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How to lose weight yourself at your own time

Man finds it hard to carry and managed own weight and opt for a range of methods to reduce it. Many people believe in fasting and breaking with little amount of food which allow the body used the already stored fats. Some consume appetite suppressors to control hung pangs. It

How to Survive being sacked

 Be appropriately dressed when looking and walking .punctuality is what cairns keeps you in a job .attitude everything and so learn faster to cope up with the existing job environment Employment relation should be understood it is important for job success .some job require in dependability .that mans as employee

How to work hard keep your in the job

An employee should remain outstanding in work place so that they can be kept on the job even at a time retrenchment mostly during lay off to cut the expense .the lazy worker are the first to sacked and the most active are last to be layer off .to survive

How to face interview panel to job

Showing up interview without proper  preparation is like washing up in morning only to find out the final exam is on your desk .You have  no other  wise  but  to  do it unless you are genius the end  results is a fail  .his  is because you have not studied either

A chaeper software developed to suit low level earners

Leading developer of cheaper wireless technologies firm Qualcomm  built up its strength and presence in sub-Saharan Africa , launched early this year a third office in African to be based in Nairobi. The firm foresees potentials of trading in region.  Qualcomm has subsidiaries in South Africa and Nigeria as its

How Global Information Technology is answer to business future

The world has begun to feel the effect of information revolution in the future businesses. Getting an opportunity to start building wealth and attain your financial freedom by creating your own internet business empire is what is now ruling global business and economies. If one is concerned about financial security

Growing up in the slum suburb

Blessing left Mr. and Mrs. Morgan house help job in the city suburb and decided to settle down to marriage life at young age. She had no formal education. She dreams to be a lawyer or a doctor at her younger age but lack of school fees to high school

Truth about United States mission in Benghazi

An extra-marital affair that has lived on headlines for a week across the world that USA chief intelligent official, retired general David Petreaus fooled around with his biographer Paula Broadwell that has cost him his job might just an additional to Benghazi attack cover-up. The global media is digging deeper

Government plan to upgrade SLUMS

Ministry of housing together with many stakeholders joins hands to address the numerous problems and challenges facing the informal settlements and slum areas in Nairobi. The plan to upgrade slums settlements is the effort of the government and other stakeholders desire to provide decent moderns residence housing to slum dwellers

Cotu (K) Prepared To Blocks PUSETU

Central organization of Trade Union COTU (K) fight to thwart registration of newly founded Trade Union, The Public Servants Trade Unions (PUSETU) was revealed at 89th executive board meeting this week at solidarity Building in Nairobi. The executive board upon scrutiny of the aim and objectives of the newly founded

East African Community Has Opened Brand New Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania

The East African community is working towards full implementation of the common market protocol though the outgoing chairperson Mwai Kibaki points out certain bottlenecks and teething troubles.  The chairman urged partner states to hasten harmonization of their relevant national law as to be in cycle with EAC treaty for realization

Kenya to switch off Analogue Transmission

The government has announced December 2012 as official date of migrating from Analogue to Digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Nairobi areas  and its environs. The moves been countered by complain to afford Digital migration though it is thought to more beneficial than Analogue.   Dr Ndemo cited ICT as one

How to make a good presentation with confidence

A presenter has to be creative enough to hold audience onto listening to him or her. Have ability and willingness to help the learners have a desire to learn .Unless you show this qualities at the first few minutes of your presentation, you may not win the confidence of your

How tasking is writing process

Mind of a writer overruns with a world of ideas. With his or her to do list is filled with personal proposal and work plan. He or she has several pieces of papers ,well organized with well researched pieces of information or business ideas. Ideas come to the minds of