit your work to any of their divisions. Once you have created an account you fill out an online form and upload a synopsis, and a manuscript. In case your manuscript is rejected from one division you are always at liberty to submit it to another division, this is now where the heat level make sense.

Avon Romance

Avon Romance is an imprint of HarperCollins. It focuses on romance.   Avon Impulse digital is first imprint.  They publish new authors. If your book makes good digital sales, and it must be over 25,000 words in length, then it will receive a print run, and receive good marketing and   distribution. A book that receives a print run is officially published by Avon Romance for the print edition, and not Impulse. Avon Romance tries to publish   books every month.

They are interested in publishing books that fall into the following categories: romantic suspense, super sexy, contemporaries, trilogies and historical Romance with hooks. They have well experienced editors and marketers, to help authors out.  They give a lot of personalized feedback and support. Avon Impulse really is publishing e-books that sell well, and they are advanced in terms of online marketing. They emphasize on promotion of books, and authors they have accepted to publish. They do not offer advances for most books, but royalties begin as low as 25 percent, up to 50 percent after a sale of about 10,000 copies are sold. Extremely generous!

To submit your work, you have to use an online form. No specific editor to submit your work.  They just need a readable work, no specific format, and you have to be patient enough to wait a little longer for response because all submissions get response within six months.


This is an imprint of Penguin that is open to manuscript submissions from authors direct. No agent is needed. This is not normal with many publishers, but a great opportunity for authors to deal direct with publishers. DAW is the most respected publisher of Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

They have published authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Roger Zelazny.  They have published many bestselling books. They have published Hugo award-winning books.  It is respected and popular.

DAW novels vary in length.  They are rarely containing less than 80,000 words. Their response takes long time in case your book makes past the first reader.  For about DAW read the submission guidelines.


It is a digital first imprint of HarperOne, which is an imprint of HarperCollins. They publish eBooks and if it does well then they publish a print edition. If the book is more than 25,000 words, it will be available as print-on-demand book as well.  HarperLegend is seeking to publish a very specific kind of book. If they accepted to publish your work, you will be assigned an editor who will be a person with an email address, phone number, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, and Twitter handle, with whom you can communicate with directly. Your editor will tackle all your needs for all things moving forward in the publication process. It is important to go through guideline before submitting your work.

Nairobi Kibera slum gets affordable Internet connection


Liquid Telecom Kenya takes Internet to Kibera slum. Poa In partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya has hurled a new Internet model, into the Kibera slums, drawing thousands of subscribers in just a few months.

This is delivered using solar powered hotspots. In addition, the company has also provided free Internet access to Kibera schools, mosques, health centres, churches, and youth centres.

Poa internet was established in August 2015.  It is now employing about 25 regular staff, mostly young people. Most of the employees are from Kibera slums selling Internet for as little as Sh10 for 25MB.
The company’ is aiming at bringing millions of East Africans online over the next in the near future, using innovative technology and ‘kidogo’ (small) product pricing.

“We are selling internet to individuals in Kibera at affordable prices, and have also provided free Internet to more than eight health centres, 20 schools, and 20 cyber cafes’ in the area” said Mr Andy Halsall, CEO of  Poa! Internet.

Poa! Internet is using Liquid Telecom Kenya’s fibre infrastructure.  It is known as a local loop. From a connection near Kibera, to supply the internet to residents of Africa’s second largest slum.
“Liquid Telecom is our partner in ensuring that the less privileged population of Kibera access the same  services and quality of  Internet as their counterparts in other parts of the country, and at an affordable cost”, he said.  The partnership is making a swift and visible difference, he added.
“Internet has made life much better, with more youths engaging in businesses, such as cyber cafes, and shops where they are selling bundles. This has had a positive impact on these individuals and put great potential in their hands”, he said.

The cost of accessing the internet using poa! Internet   ranges from as low as Sh10 for 25 MB to Sh3, 000 for 20 GB, in bundles that do not expire.

Kibera residents are ensured that anybody in Kibera wanting to use high speed, high quality Internet can do so for just a few (bob) Kenya shillings according to  Andy.
poa! Internet also provides its customers with free access to a wide range of digital content. This includes educational, healthcare, and other socially beneficial materials as well as sports, entertainment and news.

“We want to ensure that the people of Kibera can get access to the latest information even when they don’t have cash in their pocket”, Andy explained.
He raised seed funding in the UK to launch the business; on the basis that East Africa still holds huge potential for internet consumption. “We are targeting millions of subscribers in this region, if our plans go as scheduled,” he said.

“East Africa is highly educated but still not everybody has access to internet.”
This vision has seen Liquid Telecom Kenya name poa! Internet, as an outstanding example, of last mile development of the group’s the East African infrastructure.

The launch and rapid rise of poa! Internet in Kibera represents a fulfillment of  liquid telecom, own purpose and vision too, after it had  invested heavily in the new Nairobi metro network,  so that it can provide up to 20 times more internet data across the city with high quality and reliability,  according to Mr. Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya.

He added that Liquid telecom was looking forwards to supporting poa! Internet initiative, as their business expands and rolls out to other areas.

About Liquid Telecom
Liquid Telecom Kenya is part of the Liquid Telecom Group.  It is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, financial institutions and businesses of all sizes. The company has won Multi-awards. It has built Africa’s largest single fibre network currently spanning over 24,000km across borders, and covering Africa’s fastest-growing economies where no fixed network has existed before. The company was named Best African Wholesale Carrier for the last four consecutive years at the annual Global Carrier Awards.

Business Chart and Reporting


Today’s management teams must rely heavily on business charts and business reports to make decisions and run their business efficiently. Management teams are especially crunched for time and need quick easy ways to analyze large amounts of data and information and make informed decisions. Without the support of their employees these management teams would be unable to perform their responsibilities and drive the business in the right direction. Fortunately management does have the support of their employees and are able to take advantage of informational documents, such as a business chart and a business report.

Because supplemental tools like business charts and business reports are so vital to the success of a company, let’s take a minute to review how management can use these documents as they seek to identify key performance indicators and make decisions that will ultimately drive the success of their business.

A business chart can provide management with a wealth of information. In addition to the valuable information a business chart provides, it also presents information in a manner that is easy to view, analyze and interpret. The value a business chart offers can not be overstated. To begin with a business chart saves the management team time. Think about the difficulties involved in sifting through page after page of data and trying to make meaningful decisions based on what you gathered from that data. Now think about the ease of viewing that same information on one single page that offers a graphical representation, like a business chart does, and how much easier it is to not only understand what the data is telling you but also to make decisions based off of the information present by the business chart. As you can see, making use of a business chart allows management to cut down on their time spent analyzing and interpreting information and spend more time making decisions that will drive the company to future success.

Likewise, a business report can offer similar value to the management team. As a manager one is asked to make decisions concerning a variety of aspects within the business. Management is expected to know the ins and outs of every portion of the business. Again, the management team’s time is valuable and they can hardly be expected to spend the time getting to know the business at every core level. Time simply does not permit this. Thus management must rely on business reports from its supporting cast to keep them up to date on the various departments and divisions within the business. A valuable business report will provide a concise yet detailed overview of the condition of the divisions. In this way a business report can keep a manager in tune with his subordinates and ensure he has a firm grasp on the direction the company as a whole needs to take.

If anything, the key to helping management make the right decisions is being able to provide them with valuable and accurate information, whether it be in the form of a business chart or a business report, so that they can make informed managerial decisions ensuring the firm is headed in the right direction.

How to Get Your Own Supply of Free Electrical Power


The most important message you will ever read is that, solar powered generators are now available in the world market at low price. Then below is how to get one for very little money. Solar Generators provide “life-saving” electrical power when you need it most. Let’s compare it with fuel generators; a solar generator runs silently, emits no fumes, and produces an endless supply of electricity for free. Call it all environmental friendly. It’s like having an electric power plant running quietly in your own household.

Good news is that, Solar panels require little maintenance. It is just installing and optimizing it. They are very reliable because they actively create electricity in just a few millimeters. They do not require any type of mechanical parts that can fail anyhow.  Solar panels are a silent producer of energy, a necessity if dealing with demanding neighbors.

Run sump pumps, short-wave radios, computers, let’s generally say, all your home appliances, and even keep food is preserved from going bad; Lots and lots of applications for self-reliance you can depend on. It can be hurricanes, ice storms, brownouts or blackouts, with your own, a Solar Generator you will never have you to suffer through painful power outages.
Coal industry for example generates a HUGE chunk of our electricity, and new initiatives are already forcing rates higher than any time in history of the world we live in. Even Worse:  ignoring dangers of an EMP event, and is doing nothing to protect the power grid from attack!  Are you advised you can generate you own cost effective power in your own home? The fact is, producing your own free electricity from the sun with a solar generator is a great way to be much more independent and to care for our environment for example your naughty neighbors.

 One single brand, and “never-been-out-of-the-box” solar generator is about $150.00 plus shipping and handling. After meeting cost of buying one, then you continue generated electricity for free whole your life, utilizing and tapping energy from the sun!

Solar energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy use, but it is indefinitely renewable one.  Solar power can be used to generate electricity, it is used in relatively simple technology to heat water, which is solar water heaters. Solar power is the conversion of the energy from the sun to useful electricity.

 The most common source of solar power utilizes photo-voltaic cells in converting sunlight into electricity. Photo-voltaic utilize a semi-conductor in absorbing radiation from the sun. The semi-conductor absorbs this radiation, it emits electrons, which are harnessed as electricity.

Solar power has only one disadvantage, it cannot be created during the night, rainy and cold days of the week. Most efficient solar cells only convert just over 20% of the sun’s rays to electricity. Increased advances in solar cell technology is likely to increase this efficiency. Low conversion efficiency, solar panels is a substantial initial investment and the cost of solar panels incurred is only the initial cost. Buying and installing only create free energy for use.

Vivek has launched locally manufactured Ezee brands to compete dominance of international brand in the locally market

Vivek-managing Director- Right

 Vivek launches  home cleaning products manufactured locally to break international dominance. Vivek Investments Ltd  announced  this week the launch of a new, Kenyan manufactured range of premium home cleaning products.

Vivek Group was started in 1994, with the launch of Vivek Investment Ltd and now spans Vivek Investment Ltd, Vivek Industries (U) Ltd, Marvel Lifestyle Ltd and Rose Jewellery Co.The company has now moved to manufacturing its own line of household supplies under the brand name Ezee.

The Ezee brand provides a full range of cleaning products of a higher quality, beating most of the existing competitor products. These products includes:  scouring powder, bleach,  toilet cleaner,  spanning dishwashing liquid and paste,  and all purpose washing liquid.

The range has been launched at a  price lower than its competitors. It is offering more concentrated products. This  mean ViVek products  cleans more and  with lasting results.The Ezee brand is challenging  the dominance of international brands in the local market.

“Importing goods is a simple case of exporting jobs, making the rise of manufacturing in Kenya,  central to our future as a middle income nation, and to tackling our now severe unemployment,” said Mr Chintan Thacker, Vivek Group Managing Director.

According to a 2016 Euromonitor International report, international brands continue to dominate Kenya’s home care products market.  Most of the products are imported despite the country’s heavy trade imbalance which has put pressure on the country’s, currency, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment.

Vivek has been named by KPMG as one of Kenya’s Top 100 small and mid sized companies in  the last two years. This was based on its pace of manufacturing growth it has  built already. It has strongly based in contract manufacturing in areas such as pharmaceutical products. The launch of its own Ezee brand marks a new bid by the company to assert the position of homegrown Kenyan brands in local growth markets.

The range according to  Mr Thacker  has dominated by liquid cleaning products, rapidly gaining ground in the local market.  He said, Liquid detergents are more versatile and multipurpose, in that they can be used for all sorts of tasks, across washing dishes,  floors, windows, cars, clothes,and almost all other uses.

 Local chains of supper markets , have already signed up to stock the new and locally manufactured Ezee brand products.

consumers are expected to welcomed by the lower price point, which is  a relief.  With the 2014 Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showing rising producer prices for chemical products as a result of increased prices for soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations.

The manufacturer is offering consumers complimentary gifts with some of the Ezee products, which have all been pretested and proven to be the best for the market.
“We’ll be targeting distributors, wholesalers and retailers for the Ezee brand, as well as supermarkets,” said Mr Chintan.

Product range is manufactured in Kenyan’s capital  Nairobi, the Vivek’s manufacturing operation base on Mombasa Road.

 “Our manufacturing plant employs world class quality control systems that won us the Company of The Year Award in 2015 for productivity and quality by the Kenya Institute of Management,” said MrChintan. 

As part  quality control processes, Vivek retains one of every batch of product it manufactures. It is kept until after it’s expiry date. This is  so  for the manufacturer can continue to be sure of its continuing quality.

Ezee Brands available in Kenyan market

Launching Ezee is a realization of years of preparation and development within Vivek, creating new local jobs, and fulfilling the next step in our vision of expanding and promoting manufacturing in Kenya as our nation’s next level of development according to said MrChintan.

The group markets a range of middle class oriented household products. It is  the sole East African distributor of the Vinod stainless steel and glassware. It imports and sells of PVC flooring. Its Rose Jewellery Co. sells mid-market jewellery as the only jewellery sold in Kenyan supermarkets, which is offering a unique and high traffic marketing outlet.


Uganda cancer institute receives a new cancer treatment machine


Cancer patients in Uganda, can now be treated quickly than before, as Uganda Cancer

Institute in Kampala installs an advanced new Flexitron Cobalt-60 High Dose Rate brachytherapy system from Elekta.

 “After the staff being trained at the beginning of March, the treatments of the first two patients with Flexitron were completed in only five hours – a significant improvement in treatment time,”

says Elekta application specialist Jeroen Singelenberg. “In addition, the new system enables far more accurate dose distribution, with minimal impact on healthy tissue.”

 Mulago Hospital, is the largest hospital in Uganda. It is site of Uganda’s only Cancer Institute and radiotherapy Department. It had been using an ageing Low Dose Rate caesium after-loader model. This required up to 10-14hours per treatment to deliver 20-30 Gy and meant only one patient per day could be treated.

The new and advanced system has been installed as part of the hospital’s two-year, US$49 million renovation. It will allow oncology staff at the hospital to significantly shorten treatment times and treat more patients. Dr. Kavuma Awusi, a medical physicist at the Uganda cancer institute comments: Said, by the second week after initiation, they were treating an average of 5 cervical patients per day. He added that cervical cancer is the most common cancer, accounting for about 40% of the nearly 2000, new cancer patients seen in their department a year.

 According Dr.Awusi, the new unit will reduce the brachytherapy waiting time and improve both treatment response and survival rates. Brachytherapy, or, internal radiotherapy, is commonly used to treat cervical, bladder, prostate, and breast, and skin cancer.

 Through the temporary or permanent placement of a short range radiation, source close to the tumor inside the body, positioning the radioactive pellet through a technique known as after-loading. After-loading may be done manually by an operator, or remotely, using a controlled delivery treatment plan.

 Flexitron’s advanced remote after- loading platform helps the clinical team work safely, and efficiently, and, ensures accuracy in treatment delivery, reducing the likelihood of human error. Typically brachytherapy is linked with low toxicity rates, and a favorable side effect profile.

 Brachytherapy improves clinical outcomes, this is by combining a boost with external beam radiation therapy, first, second, third fourth and fifth effective as a monotherapy modality. Uganda, a nation of over 40 million people, where cancer rates are on the increase, faster, more accurate treatment modalities are well-thought-out as important factors.

 Though Elekta’s Flexitron brachytherapy system typically uses advanced imaging to assist in treatment planning and dose placement, Uganda Cancer Institute had faced a challenge because it has no suitable imaging systems in place.

 “Due to budget constraints, the hospital currently has no MRI and CT scanners or a working radiotherapy simulator. Without imaging capabilities, there was a risk of delivering incorrect treatment, so our team created a solution using standardized plans for each applicator, which they use in conjunction with their fluoroscopy C-arm, to deliver accurate treatment,”

 says Singelenberg. Elekta’s managing director, Erik Leksell, says, Cancer is becoming a great challenge for Africa and he is pleased that Mulago Hospital has selected our Flexitron brachytherapy solution.

 Radiotherapy, and especially brachytherapy is by far the most cost-effective opportunity and fundamental pillar for both curative and palliative cancer care.

He said as a company, they are committed to support the clinicians at Mulago Hospital to enable them provide the best clinical care going forward.

 Elekta’s Flexitron brachytherapy system with Oncentra Brachy allows for faster, more accurate treatment delivery and dose distribution.

BILAWAYA keeps Business mantle glowing in Nakuru Town


Changing Lives Ben Roberts receives Award The Launched of BILAWAYA in April 2015, Swahili slang meaning for WIRELESS, this wifi network is covering about 10-kilometre radius from Nakuru Central Business District (CBD). It has a capacity of a Giga byte per second (gbps), and it is available in major streets, markets area, transport terminus and stadia, as well as the university campuses in town.
Nakuru wifi project is the first of its kind in Kenya.  And the project sees Nakuru grouped together with Kigali in Rwanda, and Tshwane in South Africa, as the first major urban centre in Africa to benefit access to free public wifi.
Dennis Itumbi, Director of Digital Communications in the Office of the President of The Republic of Kenya, said “This network is a first for our country and has far exceeded our expectations. Every day I see how it is changing lives for the better. Our people are hungry for digital access and all the knowledge that brings. We will be extending the network to the second and third biggest towns in Nakuru County – and indeed to other Counties – very shortly.”
Bilawaya is accelerating business growth in The County of Nakuru, and enabling its gradual evolution towards an information economy according to Town Business community. The portal complements this through increased access to marketplaces, training, customers, staff and resources as well as access to useful services, from accounting, advertising to marketing.
 So far the project provides people with wifi-enabled devices for free access to the Internet. Though, with exception of unlawful activities, such as streaming or downloading of offensive content which includes content, that violates copyright.  A portal has been created to provide a wealth of important and useful advice for Internet novices as well as the more experienced.
Recently Liquid Telecom and the Office of the President (Kenya) picked up the award in the Changing Lives category for providing free wifi to homes and businesses in Nakuru County in the annual AfricaCom awards that took place in Cape Town 19th of Nevember, 2015
Changing Lives Award
It was a special award to recognize an inspiring initiative that has significantly impacted lives in the local community. African communications community has importantly contributed to economic and social development. It was one the most hotly contested category in 2015.  The work of ten companies was shortlisted; this companied included Ericsson, Orange and WIOCC.
Changing Lives Liquid Telecom Award Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya, said “Congratulations to the President and all of his team who spearheaded the Bilawaya project in Nakuru. Every day we see for ourselves how it is Changing Lives.”
 The positive response to the free wifi network has triggered demand for wifi services across Kenya. Liquid telecom has already been approached by more county Governments to implement a similar project after hearing of the success and popularity of Bilawaya.
Meanwhile, the Nakuru County Government to extend the network to other areas within the County to meet demand. Plans are at an advanced stage to connect Naivasha and Gilgil towns as well as Egerton University in Njoro campus, and to more streets and public areas in Nakuru town.
 Nakuru is a market town, with a population of 307,000. Farming is the main industry and unemployment is high and graduation mostly migrate to Nairobi for opportunities..


Basics of second passport you should know


legal traveling documents

Citizenship, residency or nationality by investment industry has seen tremendous reforms last year with hottest buzz revolving around St. Kitts passport. It became quite a story however many remained silent over the topic for various reasons. Obtaining a second passport presents various opportunities in terms of business and residential prospective but many out there are still unaware of the basic facts. This post highlights some of the most crucial details about dual passport so don’t miss reading till end!

What’s the right way to value second passport?

Affordability and visa-free travel benefits to many countries are a few primary features of the best second passport. Smaller the count and less sough-after countries eventually mean you’ll pay less. Consider Austrian second passport that’s fourth most valuable travel document in the world. It’s one of the most valuable second passport to buy because once getting a hold of it, you’ll have access to 171 countries.

It’s said that second passport from Austria is a “category four” travel document whereas “category one” are issued by UK, US and Germany respectively. “Group/category two” allows legal travel to roughly 173 nations including Canada. With “category three”, possessors are lucky enough to avail travel relaxation of up-to 172 countries while bestowed by government of Belgium and Netherlands.

If money isn’t your primary concern, experts would vote for Austrian passport being “level 4” and gives the best return for your initial investment. Upon comparison, Dominica gives you visa-free travel to around 91 different states which is why it’s in 41st tier. Second passport from European Union (EU) countries includes Malta, Austria, Hungary and Cyprus giving you full-fledged legal support to live and work anywhere in the entire EU.

This total number of visa-free travel countries indicates how your new passport would be received by world banks. With EU passport in your grasp, you can initiate a bank account anywhere in the world. Passport from St. Kitts is generally accepted but have fewer options. Furthermore, opening an account abroad is nearly impossible especially if it’s a passport from Comoros. 

Don’t be a victim of second passport scam

While hunting for second passport, you’ll find lots of online impostors promising cheap, diplomatic or banking passports. All of these are various forms of scam and there’s no point debating over it. Remember, obtaining second passport isn’t a cinch and apparently not cheap as well. Governments around the world need millions of dollars to fill their reserves and citizenship by investment programs provides them just the opportunity. Every year, demand for second passport outstrips supply.

Tips & guidelines

Being a US citizen won’t relieve you from tax filings and other financial obligations. As long as you’re American national, must pay income tax for offshore banks would continue reporting to IRS. With second passport, you can travel and invest without drawing everyone’s attention and is a first step to renounce your US citizenship. Do have a new passport in hand prior dumping this blue travel document.


You must be thinking about how banks would know you’re an American along with other details! Keep in mind that IRS is far advance beyond imagine. All second passports now highlight your place/country of birth so hiding something would further raise legal complications. The above details would allow you to move in the right direction that’ll certainly win you second passport without trouble. 

All you need to know about Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP)


Grenada Economic investment progam logo

Citizenship by investment programs has never been more competitive while their demand today is more on global level rather than specific. There are several reasons for this all-inclusive phenomenon but eventually, it all boils down to mutual advantages. For example a country’s capability to permeate its economy with foreign capital and capitalizing on many benefits of dual citizenship! Many off-shore investors are motivated by visa-free travel, ability to safeguard personal wealth or simply to enhance healthcare and educational prospects granted through such programs. Benefits are numerous and as miscellaneous as investors who chase them

Whatever the reason behind motivation; the safest and most lucrative citizenship by investment programs of all available today is Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP). Immigrant investors today are already benefiting from the program so you better consider the opportunity as well. The program is newly endorsed by Government of Grenada, granting foreign nationals’ Grenadian citizenship in return for minimum $200,000 USD and prescribed administrative fees. The aim is towards economy and infrastructure growth within the country.

Key advantages of GEIP

When compared with other citizenship programs, GEIP tends to be highly competitive and its benefits are far greater thanks to qualified investors. Here are a few major benefits of GEIP.

          It requires less investment capital as compared to many other identical programs.

        Investors may contribute without any discrepancy as the program is entirely safe for investors as responsibility of securing investment bonds falls on Grenadian government.

          The program also allows investors to track their applications swiftly and accept tax inducements via additional investments. This will be either in form of bonds or high-end real estate assets within Grenada.

          Once a permanent resident through Grenada citizenship by investment program, investor may request for full citizenship and enjoy freedom, liberties associated with it.

          Grenadian citizenship endow share in commonwealth of state’s progress like other natural born citizen. This is most important as it allow sharing profits from country’s oil and natural gas deposits.

          The best feature that surpasses every other is a lifetime opportunity provided to GEIP investors for living in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. Grenada captures the charisma of former times with a unique combination of modern luxuries; each is devoted towards authentic Caribbean style.

          Also known as “Spice Isle”; Grenada offers some of the world’s most exotic spices. The island is surrounded by natural tropical vegetation and azure beaches where cool breeze flows. At every turn, you’ll be enthralled with unspoiled and natural beauty Grenada offers.

Grenada passport requisites

It’s a small commonwealth located in Caribbean and like many other countries, obtaining passport isn’t a cinch! You’ve to overcome many hurdles before being eligible.

          The first thing you need is application form for passport from Grenadian government. Provide relevant answers to questions such as how long you wish to stay, reason to obtain passport so on. The form also asks questions over citizenship and family background.

          Latest passport size photographs with blue background and attested by eligible reference.

          A copy Grenadian birth certificate is a must that must be attached with application form and pictures.

          Pay the required fee and wait for approval from Grenada’s government.


The instigation of citizenship program by Grenada is highly acclaimed by many around the world so you better send in your application today; there’s no point resisting!

Property Developer is set to design modern Swahili-Arabic architecture in creating luxurious holiday homes


sultan properties a long the Beach

Sultan Palace Beach Retreat spans 43 acres along a 700-meter stretch beach. This is second phase of the project that will see the set-up of a five star hotel. It will consist of 16 detached family villas, 50 semi-detached villas and 132 apartments.
 The residences area covers about 40,000 square meters. Extra space is left for a water park, and an entertainment club for children.
Sultan Palace reports outpouring in demand of holiday homes at the Coast. Developer has achieved sales of about KSh.2bn, selling 34 units out 62 of its coastal villas and maisonettes in recent months. According to the development general manager, Mr Liu Tiancai, the beach resort experienced the highest purchases after the grand visit by Unites States President Barack Obama to Kenya July 2015
 “The president’s visit not only portrayed Kenya as an investment hub, but also endorsed the country as a secure destination,” said Mr Tiancai.
Luxury beach resort is blending traditional Swahili architectural design with modern technology. It has drawn interest from modern middle class, high end citizens and foreigners seeking an investment and luxurious homes close to the beach.
“We have a good mix of buyers, but most of our buyers are Kenyans, together with a few foreigners,” said Mr Liu.
Beach view
Mr Liu says building trust among potential buyers, incorporating quality brands sourced locally and imported from Europe, and Asia is the key to recent company increase sales. This is coupled with the right marketing strategies in creating the brand right from the design of the development. This is done by the award-winning international firm Wimberley, Alison, Tong & Goo (WATG).
A current trend has indicated that occupants of the holiday homes are looking for reasonably priced family packages. The packages that do not compromise on quality for the family experience, according to Mr Liu Tiancai.
  The company is developing homes that are compatible with local cultures, and pocket friendly, serving needs of clients without compromising on the quality of luxury components of the properties design.
Developer believes the uptake of holiday homes at the coast accelerates mostly because of construction of the new railway gauge connecting Nairobi to Mombasa. Construction of the railway will shorten traveling time between the two cities. Now, it takes about 19 hours to cover the 500 kms between the two cities by train. With the completion of modern railways, it will fall to around four to five hours
Phase One building is now advanced. The developer has reported that most buyers are opting for the more expensive units ranging from Sh39.5 million toSh72 million. The preference is being driven by the strategic locations, and unique features of the resort’s villas that offer remarkable and open views of the ocean. Sultan Palace Development Ltd is a Kenyan real estate company owned by Jiangxi Xinyu Estate Development Company Ltd.
Holiday makers
 The company has over 20 years of experience in Africa and China, delivering quality and high end luxury properties. Jiangxi Xinyu Estate Development Company Ltd has won numerous awards.
The latest in the multinational’s property portfolio is a Sh5bn development in Kikambala Kilifi County, which comprising holiday homes, villas, condos and beach houses. The property is set up on 43 acres of exquisite beachfront property. It is projected to have a souk, a five star hotel, a club house, a water park, a kid’s club area, and state of the art gyms.

International Green Structures (IGS) unveils world class and cheaper building technology to create low cost homes to Kenyans

Multinational company, International Green Structures (IGS) has unveiled details of a revolutionary building technology. IGS is now set to manufacture and deploy low cost housing in Kenya. Company has the potential to create up to 90,000 square meters of low cost house in a year.  Most interestingly from durable materials derived from farmers’ waste after growing rice and wheat. Farmers will increase earnings, environment kept safe as farmers waste are no longer burned to pollute and Kenyans get cheaper descent homes.
Courtesy of cocontest magazine : houses to be availed soon to Kenyans
IGS is building a manufacturing facility based in Thika with an initiative set to create thousands of new jobs building houses from agricultural waste that currently gets burnt.
“Every 3,000 structures built will create  up to about 1,500 jobs in a holistic solution that creates new income streams for farmers, and uses world class technology to create low cost homes,” said Richard China, President and CEO of IGS, LLC USA, presenting a case study to the Affordable Housing East Africa 2015 Conference in Nairobi.
Mr. China says 46 million East Africans living in urban slums as well as the regions two million IDP’s and one million refugees are victims of a housing crisis. Kenya will now have the appropriate technology to address it. In his case study of the economic impact of using rice and wheat waste to make high impact construction panels lays out the benefits for every 3,000 houses built of an extra $1.1 million in income to farmers. In his explanation local transport will benefit pocketing $770,000, additional local manufacturing $26.4 million and $13.3m in construction earnings.
“The sum is 1,391 additional jobs, earning $27.5m in wages, creating $4.5m in socially responsible investments, and $19.2m-worth of lifetime benefits in job training, as well as 3,000 new homes,” said Mr China.
He said opportunity in Kenya has been made possible through its rich agricultural industry and scale of production. Wheat and rice husks the major constituents of the new building materials. Wheat and rice are the most widely grown crops in Kenya after maize, he explained.
According to the 2009 economic survey about 300,000 people earn their living from rice production alone. Rice is grown once a year and it suffer from climate swings. It is expensive to produce and suffers competition from imported rice. Farmers are also vulnerable to middle men who buy their produce at lower price.
A complete and cheaper IGS house in Korea
Another problem facing cereals farmers is delayed payments from cereal boards and mills. Farmers often live in poverty despite spending much of their time and resources on farming activities.
IGS planning is expected to boost the earnings of most of the country’s smallholder rice farmers. These farmers are distributed across four major schemes namely Mwea in central Kenya and Ahero, Kano and Bunyala schemes in the western. Despite producing about 80 per cent of rice in Kenya Mwea was ranked among the poorest constituencies in Kenya.  About 44 per cent of Mwea population is recorded as was living on less than Sh1200 a month, according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistic 2013 report.
Nyando constituency which the Ahero rice irrigation scheme is found supports about 15,000 people. Ahero has a poverty rate of 63 per cent while 66 per cent of Budalangi constituency with a population 67 000, where the Bunyala rice irrigation scheme is located has been rated extremely poor. Bunyala scheme supports about 10,000 households.
“In an assessment of the total construction potential from wheat and rice waste in 16 countries in and around eastern Africa, Kenya came up fifth, with a potential to generate enough waste to construct nearly 90,000 square metres of housing a year, enough living space for more than 3,000 people,” said Mr China.
This initiative will see IGS set up manufacturing plants in rice and wheat belts in the country. It is expected to create jobs in the harvesting, manufacturing, transportation, and construction sectors. This will positively impact the social economic fortunes of the local population living around irrigation schemes areas.
Julius Kamau Nyoike, IGS Kenya President, confirmed that plans are underway to launch the first manufacturing facility in Thika town. It is hope to source its raw material from local rice and wheat farmers.
To develop IGS structures, wheat or rice wastes are cured, dried and broken into small pieces. Then put in a conveyer belt.  This is where the waste is subjected to extreme heat and pressure to form a rigid compound best known as Compressed Agriculture Fiber (CAF).
Compressed Agriculture Fiber (CAF) is cut into project specific lengths to assemble in a pre-engineered metal framing system. This process results in a non-toxic carbon negative mould and pest resistant. This is 100 per cent organic product with strong structural sound proofed and fire resistant buildings make it durable.
IGS structures are easy to erect. A 50 square metre shell is estimated to take less than 2 days to be put in place once the foundation is settled.  It costs around $90-$100 per square meter to build houses with the new panels compared to $142 per square meter for traditional building materials. The reduced building time reduces construction costs. International Green Structures (IGS) offers a solution for the global housing crisis.
 In order To meet this need, IGS takes a renewable resource to manufacture Compressed Agriculture Fiber (CAF) Panels. IT combines them with a pre-engineered framing system resulting in IGS structures, Permanent or temporary. The IGS structures are durable, affordable, and can be built significantly faster than traditional building methods.
IGS structures are culturally adaptable and ideal for homes, schools, healthcare facilities, large-scale accommodations, remote worker sites, and humanitarian needs. An in-country manufacturing facility, IGS provides an opportunity for rice and wheat farmers to add earnings, promoting sustainability, jobs and greater agricultural food security and income.  IGS structures and building solutions are easy to construct creating jobs. Training and certifications for youth in manufacturing, construction, and secondary finishing products using 95 per cent local labor with obvious flow-on economic benefits.
The Outcome is high quality, affordable and extremely durable IGS structures and building products that can be erected in a matter of day and weeks. IGS has successfully built affordable IGS structures in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and the United States.

Local African content sharply climbs high on the African Internet networks


Cheaper internet connection -TechSling

Liquid Telecom has reported more than double increase in local African content on African Internet networks in August 2015. Africa’s leading independent Internet Service Provider unveiled a sharp climb in the proportion of local content on its network in Maputo, Mozambique today.
The increase grew from 20 per cent to 50 per cent now in only three years. The significant growth is driven by deepening of Africa’s internet infrastructure saving providers and Internet users now millions of dollars a year. It has importantly reduced the costs of fetching data from outside of African continent.
Mathew Chigwende, Head of Data Networks at Liquid Telecom has reported three factors when presenting to AfPIF, the African Peering and Interconnection Conference run by the Internet Society, in Maputo. He said first the ongoing climb in the number of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) serving the continent. Secondly the expansion of CDN Content Delivery Networks in Africa, and lastly the interconnection between telcos and ISPs were together seeing the proportion of data being uploaded to, or fetched from, outside Africa has gone down by 10 percentile points a year.
“We’re now confident we shall reach the Internet Society’s target of 80 per cent local content on Africa’s Internet infrastructure by 2020,” he said.
Liquid Telecom is actively peering at 15 IXPs, up from 13 last year and 8 in 2013 now officially ranked by Renesys/Dyn to be the most peered African operator. Liquid telecom also enjoys being the only African operator in the top 100 global peering rankings.
Liquid Telecom hosts one of Africa’s largest IXPs. That is the Kenya Internet Exchange Point. Its carrier-neutral Tier 3 East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi is actively involved as the main supplier of Internet infrastructure to many parts of the continent’s telcos and ISPs.
 To develop interconnections between different providers and between the IXPs a technical process called ‘peering’ is used. Peering through IXPs means local ISPs connect and exchange data themselves. Paying to a third party to retransmit their traffic to a local destination is removed reducing the cost of supplying internet. By removing need to transmit data using slower external paths gives the network operators greater control over traffic flows and speeds.
“By keeping African data in Africa we continue to help reduce the costs of Internet access across the continent, and improve the performance of that Internet to African Internet users,” said Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya and Chief Technical Officer of the Liquid Telecom Group.
The shift to local peering has delivered a dramatic reduction in Internet costs. It has seen it reducing from almost $3 500 to $200 per 64 kbit/s circuit. This is according to the Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK).It is opening up multiple new options in cheaper broadband and cheaper data bundles.
African wire-African Renewal Magazine
Local traffic was often exchanged internationally till recently, leaving Africa for an international exchange onto the right pathway. Then returning to the continent again and Peering has decreased Internet latencies measured as the milliseconds (ms).
It takes milliseconds (ms for data to travel from a desktop to servers. In the Africa continent, these ‘round trip delays’ were running at 200ms to 600ms before the shift to peering. Now it has dropped below 2ms to 10ms.
 The lower latencies have enhanced speeds for users. This further drives the growth of local traffic with many local users now moving to stream video and audio content.
“The next bases for all of us, in this Internet Society, are encouraging the creators of content to host their websites locally, and achieving better Intellectual Property protection on local content, so that the move to streaming comes with revenue models that encourage content producers to put their content online,” said Roberts.   
“It is our belief that the faster we can go in keeping African data in Africa, the greater will be the uptake and benefits from the Internet for African development,” he added. 

Sultan Palace commits to boost 18th century ancient art of Swahili architectural design


Mosque In Mali

Swahili architects skills date back as far as the early 18th Century. The art is now celebrated globally for it intricately elegant interiors design of its houses style.  The Carved wooden doors, shady courtyards, imposing entrance porches, magnificent and beautiful decorative stucco plasterwork makes unique and suitable for climates condition in the coastal region.
 Architectural design is most common in the coastal region and on Swahili buildings house style and mosques. Sultan Palace Development is now supporting the ancient art of Swahili architectural design in its upcoming coastal holiday retreat. Swahili crafts has sharply decline because of a shift in local tastes towards western styles.
 The taste of western style has a slowdown effect in tourism construction because of growing modernization and low level of local craftsmanship training in the country. Everyone young man and woman in Kenya want to train in modern techniques of Architectural design to get a job in modern architectural design field. This has led to the decrease number of craftsmen in the face of the ethnic onslaught of foreign architect.
 The taste of western style is key contributors to the decline of the sector over the last 20 years, according to a study by the University of Nairobi, Craftsmanship in Kenyan Informal Construction. Sultan Palace Development has now deployed leading coastal craftsman, Mr Said Swabu and a team of 12 young men, that he has trained in partnership with two Swahili Cultural Centres based in Mombasa and Lamu to watermark Swahili designs and skills deep into the fabric of the new coastal cultural arts.
 “The incorporation of this ancient craft is geared towards creating a modern fusion of the Swahili Arabic architectural design, giving an authentic yet modern feel, and offering an intimate atmosphere, and seclusion, with a sense of well being,” said Sultan Palace Development General Manager, Liu Tiancai.
The move is opening new youth opportunities at the coast. It comes as part of a strategic drive to create a uniquely East African coastal offering in the world of construction tourism. The manager argues building techniques are ideally suited to the coastal climate and environment. It has ability maintaining the cool atmospheres during the hottest periods of the year.
The composition of the material being used in the building includes: calcium and white cement is an extra elegant finish of the final products.  The craft suffered an acute decline in recent years with most home owners and developers instead incorporating western styles and techniques in construction of houses.
“Drawing on Swahili artisans in the architectural design will ensure that no one element of the development’s function, comfort, and environmental friendliness are sacrificed, but instead are developed in harmony,” said Liu.

According to Mr Said, the Swahili craftsman leading the Swahili team on the Sultan project, the decline has been further accelerated by the post election violence as a turning point for tourism in the country. This saw hotels retreat from upgrading their amenities, lobbies and public areas. He insists that it is the shift to western styles that has been the key to the decline of Swahili building design.
“It’s quite disturbing that most developers would rather import designs and building materials from western countries than make use of what is locally available. We are slowly killing our own tourism sector as we are not incorporating our own cultures and styles into our developments hence most tourists visit the country only to find their own cultures. This beats the logic of them visiting the country,” said Mr Said.
The shift has additional seen skilled artisans reduced to poverty depending on menial jobs for survival. Many of the artisans Mr Said has trained are now depending on other jobs like working as matatu touts. They work only when construction opportunities occur.
Mr Said previously worked on projects such as Chase Bank Eastleigh, in Nairobi, the Sarova Hotel in Mombasa, has been supplement his own architectural craft income by making Swahili themed furniture. He mainly sells to expatriates visiting the country. 
 “The Swahili craft is a skill that has been has been passed down through the generations from fathers to sons. I, however, am not planning to pass the skill to any of my seven sons at a time when the industry is dying,” he said.

Zanzibar stone-town-walking-tour
Sultan Palace Beach Resort have now decided to offer homes that are a maze of walls, corners, doors, niches, and tucked away areas capturing elegance at every turn. The rooftop views during the day will span the Indian Ocean and palm trees. The rare architectural mix is being finished with a striking, fine-grained marble coating to heighten the visual impact of the local artisans’ carvings.

International brands retails shops find business opportunity in Nairobi


East Africa retails sector has attracted international brands retails shops like The Foschini Group Carrefour and LC Waikiki. Betty Musyoki, Director of Portfolio Management and Client Services at Broll Kenya says despite slow growth of retail growth in the neighboring east African states Kenya continues to attract foreign investors.
She cite Citi Group report that says Kenya is the second most developed retails market in the sub-Saharan African and south Africa leads. “Apart from having a growing and stable economy, the biggest driver of retail in Kenya is the rapidly growing middle class that does not shy away from spending.” Betty added.

Betty Further said the real estate construction boom has witnessed introduction of modern retail space. This offers world class shopping experience and presents growth opportunities for local brands. It is also paving way for the entry of international brands such as Carrefour which is to open their first two outlets in Nairobi in the last quarter of 2015.

Broll is involved in a number of retail projects in East Africa. These projects include two Rivers, The Hub and garden City mall in Nairobi, as well as Market Shopping Centre in Kigali Rwanda and Penninsula Mall in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The Hub is a mixed-use development measuring 31,000m2 and it opens in this year. Anchors include as Carrefour and Virgin Active. Broll is involved in the leasing and will manage Buffalo Mall that was opened in February this year with Tuskys as an anchor. The mall has a GLA of 8,000m2. The mall has an area of 8,000 meters square.

Garden City mall is situated along the Thika Superhighway is the mixed-use development under Broll leasing and management covering an area of 56,000 meter square. The mall is set to open on 28th may this year with Nakumatt, Game, Tile& carpet and Victoria Court.

Broll Kenya is now mandated to lease retail and office component of the development as well as manage the mall and the estate. Betty said. Two Rivers is a mixed-use development allocated along Limuru road covering an area of 94,500 meter with 65,000 meters set for retails shops. The remaining 25,000 meter square reserved for offices. Virgin Active is taking up to 4,500 for Gym.

The retail component opens for trade in October this year with Truworths, Mr.Price, LC Waikiki, The Foschini Group, Woolworths and KFC. Two Rivers along Limuru Road bordering the Northern Bypass is 14km from the CBD. It is close to the UN headquarters and a number of embassies. Its catchment area includes the neighboring affluent areas of Spring Runda and Gigiri.

“This is an important development because Nairobi is East Africa’s premium development destination and Two Rivers will provide a new state-of-the-art, sustainable and well managed mixed-use urban node set on 100 acres of prime land.” Betty said.

Betty Musyoki points out that the trend is growing trend in mixed-use developments in Kenya. Popularity stems from the fact that these developments offer retail, offices, residential, and entertainment all in one parcel of land. Mixed-use developments offer a sense of security, convenience and cater for the needs of the modern buyer or user. She added that from a retail perspective, residential and offices feed into retail and create a guaranteed footfall and customer base.

Broll is sponsor of the East Africa Property Investment (EAPI) Summit since its inception in 2014. It believes in the value, that an event of this nature provides for investors but also to real estate professionals.

Reaching Your Workout Goals With Many Easy Guidance


By Nichole Shedden

You ought to in no way ignore the importance of workout in your daily life. Health and fitness industry experts all agree on how crucial it can be in maintaining a wholesome and active way of life. This information has many ideas and beneficial guidelines to help you workout more effectively, having a better schedule and workouts. Use these following tips to maximize your regular workout.

Do not forget to do your cardio. Even if you are looking to just create muscle mass to the structure, aerobic is crucial. It brings some assortment to your work out. It maintains your body flexible and doesn’t give your muscles to compromise into a program. With time additionally it is a great way to develop lean muscle.

It will take the body in regards to a four weeks to evolve to change in lifestyle. That’s why it’s suggested to stop or begin some thing for 30 days to break or study a new routine. When you keep up to date your job outs for a minimum of on a monthly basis, you’ll be on your journey to setting up a fantastic lifestyle alter.

To successfully develop muscle mass, stay away from painkillers. Which may operate counter-top for your intuition, but there’s some study to propose that painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can, if undertaken after exercising, make all of your soreness pointless by preventing muscles progress. In addition, experts repeat the pain relievers aren’t any more successful than placebos at getting rid of the submit-workout discomfort, anyway.

When working out, will it be crucial that you drink plenty of water. Drinking water although training will preserve appropriate moisture, which is crucial in the course of any large doing exercises. Becoming hydrated will help you to exercise harder and you will be able to physical exercise for a longer time frame. Always keep a water jar with you and simply continue to keep consuming!

Probably the most efficient ways to boost your skating pace is to fully build your ankles’ overall flexibility. Imagine your feet as flippers, which must be capable of extend and flex when you move your self throughout the h2o. Just before your water workout, sit back and grab your toes, flexing them away and through your physique and holding each and every place for one min.

To get the most out of your biking health and fitness program, make sure you change your excess fat forward when tackling a mountain. This could cause much more of your unwanted weight being given to the front wheel and provide you with much more grip. Discover to obtain a sense of how much you must disperse, and you’ll locate you will probably have considerably more accomplishment scaling.

Ascending is a great exercising. If you have the proper shoes or boots, it is going to ensure it is more efficient. Your ascending shoes or boots must suit your uncovered feet snugly, permit you to stay, although not stroll very easily. These limited shoes or boots provides you with control of your going up the and permit you to much better make use of lower body muscle tissue.

A really good method of getting suit is usually to join a boxing gym. Boxers are one of the most in shape athletes worldwide and also by enrolling in a boxing fitness center, you’ll have accessibility to each of the assets they already have. Hitting a rate case is among one of the actions to take.

Consider beyond the box in terms of your excess fat reduction and workout goals. If you loved this article and you would like to obtain even more info pertaining to agility ladder exercises for seniors tradecopymarket kindly see our web-page. Rather than performing exactly the same dull such things as running, strolling, push ups, and many others. attempt some thing exciting. Why not take a party type? You will find loads of entertaining courses you may acquire that can whip you into condition.

Lower-leg extensions are an easy way to design up your quads. Lower body extensions are good for you and also most fitness gyms have lower body extension workout machines. To perform a leg extension, sit down and lengthen your legs inside an up movement.

Consider Goruck to have an severe physical fitness problem. You’ll get the chance to discover the websites of your area, led by U.S. specific forces that will work your whole body for eight to ten time, 15 to 20 miles. This is actually the best exercise in excessive fitness.

An incredible fitness suggestion is to start performing preacher curls. Preacher curls are one of the very best exercises that can be done to build up your biceps. They guide build up the reduced part of your biceps along with your forearms. Excellent develop when doing preacher curls is important.

Turning into match or maintaining your fitness level is centered on placing the knowledge you possess about physical exercise, diet plan along with your system into training. This information has offered you some thoughts on how to reach that. Consider them out and you’ll see the distinction increasing your physical fitness has in your existence.

About the Author

 Gabriela Selfe

Age: 25

Country: Australia

Town: Illalong Creek

Post code: 2584

Address: 11 Eurack Court

Nakuru City Joins Kigali and Tshwane as major urban centers in Africa that enjoy free WiFi


Liquid Telecom partners Nakuru County Government in providing free public and fast high capacity Wifi. The company has devoted 400,000 million dollars in the project. More is set to be invested in the course of network optimization exercises across 2015. The success of the Nakuru Wifi project is the company strategy of developing viable business models and offering sustainable of free WiFi in Africa.
Tshwane south Africa

  It is the first of its kind in Kenya and will see Nakuru city joining, Kigali in Rwanda and Tshwane in South Africa as first major urban centers in Africa to enjoy connection to free public and high capacity Wifi.

Nakuru residents are now more digitalized as Liquid Telecom, the leading Africa’s data; voice and IP provider, partners Nakuru County Government to connect them with rest of world, launching a high capacity free Wifi in their city. They will start enjoying a free, fast and reliable public street Wifi connection. This enables rapid access to information vital for economic and educational advancement as digital age takes roots in the country.
  “Liquid Telecom has put in place outdoor Wifi nodes, which are designed to carry huge capacities with the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions to guarantee maximum and uninterrupted speeds while surfing. With the built-in meshing technology incorporated in the network systems, users in Nakuru will not experience service interruptions when moving from one point to another within the areas covered in the town,” said Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom Kenya CEO.
  Public-private partnership between the Nakuru County Government and Liquid Telecom Kenya has witnessed the design and launch of a high capacity Wifi network that covers a 10-kilometre radius. It begins from the central business district (CBD) with a capacity of 1 Gigabyte per second (Gbps). The network is connected to a 200 Megabytes per second (Mbps) pool that is upgradable to 1Gbps based on demand. Liquid Telecom will monitor and upgrade as the need arises.
  Access to Internet has widely been tipped to be the key to making a difference in Kenya’s economic performance. It is creating more than 1,000 jobs a month in the business outsourcing sector since 2013 according to the ICT Authority of Kenya.
Nakuru town
   Efforts driven by public-private partnerships is expected to raise the country’s Internet access to higher levels from the current 52.3 per cent, as reported by the Communications Authority of Kenya.
It is important to note that the design of the Wifi network has ensured adequate capacity and all-in-one connectivity through the use of equipment that delivers on user experience.
  Liquid Telecom Kenya has network built around the strategic points accessed by the highest proportions of the town’s population. 51 nodes installed, the network serves users in the streets and open public areas like stadia and parks.
  The free Wifi project first phase of covers the county’s the county headquarters, Kenyatta Street, Marikiti Market, the main bus terminus at the CBD, Afraha Stadium, and the Westside Mall.
  The second phase is expected to cover more streets using street poles and other public infrastructure.
JKUAT Nakuru Campus and Mount Kenya University are Academic institutions in Nakuru that hope to benefit from this connection. Student from the two institution of high learning in county will enjoy free Wifi access. It is expected to increase the use of e-learning, which is believed to increases information retention among students by up to 60 per cent, according to the Research Institute of America.
  “With the uptake of e-learning by various colleges and universities in Kenya and the wealth of knowledge available online, Internet access in academic institutions has fast become a defining factor in the quality of education that students receive,” said Ben Roberts.
  Neighboring towns expected to benefit from connection to the free Wifi includes Naivasha and Gilgil towns, as well as Egerton University in Njoro, which is to be connected later in this year.
kigali today
  Free Wifi connection will provide users with Wifi enabled devices open access to the Internet except of unlawful activities such as streaming or downloading of offensive content that violates copyrights.

 Ben Roberts says Free Wifi is a facility that is gaining traction globally that he believes it in right Africa, should be at this same frontier of technology and business model
  He added that it is vital in achieving Liquid Telecom’s vision of Internet access for all of Africa, which we see as a core driver of economic takeoff and success for the continent.

Business News and Business Information


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Bloomberg is an excellent way to keep up to date on various trading and stock issues. In addition, Bloomberg Business News can help a person to make sensible decisions when purchasing or selling stocks. Bloomberg also keeps up to date on company mergers as well as companies that may be going out of business. Bloomberg is one of the top rated news business channels and its popularity seems to continue to increase.

CNBC-MS-NBC is one of the most popular news and information channels on the cable news network. Business news is provided to viewers from early morning well until after the stock market closes each and every day. Well known personalities from MS-NBC include David Fabor, Joe Kernen and Sue Herara. The business analysts associated with this network are well skilled and they seem to keep of any recent breaking business related news on a national level.Many of the business news channels employ skilled economists and seasoned marketing persons to track and deliver pertinent information to business organizations each and every day.Fox Business News has grown in popularity over the past 7 years. Fox Business also brings viewers up to date and current information on stocks, trading, mergers, acquisitions and various other business related issues.Another excellent source of business related news is the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ provides very specific information on stocks, trading and investments. The WSJ has been around for decades and still remains one of the leading sources for accurate business news and information.
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Safari Business Arcade Gets a Standby Power Supply at Lower Cost


Kenya’s Main water problem solver has commissioned two 250kVA Dayliff Yanan synchronized standby generators for Safari Business Arcade. KSh20 million projects that will allow tenants of the premises to receive exact energy needed in case of a blackout. It also eliminates power wastage and hence lowering energy costs.

Many standard backup generators currently available in the market supply are a fixed amount of electricity regardless of the variation in user needs resulting in wastage of energy. On the other hand the Dayliff Yanan synchronized standby generators installed at Safari Business Arcade, currently the first of their kind in the Kenyan market, are designed to supply only the amount of electricity required for the users’ activities.

Inefficiencies in the system design accounts for up to 20 per cent of energy waste. This makes organizations to incur unnecessarily high energy costs. Recent findings by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers indicate that the expenses met are high. This exacerbates losses incurred by businesses due to the frequent power outages that Kenyan towns are now prone to as demand for electricity soars.

The Dayliff Yanan synchronized standby generators deliver 500kVA power shared evenly between the two generators. As the load requirements of the building decline the system responds by delivering less power. This is in contrast to standard backup generators which supply the equivalent amount of power even when usage declines. This is more and costly.

“When there is a power failure, both generators will start up and monitor the power needs of the building. When the demand is low, one generator will shut down automatically as the other one runs to supply power for the premises until demand rises,” said Simon Shikuku, Davis and Shirtliff’s engineer in charge of the project.

In cases of a fault in one of the synchronized standby generators installed at the Safari Business Arcade, the other generator will kick in automatically and ensure stable power supply for the tenants whose operations are electricity-critical.

Chairman of Ruaraka Housing Estate Limited, developers of Safari Business Arcade. Mr. Albert Waweru said that a number of the occupants interested in the premises had expressed why constant electricity supply due to the nature of their businesses. They needed to source for equipment tailored to their clients’ specific power needs. He added that the Aga Khan Hospital, three banks and a number of retail outlets are expected to take up some of the space at the business arcade.

Each set of synchronized generators has a daily service tank connected to a common auxiliary tank.  The total fuel storage capacity is 140 hours of continuous operation. Fuel transfer from the auxiliary to the service tanks is automatic. The water solution company undertake the service and maintenance of the installation for a period of two years to ensure their efficiency. It will include training Safari Business Arcade’s engineers on handling and general repair of the generators.

The generators are of good quality like ones used by electricity generating companies and are vital in managing power supply when demand drops. Dayliff Yanan synchronized system can be customized to manage several generators at a go. It can also be expanded to achieve increased power output with increased power demand levels.