Teach to what you know for profit


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While we teach others, we learn more, and we master the material, according to Roman Philosopher Seneca. It sound an ancient method to learn but it pays. Even today, successful individual in their careers or businesses, have come long way, through a mentor. They are where they are today, because someone showed the way by holding their hands. Someone mentored them.

 Philosophers and scholars in the ancient days, passed down knowledge and skills to generation after, through apprentice, which is a person learning a trade from a skilled employer, or a professional,  for example lawyer, or a mentor, having agreed to work for a fixed period of time, at low  or no pay.

You do not need be expert teach in the first place. What is important is teach others what you know. As you teach, you master the topic, and you can retain a lot material to memory. If you are thinking of how to benefit from skills, and knowledge you have gained, then think to teach others.  Teaching these days is made easy, start platform, for example a blog, then teach.

Undergraduate for example can volunteer, and can teach in high school classes,  and high schools student then volunteer to teach in primary school, you gain experience and learn from teaching others.

Why is mentoring the best way to learn

Scientists have proved that teachers, and students who apply what they call “the protégé effect” as a method to learn a new knowledge, skills or sharpen your professional skills further,  scores  higher than students who try to learn, and master material on their own.

We once visited a school in western Kenya, many year ago, a school  that had made it a tradition to score a mean grade of 80 marks and above in every subjects in final exams. We wanted them show us how they were conducting their lessons, maybe exams leakage! No, we were wrong. Everybody in that school teaches something, even if one question, or just one sum.

 There was no sign of stealing exams, but they had unique ways learning; teacher to pupils approach that is, the teachers teaches the pupils a normal lessons, pupils to pupils- pupils teach each what they know; here,  pupils were not allowed to ask the teacher a question, unless nobody in the whole class, knows  answer to that question. It was a kind of a rule. If you happen to go the teacher, then teacher will ask you if, you have asked your colleagues the same question. If the teacher learns that nobody in the entire knows the answer to question, then the teacher takes the responsibility to teach the whole class.

In mathematics class for example, every pupil will come to class prepared to teach others one sum. They were 45 candidates, each will teach, one question, and the remaining five questions, the best in mathematics from our visiting side, were selected to teach, each one sum.  We applied the methods when we were back to our school, to prepare for the final exams, it worked. We knew it worked, because we also had average of 87.8% marks in mathematics, while they had 89.8%. It was a testimony, we benefit from teaching one another, what we knew.

Tutors who apply, mentoring methods improves the performance of students in tests and in gaining life skills. Researchers have found out that student registered to mentors, work-harder to understand the concept and recall it more accurately and apply it effectively, be it in a test or at workplace. Our teaching workforce therefore serve as mentor to our students, not just tutors.

Today’s lecture halls is full of smartphone and good laptop connected to internet and social media. Learners had no time even to discussion lessons after lecturer has left. Discussion on social media groups. It is sometimes offline.



The Haunting Achievement


The truth has to be told, that attaining adulthood before puberty is not an achievement one is proud of, our children are learning to be mothers before learning to become daughters, our boys become independent men before they become independent sons, lastly, they end in the street. They form what you may call street families.  Moreover, if it is achievement, then it has lasting effect in the life of a young person.

Teenage pregnancy is driven by poverty, but we are witnessing even children from well of families, getting pregnant at a school going age. Teenage pregnancy, has more negative effects on the health of young girl. The young girl is at high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Most of young girls will engage, or forced, to have unprotected sex. They are at high risk of contracting cervical cancer, and even death during childbirth.

You will be surprised to hear young girls say, it was a relative who forced her to have sex first.  A relative who is supposed to protect her, and then from there, she gave in to anyone who asked for it. She will even end not knowing the father of baby. Sometimes victims speak with a pride as if they have broken a world record!

 Poverty has taken blamed in most of our discussions, as a contributing factor to early marriages, and as main cause of a child giving birth to child. Poverty leads Poor families sell children into marriage.  It could be to settle debts, to make money to escape the cycle of poverty, and in some cultures, to offer a young girl as a gift, or gift wife to famous persons, like a king for example.

This tells us that child marriages are as old as human being himself is. If a girl gets pregnant at the age of nine years, and gives birth at age of ten, the same year her mother had her fifth birth.  In addition, the girl’s first-born is the age of her young sister who is born fifth. In my community it will be sentimentalized as a sugar cane chewing family.

The young girl will live, and have a real hard time coping with the new responsibilities that come along with pregnancy and, with giving birth to a child.

The body not well developed

The body of young girl is  not well developed to carry a baby, leave alone even being raw for sex, and there are health risks for the baby, and children born to mothers bellow the age of 15 years are more likely to suffer health, social, and emotional complications in their lives than a baby born to older mother are.

 Teenagers have limited access to contraception not because of they lack these methods, but lack of knowledge, and lack of education. The young girl is often subject to a lifetime of poverty. Research has shown child mothers have a high risk of becoming victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence or even murder.

Lack of maturity

The young body, and mind lacks, the capability to shoulder numerous responsibilities, which includes taking care of baby, providing for baby, taking of herself, and to commit to relationship or marriage.  Marriage itself demand understanding and maturity that is directly relate to age.

Lack of money

The teenager has not even acquired survival skills; to enable her, do something to earn a living to support herself and the baby. Both these young need help from parent and the community as a whole. If what leads to early pregnancy was because of lack financial support, then the problem has doubled, and it has grown worse for the young person to swallow.

Child marriage is among things that put the life of young person in danger. In many occasion culture backwardness, and religion, has taken blame for allowing the practice to exist. Child marriage has many causes though, these which includes: cultural, economic, social, and religious.


 There is a need to develop clear policies to protect children from getting married. Both parent and girls be empower girls with proper supply of information, skills, Provided with economic support , offer of free education for the parents, community members, and if possible offer incentives to girls and their families, if we are to save generations to come.


A night In Africa



Our great ancient ancestors termed constellations as critically important in their life. People who had knowledge on reading and interpreting constellation used it as the primary tool for telling time at night.  The movement, and the position of stars at night in the sky, used to tell time.

This position of stars at night was important to travelers, in the sea and the desert to tell direction and find ways to lead where they want to go. This was when humanity began traveling long distances by ships.  Stars were used for navigation during the nighttime.

  It worked only if someone was able identify individual key stars.  The dictionary definition of the word Constellations is a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.  The pattern is traditional named after its apparent form, or identified with a mythological figure.

 These groups of stars were used as tools for the identification of stars that occurred regularly in a certain position, what regularly happen that time, for example when certain pattern of appears it may mean dawn is almost. It made it easy to remember stars. It played a particular role in a larger pattern than just to identify a star without the aid of named patterns.

Today people travel from cities to remote areas to enjoying sighting the glamour of African sky at night. The uses are turning to constellation tourism. I had never thought meeting someone just paying hard earn cash just come watching pattern of stars at night in African remote parts.  The reason tourists give is that they have never had a chance in their life, to view exquisite nature of sky at night until they arrived in Africa.

It reminded me once I went under a tree during the day. The tree had good shadow. Below it a fine sand with a friendly feel to my skin. I laid down, my back touching the soft sand; I had gathered some of it to serve as a pillow to raise my head slightly high. I peeped through the bushy branches and thick leaves towards the blue clear sky. I had no intention at all to see anything; however, I accidentally saw a star at daytime.

 I was delighted, and I ran home to tell my mother. I thought she would be interested. She said it was impossible. She did not ask me how I did see it. She was though busy with house chores. I decide to tell my father who encourage me it was possible especially if the sun was a quarter of the day to sunset.

 Every night I enjoyed watching stars at night when sky is clear. It had never occurred to me that someone somewhere is not able to see beautifully glittering African skies at night.

The beauty of African continent lives not only culture diversity, flora and fauna, African skies glamour at night. The formation constellation is infinite and it communicates time of the day, it tells direction to places, informs farms to prepare for planting or time to celebrate harvest.

As a kid, the community mythology taught me that, stars are fires lite by people who died and ascended to heaven, and it signified spiritually life after death. According these mythologies, you can actually see heaven before you die!

 As we begun to understand complexity of the language adult use, we begun to learn the truth about star sighting. I began to learn names of the patterns formed, and what they tell. My father, use the position of the stars, and the pattern they from to tell time of night, and what is likely to happen that month.  I remember him saying it might rain in a month time, and inform the family to get ready.

Now as Africa, embrace modernity wholeheartedly, to see stars at night is becoming impossible, unless one uses modern technology or moves to remote area. Light pollution is growing as urbanization mushrooming everywhere, complete cities are set up in less 10 years, lighting and city glamour is spreading faster, it makes me wonder, maybe in the near future, I will travel somewhere far to enjoy stars seeing as a tourist.

Rome and London were not build in a day to attain today’s sophistication, but some cities in Africa seems to have been created in days, for example, Nigeria, Abuja and Kenya, technology city, Konza city.

Chasing Mirage



At midday, the sun hits a dry dusty earth; wind blows lighter dusts, and lighter objects around. Pieces of paper, dusts on the earth surface, and dried leaves, moved higher and higher, in circle, towards the sky, you might think they are being signaled to meet the blue clear sky.

Balls of sweat formed on my face, I felt wetness inside my clothes, making it sometimes sticky to body, and causing discomfort, sometimes this forced me to unclothe my chest, and use the shirt or a t-shirt to cover my head as I take courage, and determination to walk through hot sun.

I felt sweat all over me, I looked as if I have sprinkled water on me. My feet embraced dust handsomely. Drops of sweat will reach my eyes. It felt hot when it reaches the eyeballs. The drops tasted salty when it find its way through my lips to my tongue.

 It makes me think that salt we consume never digestion inside the body; it gets out to the environment through sweat. I had to prove it. I once had a rest under a tree after walking in the sun, and sweating recognizably. After a while, my body cooled down and I felt particles of salt on my skin.

Thirst began to torment me, a wish to see a source of water nearby came to my thought. I wished it could magically rain, so as, I be saved from thirst and treacherous hit of the hot sun. The sky was clear and blue, thin white clouds were seen, in the horizon, in the direction I was leading to, the blueness had begun gather where I came from. No one will ever forge hope at the sight of white cloud. The whiteness of a cloud hopelessness.

My father used to tell me that, the blueness in the horizon, or the blueness above the earth, what we refer as the blue sky, is end of human eye power to see. He explained farther, that when you move towards the direction of a blue far hill that blueness moves further from it, to another hill far away, and real color of a hill reveal itself as you come near it, and where you came from gather blueness, to mean the distance you have cover is long.

The inferior mirage looked like water on the water body surface. It made me thirstier. The air around was dry. I long to smell, and breath in wet air but nowhere. This is what life is. Chasing mirage to forge a false hope. Slightly above the short vegetation, scattered on a dry mourning earth, waves of mirage glitter. It amazed me.

 It looked like clean water flowing on land but it was what the elderly say a lie to the eye. It made me remember the saying, not all that glitters is gold.

Eyes can be cheated sometimes, and how will life be without a lie to the human eye?

In place where dusty earth surface stay long without a drop of rain, taking bath means taking priorities first, drinking and cooking is more crucial. Sometimes I take bath and become dirty in minutes, as dust land on my skin, I had to ask myself why I took bath.

 Taking bath and leaving my skin dry was a better option. Smear myself with a Vaseline, I become dirtier as particles of dust stick to your skin.

My skin and dust were intimate because I sweat a lot, and most of time, to feet. I could watch dirt on my feet, and I just say it is okay. The environment where one grew up is what makes one who he or she is.  I had to love dust, romanticize with dirt and live with it all.

Four Publishers Currently Accepting Book Manuscripts from New and Established Authors



Book authors, for both nonfiction and fiction books, bellow is a list of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts from both new and established authors. These publishers only need original and well-researched work, submitted to through varies methods. It could be through email, online submission or through traditional method, by post. Choose one method that suits you most, and let your work be published, and begin receiving royalty.

  1. Olympia publishers

The main office is in London, United Kingdom. Olympia Publisher are thrilled to announce that they are establishing a new office in United States of American and India subcontinent, They are proud to give a golden chance to new authors to be published, from across the world. They describe their books and their authors as very special to their business.

They believe, and wish to publish stories that touch people’s lives, stories that have meaning to the readers, stories that evoke reader’s emotions, stories that can change life of a person reading it, stories that entertain the reader and affect readers emotionally, that make reader want to read more, and stories that make readers cry or laugh.

Most importantly, the sweet feel in the heart and mind of reader, or a pain in heart of the reader, when she or he reads your work, is a platform that puts the author in limelight.

They welcome submission from a wide range of genres, offering new and ambitious authors a rare opportunity available in the current world of publishing industry. They have a well-established market that covers a period of ten years of experience in marketing, producing and distributing books.

They are dedicated to help new authors, in order to give them the best start in life, as they put it.  You too, could be one of their valued author!

There are three possible ways to send your work to Olympia publishers:

  • You can submit your work through an online submission form
  • You can send your work via email attached as Microsoft word document or PDF format.
  • Lastly, you can post to their postal address as displayed on website, currently to London office only.

NB: They do not receive academic and foreign language submission.

  1. Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers

They are proud of publishing high quality books from exciting authors for last 15 years. They, with their imprints publish a wide variety of genres, adult fiction and children books included. They offer both traditional and inclusive contract to both their new and established author. The offer equal opportunity to both.

How to Submit Your Manuscript

There are three different ways to submit your work to Pegasus publishers; these include

  • Submission online
  • Submission by email
  • And submission by post

Manuscripts guidelines

  • Send a synopsis and a complete manuscript
  • Indicate the number of words
  • Genre and target audiences
  • Authors name and contact, include and other information about the author for example a short bio
  • Submit material in PDF format

Electronic version

Your manuscript has to be in one file, in Microsoft word document format. 12pt Times New Roman

Print copies

On a plain white A4 pages, with large margin all round, at least 4 centimeters using 12pt Times News Roman font.

  1. Novum publishers for New Authors

They called themselves the specialist for new authors. They help, and welcome new author to world publishing. It was started in 1997, and it is a family run business, but they have served renowned personalities in the industry.

  To submit your manuscript here are the tips how to;

  1. Attachment
  • Complete manuscript
  • Name and address of the author
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Illustrations if any
  • A synopsis

Their reply is quicker than many publishers between 2-3 weeks are; you expect to hear from them about the outcome after perusing your manuscript.

Submission is either by email or by mail (CD-ROM, memory stick.)


books-education-school-literature-51342It is one of the UK leading independent publisher of original voices, and hard to put down stories. For fiction writers, fiction lover, JOFFE BOOKS is your publisher. They focus mostly on crime fiction, thriller, and mysteries. They currently work with crime fiction authors from USA and UK.

How to Submission your Manuscript

  • You can send full-length book as PDF or Microsoft word document.
  • Three paragraph, in length synopsis in the body of the email.
  • 100 words about the author, also in the body of the email
  • Put the word submission in the subject line of your email
  • Lastly, tell them how and where you heard about JOFFE BOOKS


6 online Magazines, Blogs, and Websites accepting Submissions from Freelancers: Lifestyle and Entertainment


apple-check-computer-7079.jpgListed below are Magazine, websites, and blogs accepting submission from freelance writers. Some accept and receive unsolicited pieces of writing, some accept proposal and a completed work and other need a pitch. The best to do as a freelancer is to go to the website and read submission guideline, read past issue, understand fully what is required of you, then reach the magazine management through the methods they have displayed on the website, on how to reach them. It is recommended so as to know exactly what kind of content they publish. Some publishers are looking photographers and illustrators.
Two plus Two
It is an online website, publishing pieces about poker game. They publish technical pieces about playing the game poker. They accept a well written interview as well as biographies of poker game personality. Pay is $200 per every article they publish on their website
How to submit your work to Two plus Two
First, your work has to be about poker or gambling concept or related concept in a different field, interviews, and biographies of poker personalities, a discussion of advanced level of poker strategy and application of mathematics concepts on gambling.
Two plus two accepts work send by emails, and the email is displayed on their website, to be addressed to the editor. The article has to be between (1000-2000) words, and it has to be related to poker or gambling.
The Introspectionist
It is a monthly magazine for very intelligent women. The content they publish is more of in-depth article than of typical woman, Editors look for articles that inform and tells a story, not just normal educating, informing and entertaining ones. They offer also to publish persuasive essay and creative non-fiction. Every month they prepare a theme for the next edition. Payment for feature articles up to (2000) words is $100, and up to (5000) words is $200.
How to submit your work
They accept unsolicited submissions from freelance writers. For more information read submission guidelines. Submission is through email only. They don’t accept any other methods. They are also looking for photographer and Illustrators.
The mask magazine
It is a monthly online magazine. It is an online publication, repository of youth culture. It is also packed with interviews, styles in the age of discontent, and editorial news. Mask magazine editor look for expressive, creative prose and personal essay.
NB: Editors determine whether the content is published for free or paid. If is they decide to pay, payment is from $40-$200. They accept submission through email displayed on their email.
It is a lifestyle magazine for women. They accept articles from (500-1000) words non-fiction submission for and about women. These include humor essay, satire and first person involvement. Payments range from $100 to $200.
Modern love
It is a regular column published by New York Times. They are look for deep personal essays about present affairs, dating, marriage, and parentage. They pay $300 for per piece they accept to use in their publication.
How to submit your essay
• Send a query letter
• Submit an opinion piece
• Submit an opinion video
The Gay and Lesbian Review
They publish non-fiction and poetry. They don’t publish short fiction, personal essay, journals or memoirs. They accept feature articles of about (2000-4000) words. They publish review of books, films and arts work, from (600-1200) words. They publish interviews with prominent GLBT artists, activists, Song writers whose work has made a different. They also accept and publish art memos of about (1000-1500) words. They use article of international spectrum-fight for GLBT rights and culture. They publish correspondence letter to the editor. They take and use guest opinion pieces on advocacy stand on current issue (500-1000) words.
How to submit your work
Submit a well written proposal and a completed piece of writing. They do not accept published excerpt of books or chapters of forthcoming work. They receive both soft and hard copies. And payment is a flat rate of about $100.

5 Websites, Magazines, and Blogs That Pay Freelancers Up To $1500: Entertainment and Pop Culture



If you are freelancer, and you love writing about entertainment and pop culture, listed below are websites, magazines and blogs worthy sending your work to, sending your query, and making a catchy pitch, they are interested good writing, and they pay well. All you need is reading what kind of content they publish, then give exactly what they need, and reach them for consideration; to publish, and use your work. Some require you to fill in tax form before they pay you for your work, tells you that they are a serious, and lawful business and they are trusted.
If you are passionate about pop culture, wish to get paid for your piece writing, and with ability to review movies, video game and television clip, then, Dorkly is for you, and is your fandom. You can stick to them for a pay. For every article they publish, they pay $75, in USA dollars.
Good news, they accept and unsolicited submission from freelance writers, freelance Illustrators, game reviewers, movie reviewers, television reviews and commentary. Submission is done online, and if you have a problem, doing submission online then, reach them through contact of editors’ display on the website. If you live in USA and Canada you may consider applying for a job, they have a job listing even outside writing field.
It is a blog and it publishes comics writing, pop culture and games. They are interested in games that are weird and too bad to get out of mind. They are interested in publishing reviews of fictions. For comics they pay $200, and the pay up to $100 for every article they use.
Huck magazine
They are constantly looking for inspiring stories, for example the counter-culture or youth subculture. Huck publishes news, reports, traveling diary, opinions, profiles, documentary, and photography essays. You have to send a pitch to relevant editors, their contact are displayed on the websites. If Huck publishes you articles, you are paid $500 for single piece they accept to us.
The verge
It is a very popular magazine with a wider readership. It was founded to explore how technology is changing life now, and the years to come. They pay 30 cent per word. They Kind of article they publish is what I call long-form journalism. They publish Pieces of 1500 words to 3000 words. If you have a piece on transportation; for examples Taxify, or Uber technologies, pieces of science and culture, then do a nice pitch because The Verge is your magazine. They emphasize that, if you are interested in writing for them, and then consider reading what they have published already, that is their past issues, to familiarize yourself with what type of content they use.
Boy’s life
It is a monthly magazine, they only magazine publishes about the boy child maybe. It is published by the Boy Scout of America. The piece of writing must be entertaining to boys of 6 –17 years of age. It covers themes like professional sport, American history as non-fiction. It also publishes pieces of writing about aviation, nature, health and music, fiction is only assignment, you can query, if you are a fiction writer. Payment varies from $500 – $1500

Advantages of Face To Face Communication over Other Forms of Communication


No type of communication that is more effective than face to face communication. With rapid development of technology, modern society has option to use to communicate with others, but could be a short message using a mobile phone, a voice call, an email, a letter or a video call, but still face to face communication remains fresh for long, the best since it came into use; and there is no worry of it getting out of date any time soon. This is so because of ability of a communicator to read body language.

Nonverbal language sends messages that the speaker is trying to hide in a verbal communication. The truth lies not in the words spoken but on how the words are expressed, environment, and the body language, portrayed by the speaker.

First and foremost in face to face communication is an immediate response. The response can be understood immediately.  Speaker, not only hear responses from each other but are able to read the feelings, and they can guess what is about to happen next, what conversation can lead to, maybe agreement or disagreement.

This will create a room for exchange of messages, leading to common understanding of the parties involved, leading to a successful chat.

A second advantage is reading of facial expression and gestures. It helps to explain how something happen, and how the speaker is feeling and attitude towards the theme of conversation, for example, happiness, sadness, or sympathy on the face of the communicator, at that moment of conversation on the mention of what took place.

Third is immediate feedback from the listener, the speaker is in a better position for adjustment. He or she is able to read a twist of lips, a contraction of the facial body muscles to tell out that the message is not welcome. A frown on the forehead of listener, tells the speaker, the message has been received with surprise, happiness, shock, or sadness.

Forth coordination of our action are mutually beneficial. We transact agreements when we engage in a conversation. We negotiate, persuade, and appeal in favor of something. Conversation is requisite for agreeing or disagreeing upon an issue and coordination our action.

Fifth, face to face helps people express feeling better.  Scientists say that, seventy percent of people use body language or verbal language in a communication process

We have many choices to make when we want to do business In this modern age of technologically driven world. It is easy to opt out actual face to face communication and choose electronic device. We send email to friends and loved ones while abroad, but it will replace physical human interaction, it is always the better option while away, and the best option remains Physical human interaction. You are to kiss your partner, or hag friends or family member and you feel attached him or her. Talking on phone, use of social, we use text but we always feel the real common component face to face, human interaction


Happy New Year 2019


My first recognition liebster Award


It is my first nomination for Liebster Award. A blogger friend has just nominated me. She is called Amdawadi Chidiya. Her website like is below.

Rules of Liebster Award:-


  • Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you, write about their blog too.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Nominate 5 to 10 blogs which you feel deserve it.
  • Let the nominees know that you nominated them.”

“Don’t forget to create 10 questions for them to answer. Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they’ll know what to do. Once you’re done, come back here and comment with the link to your post so I can check out your answers.

Question for me


  1. What kind of sickness have you lied about so that you wouldn’t go to school?

I remember in grade two, I had not done my home, I knew very teacher will punish me for being careless, because the book where I had copied home question got lost on my home! I don’t know, I forget at school! Or someone pick from my, I don’t know up to today. I was also afraid to tell my mum I have lost a book, I need money to buy one. To void being punished I told I feel like throwing up, and feel headache, my mum knew these were my main sicknesses. She asked me if ii want to stay or go school, maybe I will okay then. I chose to stay at home. She hurried for some businesses, and promised to return soon to take me to the dispensary around midday, she give me five shillings use to buy what I might need before she came back, I got a chance to replace my lost book with her noticing, and I had to wait for others to return home so that I can copy assignment for the next day. When she returned I was already well playing, so there was no need to go to seek medical services.

2. what attracted you to start a blog?

Eagerness to get published, and make money from writing and blogging, and I was surprised when my presence online make me meet many people from all over the world.

  1. Which was the last movie you watched in a cinema hall?

I don’t real attend movies in cinema halls, but I occasionally do watch online lectures that are motivational, plus reading. I find reading doing me well than watching a movie.

  1. Do you like job or blogging? What do you like and explain why?                    I like job and I like blogging too. Sometimes blogging can be a job, in short I like both because I do both now.
  2. What are you hobby?

My hobbies are reading, writing, nature walk and traveling.

  1. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

The best praise I have ever received is “good boy” when I was in lower primary school especially when I happened score all points in test, teacher Rose say “ good boy, keep it up” she put it in writing, in red ink pen in my book. I will really feel good the whole day, and day dreaming score all points.


  1. What question do you hate to answer?

I have never had question that I hate, except a question I d Continue reading

7 Activities That Feeds Your World of Creativity


pexels-photo-531639A strong desire to learn is what feeds your world of creativity. Call it curiosity, eagerness to know something new in life that is the same as inquisitive thinking. It is a key ingredient to gaining knowledge, getting to know what is taking place in the surrounding you are in. There are a lot of things that are happening where you are, wind blows for examples, and it blows away a piece of paper, ask yourself why, and give yourself are an answer. It indicates you are awake, and you are functioning, and your creativity is on.

You must have a curiosity of a child to discover new ideas. Use senses appropriately, to tell your story. Describe the texture of anything you laid your hand on, or that gets in contact with your skin, how it taste, how it feels, for example a brighter light rays to your eyes, how your whole body reacted when you saw a big snake in front, just few meters away, let us readers feel how you felt, show us the situation you are in, in words, let images of the scene flash in our mind when we read your story, answer all possible question we can ask our self as your audience, about your story. Don’t allow us to ask our self-questions like, then what happened next, show us how, and then give us details. Curiosity of child, I mean being curious as a child, is what, first nourishes your creativity.

Secondly, try doing what you love doing always. This helps you master the art perfectly, and you will even enjoy doing it more. If you love reading for example, then read with focus, have at the back of your mind why you read, what you want to know, and ask yourself if the book you are reading has something that is helpful to you and your work or beneficial to you in a way. Never waste time reading a book that does help you in any way.

Make sure you read always; when you get bored, when you are stressed, when you are not you, in your moods. Reading will take you places you have never been, you will tour around the world reading books, newspapers, magazine and novels, it dips you to the world imagination, and makes you interact with world you have never seen before, or you have never known it exist. It flashes pictures, sceneries in your mind of both ugly and beautiful world. You will visits nature of a different world through words you read, and get motivated or demotivated. If you wish yourself, you were in that world, of the book you are reading, or a story, then an idea has been planted in your mind, and you can pick a pen any time and write something. That is how people get ideas to write. They don’t wait for ideas to come in just, but they look for those ideas where they are hidden, hence keeping your creativity alive.

Third, finding inspiration from others in the profession you belong, and the experts in that field. Try to research to know what lead to their success story. How did they became bestselling authors, and learn how they tell their stories, and read comments given by readers and publishers, what do they like about their writing styles.

Whenever you experiences roads blocks, in your road to being published in your life as a writer, then learn how others before you in the same line of business succeeded. Study to know, how different people in different field reached particulars height of success in their life, and in their career.  Reading the like of Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther (JR) is inspiring, captivating and motivating; I call them the fathers of inspiring quotes of wisdom, about life.

Discover what are your strengths and weakness; accept who you are, then workout to improve.  Belief your actions,  are what will save you from failing, and seek of God’s guidance, and in so doing you will be growing your curiosity as well as developing your career.

Fourth, take nature walk, you will learn new things as you try to ask yourself why the nature behaves the way it behaves, you will want to find out why, when the dropping down of a leaf and a fruit are different. When a mango drops down from a tree, it lands of ground directly below where it was hanging, but for a leave it may be carried far place even from tree it hanged. The reason being a leaf is lighter and it can be blown by wind, and fruit is heavier, and it can resist wind, as it is pull down by force of gravity. The difference therefore is ability to resist the force of a blowing wind. It can be an idea you can write a whole book about it.

You can ask yourself why, where you are walking that moment is different from where you were before for example your office, or your home is quiet or noisy. The new environment refreshes you, your thoughts, and lets in room for creativity; from there you can get an idea to write about.

Think about how your readers will feel, and think  how you describe yourself being in that new situation, tell how you suffered,  how you enjoyed, how ugly it is, or how beautiful it looks, that new place, take your audience to enjoy too, that moment you enjoyed, or show them the ugliness of the place to touch their feeling. The way you feel when telling a story is exactly what the reader feels.  If it affects your feeling it will affect the feeling of the readers.

Do you think your article will make readers interested in visiting the place you are describing?

If you answer is yes then you have got it right, because you writing must affect someone feeling, has to influence readers. From there you will have something to write, some ideas will come to you in different ways, it can be from your day dreams, and beautiful scenery of natural world, talking to a dumpsite diver, call that person dumpsite scavenger, if you wish, they will tell you stories worthy spreading and worth reading, some people fear to talk to them, and don’t know these people hold information with them, that are important in the social circular of the society.

I was once told by a dumpsite diver that he pays rent from selling items from dumpsite to the community. He gave me examples that includes children’s bicycles, thrown away by rich people from richer suburb of Nairobi, he repair them and sell to them to slum people, how cannot afford a new one for their kids. He said sells plastic bottles, scrap metals and cloths to slum dwellers and he earns lot money. Unless you walk around and talk to these people you won’t get such stories.

Fifth is drawing a table of two columns and two rows. Make a list of good ideas you have ever thought of, then make a list, starting from the ones you are familiar with, think of what you can do about them, what change you can make, if you are given a chance.

Then make a list of the worst Ideas you have ever thought of, state how can change or you can improve them. For example, if you are given a chance to provide a solution for global warming what you will do?

Deduce how you can change from worst to better, how can improve and make the worst ideas to be beneficial, is what people want to read. That is feeding and well-nursing your creativity.

Sixth is forging your right moods always. How can you do that? Forgive and forget people you that wronged you. Ask for forgiveness from people you have wronged, including yourself, yes can sometimes wrong yourself, that disturbs you, in your  thought, ask why you even did that, then forget, and go for new endeavors , or get on with your work. It may not be easy but be sure that clearing old situation in your minds, helps you to get yourself in the new thing or new thoughts.  Seeking your new thoughts helps in charming and feeding your creativity.

Lastly, read, read, and read, you will get new ideas, and many ideas, than you may need for yourself. You can read a story in a novel from another part of the world, and it talks about a theme that is similar to what is happening in your country for example corruption, like in a play by Nicholai Gogol, The Government inspector, which will never end since Adam and Eve, then tell you own story, about own country or an organization. So, in short reading keeps creativity alive.







The most important thing you need to work on as a writer


pexels-photo-261734As a writer, it is important to work on time management.  It is crucial. This is so because it will make you meet the deadline for submitting your assignment in time. If you are a freelancer, for example, writing for different clients or media houses, you have to make sure the work is delivered on time to your various clients on time.

Secondly, you must be good at budgeting. Sometimes you need to travel places to get stories, you need to register to a library, and you pay member fee. There are other daily bills to pay. It is important to you as a writer to avoid waste of hard-earned cash.

There is a need to prioritize the use of money you gain from writing. Spending wisely help in meeting the cost of improving your writing business. Writing is a business like any other. It is worth investing time and money.

How you can spend money improving your writing business

It is important to invest in purchasing good books, pay a fee for a short training on a writing course, paying tuition for a professional writing training, attending a workshop, or a writing conference. It is a simple finance management skills, not a complex one, is what I mean.

Seeking knowledge to improve the quality of your writing, and making your work readable, informing, educating and entertaining one, is what sells in the present competitive market. It is advisable to attend even if a short writing training. This will equip you as a writer, with skills to produce work that sells itself in the market. There are a lot of online training, lectures on YouTube, which are of benefit to writers out there.

There are a lot of blogs that provide advice on writing, how to earn from writing, how to make your writing great,  how to become a writer, or just type anything you want to learn on the search engine, you will receive a free advice. That is what I do myself. You can also join writing clubs, online book clubs; you will benefits from that, receiving a free knowledge.

Third, read widely. Good, the bestselling and established author read a lot. To produce good writing you must read a lot. Most writing ideas are got from reading work of others.  That is where you can get gaps or what other authors have missed, and you can write something new and original. Reading opens up your mind to the world of writing and dips your thoughts into the sea of ideas.

Good readers write and produce good writings, of high quality, that stands out in today dense and competitive writing market. Reading makes you learn, it makes you discover and develop writings styles, it makes you know what writing market you can penetrate, it can lead to possible paying publishers, and it makes you find to hide out paying writing market. It will improve your language skills, grammar, and vocabulary, and gain knowledge about the subjects you are writing on and master its trade.

I am a published author, and I do understand my strength and weaknesses. It is good to know and understand yourself, who you are first, then dive into the world pool of writing. Many writers admit that they have received hundreds or even thousands of rejection letters, some say they were almost losing hope to write, but they kept on writing and submitting their manuscripts till they got published, and are now established authors, and earn well too. I have also received about ten rejections before I got published. I will highlight the worst rejections I have ever received, to me.

I once received a rejection email from a publisher that read, “You have a story to tell, but, you don’t have the language to tell that story”. It said. It was heartbreaking of course, morale killing rejection. I missed being published by a widely read, and prestigious publishers, but still was happy because I had a story tell than having nothing at all. It is the hardest part of writing I have experienced, and I am sure someone else will tell you the same. It is always good to have something to write. The language I can still work on it.

I had to appreciate myself because I don’t suffer from what is called ‘writers block”, or lack of ideas, yes language deficiency!  there is room for improvement.

I received another worst rejection that the sender of the email asked me if I have translated the story, from another language. I reply no with the capital “N” and capital “O.” she also complained of vocabulary and choice of words. I learn that the environment where I live, and where she lives are totally different, I am describing a scene in a remote village in Kenya, where we describe houses as huts, while the publisher is in a big city with skyscrapers.  I like it because it seemed she was interested but she could just use my work.

As a writer struggling to be published frequently, I so there is a need to converge in my writing career to survive in today’s market. I have to be smart enough to smell stories worth telling and spreading. I have to be creative and innovative of ideas that audience want and long to read.

Tools for good writing include; language, pens and pencils, notebooks, a smartphone, a good laptop connected to the internet of course, or a desktop, audio recorder and a camera. I need also to have a network of fellow writers, and publishers. A good network will earn me a job, I trust, it may lead me to get a contract with a publisher. Networking is a resource to stay in the world of writing and publishing, in simple terms in the world of communication.

A writer has to access to a good library of books, magazine, newspapers and digital library enabled by the internet. Subscribed to blogs and website on writers market, here is where we get alert on writing contest to participate, writing conferences and residence MFA, where you as an upcoming authors, I have a chance to meet established writers and resource persons to help you, advice you on how to survive in the world of writing.

It is important for writers to be well equipped with research skills. Through research you can produce good to read stories, well-sourced stories, research will also help in getting the market for your writings.  Good to read stories are produced by good readers and skilled in research authors.

Thirst for knowledge, love to read, love writing, and love to research, to me, is what defines the daily routine of best writers.

Honoring Your Reality: My Writing and Real Me


imagesAs a person I love writing. I love reading too, with a passion. I have my daily work to earn a living; to balance the two is my routine for five days a week.  Real me, my consciousness tell me my writing is what is important to me, but at the back of mind, the job that pays my bills  comes first than my life plan for writing career. So, life goes on balancing the two, day in day out.

Despite of all these I have life to live. You can remind me that life is short, if there is a need, but my wish is to have enough to pay my bills, I will dedicated my available time to writing, leave my present job and make writing my daily jobs. As an author, I am facing a number of challenges to execute my writing jobs.

First of all, getting real client is a challenge.  Who will payment me daily, weekly, or monthly for writing?  This will include lack of idea. I can’t really say, I lack something or ideas write on, because what I wish to write is what a client needs. That means the client is with the idea. If a client tells me she or he wants a business letter for example that is the ideas. So, I paying client comes along with an idea. Secondly writing takes long to sell, to be published, and to start benefitting financially. The reason why I must have other side hustles.

Why am I still working and writing only when I have some time?

You may ask me this question. As much as I wish to, I have limitations. I remember about three years ago, when I started writing and getting published, it felt good to be read by many people for example, in a national newspaper or an international publication, but how frequent will you be read, matter a lot, a writer admitted that, it is easy to steal a gun from a police station, than getting published, in Kenya. This is true for upcoming authors, almost everywhere.  It is just like getting a job these days; you must at least have 2 years of working experience and for a paying publisher to use your articles, or, your books you must have been published before.

Why am I not getting immersed into the world of self-publishing?

The world of self-publishing is not easy and free as some may think. I have my three books manuscripts with the publisher now, but I haven’t paid the firm to initiate the production of hard copies, eBooks, and paperback so that I begin selling and start earning from my writing, so money is a challenge too.

Who is really me?

I do errant jobs; freelance jobs, to earn, and when it is time for entertainment or to rest, that is when I choose to write or read. I know I can make some cash from writing, and I have ever tasted money for being published before; I have felt great being read, but it will take like three to four years to depend on it, I need just to establish myself as a professional writer before leaving the job that earns money at the moment.

Really I, now need money to pay my bills, and even pay my self-publishing, and earn more and I do hunting for paying publishers at same time.  I need at least to move around, to a quiet environment, and concentrate in my writing, let the words flow to the page, I do need to stand alone first before leaving my daily job, and get into self-publishing. When the product of an author, call it his or her writing does not sell, then the writer is crippled financially unless he or she has sides’ hustles.

Some people will tell you how much he or she earns in month from writing, some people are lucky or have a good network the help them to getting writing jobs, but most is struggle and hard work, that pays.

Most people like me put more attention to what is paying them now, and do writing as a side option or a hobby or part-time jobs.

I do hustle every morning, and I read between breaks, when I am waiting for a bus at the station, while on the bus, and when I am out for a coffee or lunch break. My target every day every day is to read at least for about 4-6 hours a day. Weekend, is the time I have scheduled for writing, unless I have a writing assignment on week days, that brings a plate of food to the table or benefiting in any way. Then I sacrifice my reading time for it.

One thing I like about writing and reading is that, it is entertaining, to me. I don’t feel strained writing like any other jobs because you learn new things and Ideas every time you write or research for something new, but for your health sake, give yourself breaks of 15 -30 minutes every two  hours before you get back to writing, that is what I do myself. For reading I can read even more than three hours nonstop especially a fine reading or fiction.

What is the future of my writing career?

I am planning to have my own office, where I will report every morning to plan and execute my writing. To write in the same place, in the same position, on the table and on the same chair every day. I will do real serious writing business for at least 8-12 hours a day, this is what I need, and I think will achieve my dream.

Writing can change someone life for good and you can reach masses, and bring change to their life through writing. It is a form entertainment, way of educating masses and a medium to informing the world knowledge you have learnt from others. It needs more patience, patience, and patience. Be Blessed


How I became a writer


hope-house-press-127593 - CopyMy curiosity to know, and discover new a thing surrounding me is what made me wanting to be a writer.  I know names of things around me in my mother tongue, but I came two new worlds at the same time, when I came to school. In school the language of instruction totally different from my home language.

Since my early school years, I have a desire to know what is written in books. I listened to people speaking in English and Swahili and I wished I could understand what they are talking about.

I wanted to speak like them. I could a hold page of a book or an old newspaper; I admired arrangement words on the pages, white space in the page look friendly in my eyes, and thought I had a skill of putting words the way they are in my exercise, in my handwriting.

I wanted to write letters of alphabet the way they are typed and printed of the page exactly to my exercise book.

Wah! I learnt later that it is not a must to write letters the way they appear on typed page in my hand written exercise book,and it was really hard, from Teacher Rose.

I learn now that shaping of letters is different course from writing course but related in some ways.

That will tell you English and Swahili to me are both my second language. My mother tongue is my first language, which I was fluent even before stepping to primary school.  English, Swahili and arithmetic were introduced to at same time, then lived up to now as a language of instruction throughout my education.

Most Kenyans speak at least three languages minimum. We were taught how to read and write in mother tongue in first three years of primary education, alongside English and Swahili.Some Kenyans their first language is Swahili. Today Kenyan urban kids grew speaking English as first home language because of educated parent.

Most children in my class spoke good Swahili than some of us. Sometimes Madam Rose will use them to translate something to us in mother Tongue.Madam is from a different community, she looked like she is not interested in our mother, but she feel its importance when we fail to understand her. In English we were at same level, only teacher Rose, and our mother tongue, John happen to be from our community, who were ahead of us all, and maybe the authors of the books they carried with them to class.

We only knew how to recite letters of alphabets, call it “route reciting” or “route counting” if it were numbers.

Sometimes Teacher  Rose will pick on you, provide you with a piece of chalk and tell write letter “S” for example, then you begin to curse yourself why you chose sit in front of the class instead of back class , those at back seem to be safe from embarrassment of reciting what you can’t write on the chalk board.

We knew also a few words like boy, girl, cow, cat which we learnt in nursery school, but what used to put flies in my stomach is when Teacher Rose sketches something one the chalkboard, and she asks one of us to identify what it is, in English, to name it in English was not a problem to most us, for example “cow” names are always easy to say, I always wanted to be the first to put my hand up to say “COW” not to be the second to be told write the word “COW” on the chalkboard, because I didn’t know the spelling.

At the age of seven to ten years, we used one word to communicate, when it was a must to speak in English, for example “yes” “no” “come”  “morning” “go” sometimes followed by a node, a beckoning of hands. Even to make a two words sentences, was hard, but we grew with urge to write in English, we had one thing to learn how to read English. Swahili was easy to read. No silent letters like in English.  I friend once told me in English you read sometimes what is there to sound what is not there. He gave example of the word “Phoenix” he said “oe” is read to sound like “I”.

Reading a lot helps to become a writer and it is the love to read that leads to the love to write. You can’t hate reading, and love writing impossible, in my opinion. If you love reading you love writing, if love writing you love reading!

I envied Madam Rose for her fluency in speaking, reading,and writing sentence in English. I wanted to read like her, and write like her, she had a good handwriting. The only thing hate about Madam Rose is the voice of a boy who has just broken his voice. Even today I don’t like women with voice like boys, and men sound like girls, Urgh!

Madam Rose read us story in English or Swahili, then explain to us morals and lesson in the story. She made us recite what she termed us new words, though everything sounded new words to us in the first two months, in the first term, in the first year of primary education.

I prayed to myself, I could learn how to read so that I could read those stories myself. I wanted write so that I could write stories my father told us about our community and its origin.

Teacher Rose was reading to us similar stories about other communities. I like Maasai coming from heaven with their cows aboard spread hides and skins of animals, landed in Nairobi River. These Stories were sweet to listening to. I wished I could read them myself, I wished write them down to read later at home.

I had obstacles to practice my reading and of getting stories to read. The village where I grew up had no library. I was in lower primary, and we were not allowed to borrow a few books in the school library. Madam Rose, who taught us all subjects except mother tongue, came to class with few books.

She grouped us into a group of five or seven,  per book available, sometimes she reads for us, we just listen, that is when she comes to class with a book in hand, and a class register, and a duster, and a piece of chalk, and if she is not in her good moods, she carries a cane.

The cane made more attentive than without it in Madam Rose hand. She too, does not allow borrowing just as the school itself; the books were little in number to share and to borrow.

What I read after school is what Madam Rose told us write on note books as new words and writing exercises she gave us as home, mostly filling in the missing vowels, to complete words like COW, DOG,  DOOR,POT.   I was thirsty read but no books to read, so I read what was available.

When I am in the heart of our village, I could pick up pieces of old pages, empty packet of cigarettes to read, thrown away torn pages of books, old newspapers or anything that had writings on it, I read it and sometimes kept it to read in future. I can’t lie that I read magazines. I read the first magazine in life, in my high school library. It was cool because it reminded of picture reading skills in Nursery. It was cool it had fine writings. The graphics made it more appealing to the eyes; the feel of texture was friendly to my fingers, and the smell was accommodating to my nose.

Where I didn’t I understand something, I went on looking for someone to read for me. I had no adult who knew how read in my family except my learned uncle, who is a no nonsense man. You take to him something to read for you, he will first slap you, and then he tells go,and tell your teachers and your age mate to read for you, so I had to safe myself from child abuse.

If I understood something, I told myself, I want to write my own story.

Another thing that motivated me to writing is myth about the creation, about moral, trickery, about clever hare and stupid elephant Madam Rose read to us, and sometimes similar stories told by my mum and dad, both didn’t know how read or write, but they told stories from their clear memory. Despite their illiteracy, they were knowledgeable about African traditions, and culture that was passed to them by great parent. They were store of oral traditions,and moving dictionaries of my home language.

I wanted to learn how write so that can write books enough for every child. Hated sharing books, I wished I could provide books, for each us to have his own book in class. I wanted to know how write so that I could write stories, the ones told by my parents, a different story told every day after evening meals.

The whole year without repeating a story! This is was wonderful, unless there is something happening at moment, they recall the story to remind that, I had learned the moral before it happened. Like a thief who has been still chicken in village without being notices has been caught. And the father would, say, “you see you can only hide your for life if you are dead and buried in the soil.” It mean so long as you are a life, one day your hidden secret will be exposed.

One Publisher Helping Authors Earn from Writing What They Love Writing


imagesTCK publishing gives authors golden opportunity to be published and make money from writing what they love to write. TCK publishing receives unsolicited manuscripts. It could be from a literary agent and authors. You are required to Submit only for original works. All manuscripts received are passed through radical plagiarism checking software. It runs through software to certify it originality.

They publish both fiction and non-fiction titles. Guidelines are divided into two fiction and non-fiction.

TCK publishing non-fiction books in all markets but your work has to meet criteria list below: First, the writer has to be an expert in the market he or she loves writes about, to submit work for publishing. The message or content submitted has to be worth sharing with readers. Secondly your book must solve a specific problem, for example; “Cancer Treatment”. Your work must help the reader to solve what is affecting them, in their everyday life.

They accept simultaneous submission for both individual authors and literary Agents, but non-fiction only.

Writers and literary Agents can submit non-fiction books manuscripts in the market listed below:

  • Gardening
  • How –To do and advice
  • Personal finance
  • Business
  • Health and wellness
  • Relationships
  • Cookbooks
  • Religious and inspirational
  • Self-help and personal development
  • In other markets, not listed above, the author has to demonstrate, or show an active fan based, and a professional marketing plan.For fiction, TCK publishing does not publish receive or accept submissions for the following genre:
  • Poetry
  • Children’s picture books
  • Fanfiction
  •  They consider publishing fiction books in most genres.  But, they must meet the following guidelines:
  • Your work must have a complete full length of a novel. That is (40 000 words) minimum
  • Your story has to be original. That means it must pass plagiarism software test for it to be considered for publishing.
  • Your work can be received from individual authors or literary Agents; it means you can submit your work through an agent or as individual author can send work direct to TCK publishing.
  •   TCK publishing.com, accepts submission from the following genres:
    • Romance
  • Erotica and Erotic Romance
  • New Adult
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Children’s books
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Middle Grade
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Suspense
  • Science fiction
  • Note: TCK publishing.com does not publishing short stories, poetry or Novella.

Before submitting your work, make sure it is edited. It is free from typo errors and plots holes in the manuscript. It is only the work that stand out, that gets published. You can also receive a free advice to work with an editor, to edit your work before submitting.

Submission is online by filling online form on the website: tckpublishing.com and upload your work as word document, then submit it. After submission you can wait for not more than three months before you informed your work has been published.

The contact form is at the bottom of the page. Give description of your proposed book in 2-3 sentences, and the link to your personal website if possible. All manuscripts are reviewed, and only that stands out are  published.  You can submit only one book for review that means one book submission at time.

I wish to conclude this post by the following announcement, please visit TCKpublishing.com for details

TCKpublishing.com is currently seeking to offer jobs as follows:

They have advertised the post of a senior editor, Digital marketing Manager, affiliate Manager, and Graphic Designer for details on to apply, visit TCKpublishing website and do apply online.

Lastly they offer course that authors grow in their career.

    5 travel magazines that pay writers for their travel writing and photography


If you love writing about travel, culture, food and wonderful destination, then bellow are five well-paying magazines that pay writers for what they love to write about. It includes professional photography and blogging to make money writing about travels.

images (1)

Flickr photos







1.Great Escape Publishing

If you want to earn income through travel then, Great Escape Publishing, is helping writers get paid to travel. They publish articles in a variety of categories. Articles about travel blogging, business importing and exporting, your own tours, photography, and travel writing. They pay from $50 to d $200. The payment depends on the nature of the writing.  To know more about Great Escape publishing, type the name of search engine, this will lead to their website. Travel writing to make money, Great escape publishing, have their own expert to show you on how to earn writing about travels and traveling.

The receive articles submitye in a file word document. It should include a full name of the author, address and a telephone number. The length of articles they accept is approximately 300-600 words.  Your work will be published in The Right Way to Travel magazine and payment is made upon publication of your piece.

  1. Wanderlust Magazine

Wnaderlust is a British travel magazine. They receive pitches from freelance writers, and pay £220 for feature articles of 1000 words and above. They publish both online and print magazine. The accept pitches. For more on how submit a proposal visit the website.

  1. Westjet magazine

It features well-crafted stories meant to inspire travel and enrich trips experiences. It is designed to reach travelers every after 30 days. Writers are advised to read back issues before making pitches. It helps to familiarize with what accept they publish.

A pitch of an idea should be no more than a one-page query letter outlining. It should including its angle, elements, direction, and length or even intended section. The reason why writers need to first read back issues. Writers are advised to provide contact information, that is phone number, and email address with a list of your previous publishers and example of published work. Payment is determine on assignment by the editor.

  1. Cultures and Cuisines magazine

If you love writing about culture and food then Cultures and Cuisines magazine

Is where send your work for publishing and for a pay. They accept article that discuss food and travel.  They brag to publish “informed, intelligent, well-written narratives, about the places. It should be both literal and imaginary. These place be where food and travel come in contact. They pay $200 per article. No bargain in that rate, it is final, nonnegotiable in their own words.

  1. Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine

It reaches over a million readers in a month. They boast of an international audience, and with high expectations. They receive submissions in a diversity of categories. They respond to submissions in a shorter time as 30 days. The have section or department, where writers indicated on their pitches. Long travel features articles 1200 words to 1700 words. Then Short features of about 200 to 550 words, Passport is a roundup of short pieces on global travel lifestyle finds and no number of words indicated and finally Getaway which is and Getaway, and it is about 450 words in length.

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flickr photos

30 days left to Kenyans general election



In 2013 i wrote a feature article just before election, and i said Uhuru will win, it happened, i cited reason why Raila will not win, one being him touching on land issue during his campaign. The article appeared in a foreign media, and i am sure a few Kenyans read it. I thought Raila will not touch again on land issues in this country till he gets hold of power. I was wrong. He recently brought this delicate and sensitive issue in Maasai land.rao

The land problems touches the hearts of the most powerful individual in the country, the owners of large acres, who might even buy independence of independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) at any cost given a chance, so it is like digging your own political grave putting emphasis on it just before election. It really earned him a name, according some individual in the government as “an inciter.”

There were threats after threat from opposition side to government side. It made headlines in media houses for a week. I really saw it as risky to a rest the former prime over hate speech. He defended his actions bitterly. And think, if a rest was effected it have earned former premier more votes in August 8Th election. It could have attracted media attention. A few people liked him for that, many had question in the mind.

And Kenyans are very funny, when you threaten them with violence, they will say, “Wacha Tuone vile Kutakuwa” (let us see what will happen). For example when you tell Kenyans it will rain today, a few will pick their umbrellas, and many will say “wacha tuone kwanza Kukunyeesha” (let us see it raining first)

They know if it rains they will buy umbrellas on their way to work. Hawkers in Nairobi and other towns, know well when it rains it is time to make good sales. I went to someone house and he had seven Umbrellas in one corner of his bedsitter, the reason why he had many! Because he has been buying them on way back home and leaving at home in morning with hope that it won’t rain. He does have enough money to buy every time it rains. Threatening with violence to Kenyans it is simple waiting first rain to purchase an umbrella. It won’t change voting pattern.

It is totally different from USA. When Trump threatened to reject election results, many Americans were worried what will happen. The most powerful country in world was divided; they tried all they could to remain together during, and after election, even though up to today, there are some issues that are yet to be ironed and still American are using both houses of representatives to make sure all goes well.

Kenyans will want first that violence happen before they react, and, I appeal to people fear God, if you don’t fear God, then fear international criminal court (ICC). I am saying so because Uhuru again will win unless opposition decides to make changes and put their house order, this last day. Uhuru team is aggressive and is going for votes.


Raila side has a lot of chance of winning, but there is something wrong, that will drag them behind, I don’t know if Raila listens to his advisers or he is trying to fix in politics, in the twenty-first century.

The fear of God, respect of voters decision, and fear of international criminal court, the three is what will keep Kenya together. This time round we are proud of a trusted; conduct a free and fair election, in an honest environment opposite what judge Kriegler, described as “a dishonest environment” on 2007/2008 general election.


International criminal court, in case violence will have enough time gather evidence, to try suspect and it won’t be 2008/2008 where evidence was tempered with. I am Bensouda and her will not be got unaware this time, in of any election violence.

The queen I love the queen in you…


The queen
I love the queen in you
Not really your origin
But lighting delight in you
The light in you is what I love
The person you in you
Is what puts life in me
Is what puts light?
In my face
In my soul,
In my heart,
In my life,
My world
My household is your household
Your household is my household
My world is your world
Hence our world
My child is your child
Hence our child
I feel invaluable only attached to you
And being part of you
Our child is our pride
It defines our destiny
It grew up in light in you
And hence our light
In spirit in you
Hence our spirit
We meet you made me a man
Depressed I was
You put delight in my heart
Lived in loneliness
You brought my companion
You are blessing, you are
A queen who found me
A boy and made me a man
I was husband to none
And you made me one
Of your own
The father of your child

Facing the New World Stresses Managing stresses in…


Facing the New World Stresses
Managing stresses in life is what makes a human being what he or she is. My brother and I used to play like we will never play again. We acted and play role adults, we played with other village children till our parent became suspicious, that might have lost our way home, and began finding where are about. We sometimes forget we had a number problem in life because play is made our day.
We felt hungry but play was our best option as long as we had energy to jump up and down, run here and there, lift that thing up, drops down another, we push one another to the point of hurt; to sometimes extend of one bleeding or bruised. Sometimes, we felt hungry for a period of time, normally the time during which we used to have meals, after that time, we felt full of energy as if we have just eaten, we now encourage ourselves to continue playing , saying hungry is lost now we can play.
We could hardly get tired. We accompanied friends to the home and share the little food their parents have prepared. This is sweetest part of slowly eroding African culture, the child was a community property, and every one had a responsibility in bringing up and caring for children.
Today the same village where I grew up, if a child is found eating in neighbor house, is warned not eat from people’s house, reason being the child will lack manners, or fed portion, or poison, but some of us still have manners though and were not poisoned.
The world has really changed. We don’t trust one another. We live in a world where, your closest neighbor maybe a dangerous criminal or a drug dealer or hater, child abductors, child trafficker, and to be safe, we restrict our children freedom of  free play and socialize with world around them.
A friend once advised me not have a meal in restaurant in a regular basis, when I asked why, he faced me and said “This is Nairobi”. I was scared in the first place, but I gave myself courage, dismissing his advice, that I don’t have enemies or haters.
We have lost trust even from even our relationships, what is left is service, get the services want and leave me alone kind of relationship.
In 2014 I had a neighbor who was funny beyond being funny. He eats the cooked by his wife, while is present the house. In case he finds the wife has cooked the food already, he won’t eat. He goes straight to the kitchen, and he cooks for himself. When he was asked why he didn’t eat the food cooked by his wife in his absence, his response was “never trust women”. What came to my mind was, he doesn’t trust his sisters and his mother, because they are women. My question was why they lived together in one roof; sleep one bed, when you trust one another.
The wife had to pack belonging and left matrimonial home. She has to because how will live with someone who is thinks you might poison him or her anytime.
In African culture, if a man refuses to eat the food cooked by his wife, it is like he is filing a divorce. So we trust only when we see each other eyes. Happiness of a woman in Africa is her husband to eat the foot she cooks.

let us all say no What color value…


let us all say no

What color value most?
The color speak not
The ethnicity speaks not
The content in one speaks loud
Not the darkness of the skin
Not lighting of the skin
Not yellowness of the skin either
But the inner you is precious

The mind you speak is
light to the world!
Yes, not your color
But , the content in your character!
Yes, i buy that one
Ethnicity, tribe, color origin

Let us all say no.


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