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Call for Research or Academic Papers

If you are a researcher, and you are seeking for publishing firm or organization, below is a list of publishing bodies for academic research papers. Uniqueness of some these journals is that, they have a room to accommodate, and publish articles submitted in any field of study. The chances your

A call for artists worldwide to enter online exhibition

If you are an artist and you are looking for places to submit you creative work, The National Association of Women Artists and The Cube Art Project, are looking for you and your art, for consideration as well as exhibitions. Please apply before deadline. You can submit your work, or

6 magazines and website that publish articles about family, children, and Parenting

For those who specifically love to write about family trends, parenting styles, children up bring, unique family composition; the list bellow gives you, as a writer an opportunity to publish with them your professionally crafted writings. What you need to know is the need of their target audience. For example

Nairobi Kibera slum gets affordable Internet connection

Liquid Telecom Kenya takes Internet to Kibera slum. Poa In partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya has hurled a new Internet model, into the Kibera slums, drawing thousands of subscribers in just a few months. This is delivered using solar powered hotspots. In addition, the company has also provided free Internet access

Successful Study Habits When Completing Your Business Degree Online

Pursuing a business degree online will prepare you for associate degree exciting job within the business world. However, several students realize that business degrees, whether or not pursued through distance education or within the schoolroom, area unit terribly difficult. These courses area unit designed to be difficult, and programs in

How to Get Your Own Supply of Free Electrical Power

The most important message you will ever read is that, solar powered generators are now available in the world market at low price. Then below is how to get one for very little money. Solar Generators provide “life-saving” electrical power when you need it most. Let’s compare it with fuel

Vivek has launched locally manufactured Ezee brands to compete dominance of international brand in the locally market

Vivek-managing Director- Right Vivek launches home cleaning products manufactured locally to break international dominance. Vivek Investments Ltd announced this week the launch of a new, Kenyan manufactured range of premium home cleaning products. Vivek Group was started in 1994, with the launch of Vivek Investment Ltd and now spans Vivek

Easily acquire second citizenship now!

Now days acquiring citizenship of another countries is not that hard as different countries have introduced different programs which help people in getting another countries citizenship just in less time and without any hard work as it was use to be. Acquiring citizenship is just a matter of little money

All about triple citizenship: Claim to Three Nationalities to Make Business Easier Across Borders

  Just as the term says, “triple citizenship” means holding nationality of three countries simultaneously (one may lay claim to three nationalities). Depending on various countries and their laws, a person can hold dual, triple and even more citizenship at the same time but in many other states, this is

Property Developer is set to design modern Swahili-Arabic architecture in creating luxurious holiday homes

sultan properties a long the Beach Sultan Palace Beach Retreat spans 43 acres along a 700-meter stretch beach. This is second phase of the project that will see the set-up of a five star hotel. It will consist of 16 detached family villas, 50 semi-detached villas and 132 apartments.  The

International Green Structures (IGS) unveils world class and cheaper building technology to create low cost homes to Kenyans

Multinational company, International Green Structures (IGS) has unveiled details of a revolutionary building technology. IGS is now set to manufacture and deploy low cost housing in Kenya. Company has the potential to create up to 90,000 square meters of low cost house in a year. Most interestingly from durable materials

Local African content sharply climbs high on the African Internet networks

Cheaper internet connection -TechSling Liquid Telecom has reported more than double increase in local African content on African Internet networks in August 2015. Africa’s leading independent Internet Service Provider unveiled a sharp climb in the proportion of local content on its network in Maputo, Mozambique today. The increase grew from 20

Sultan Palace commits to boost 18th century ancient art of Swahili architectural design

Mosque In Mali Swahili architects skills date back as far as the early 18th Century. The art is now celebrated globally for it intricately elegant interiors design of its houses style.  The Carved wooden doors, shady courtyards, imposing entrance porches, magnificent and beautiful decorative stucco plasterwork makes unique and suitable

33 schools in Lamu and Tana benefit as Rural ElectrificationAuthority bets on solar energy

Rural Electrification Authority (REA) partners leading water and energy solutions provider Davis and Shirtliff to install solar systems in 33 public primary schools in Tana River and Lamu counties at a cost Kshs.58 million. 6000 pupils in the two coastal counties gain access to electricity as the government moves to

Tourism industries has suffered greatly since post-election Violence and recovery has been slow

Kenyan Tourism industries suffered a blow immediately after disputed election of 2007-2008. Many people were killed, hundreds of thousands were displaced. Many countries issued travel warning that Kenya is at wars which lead to decrease in number of tourists visiting the country. Conventional tourism was affected and stakeholders had find

International brands retails shops find business opportunity in Nairobi

East Africa retails sector has attracted international brands retails shops like The Foschini Group Carrefour and LC Waikiki. Betty Musyoki, Director of Portfolio Management and Client Services at Broll Kenya says despite slow growth of retail growth in the neighboring east African states Kenya continues to attract foreign investors.  She

Liquid telecom takes super-fast 100mbps broadband to Zimbabwe aiding small and medium businesses to serve customers globally

workers laying fibre rings around Victoria Falls (FTTH) network in Zimbabwe. The aim is to provide homes and businesses with a fastest broadband with unlimited data packages. It The company announced today the latest expansion of its” has already placed fibre rings around Victoria Falls to provide multiple routes of

Cashlite fare system extends to Nakuru as UN names it as fastest growing town in Africa

 Cashlite fare system cards Nakuru is now named the fastest growing town in Africa by the United Nations. There are indications it might overtake Nairobi city in development agenda.  This is a town that a group of politicians in the early 1990 s had proposed to be made Kenyan’s Capital.

Reaching Your Workout Goals With Many Easy Guidance

By Nichole Shedden You ought to in no way ignore the importance of workout in your daily life. Health and fitness industry experts all agree on how crucial it can be in maintaining a wholesome and active way of life. This information has many ideas and beneficial guidelines to help

Liquid Telecom connecting Killfi county costs 400,000 US dollars

Africa’s leading data, voice and IP services provider Liquid Telecom has invested  400,000 in USA Dollars to Kilifi  county. The company is  setting g up fiber connectivity in the county which is part of the firm’s $50m Dollars investment in partnerships with the 47 counties. 33 counties have already benefited