Chasing Mirage



At midday, the sun hits a dry dusty earth; wind blows lighter dusts, and lighter objects around. Pieces of paper, dusts on the earth surface, and dried leaves, moved higher and higher, in circle, towards the sky, you might think they are being signaled to meet the blue clear sky.

Balls of sweat formed on my face, I felt wetness inside my clothes, making it sometimes sticky to body, and causing discomfort, sometimes this forced me to unclothe my chest, and use the shirt or a t-shirt to cover my head as I take courage, and determination to walk through hot sun.

I felt sweat all over me, I looked as if I have sprinkled water on me. My feet embraced dust handsomely. Drops of sweat will reach my eyes. It felt hot when it reaches the eyeballs. The drops tasted salty when it find its way through my lips to my tongue.

 It makes me think that salt we consume never digestion inside the body; it gets out to the environment through sweat. I had to prove it. I once had a rest under a tree after walking in the sun, and sweating recognizably. After a while, my body cooled down and I felt particles of salt on my skin.

Thirst began to torment me, a wish to see a source of water nearby came to my thought. I wished it could magically rain, so as, I be saved from thirst and treacherous hit of the hot sun. The sky was clear and blue, thin white clouds were seen, in the horizon, in the direction I was leading to, the blueness had begun gather where I came from. No one will ever forge hope at the sight of white cloud. The whiteness of a cloud hopelessness.

My father used to tell me that, the blueness in the horizon, or the blueness above the earth, what we refer as the blue sky, is end of human eye power to see. He explained farther, that when you move towards the direction of a blue far hill that blueness moves further from it, to another hill far away, and real color of a hill reveal itself as you come near it, and where you came from gather blueness, to mean the distance you have cover is long.

The inferior mirage looked like water on the water body surface. It made me thirstier. The air around was dry. I long to smell, and breath in wet air but nowhere. This is what life is. Chasing mirage to forge a false hope. Slightly above the short vegetation, scattered on a dry mourning earth, waves of mirage glitter. It amazed me.

 It looked like clean water flowing on land but it was what the elderly say a lie to the eye. It made me remember the saying, not all that glitters is gold.

Eyes can be cheated sometimes, and how will life be without a lie to the human eye?

In place where dusty earth surface stay long without a drop of rain, taking bath means taking priorities first, drinking and cooking is more crucial. Sometimes I take bath and become dirty in minutes, as dust land on my skin, I had to ask myself why I took bath.

 Taking bath and leaving my skin dry was a better option. Smear myself with a Vaseline, I become dirtier as particles of dust stick to your skin.

My skin and dust were intimate because I sweat a lot, and most of time, to feet. I could watch dirt on my feet, and I just say it is okay. The environment where one grew up is what makes one who he or she is.  I had to love dust, romanticize with dirt and live with it all.


6 online Magazines, Blogs, and Websites accepting Submissions from Freelancers: Lifestyle and Entertainment


apple-check-computer-7079.jpgListed below are Magazine, websites, and blogs accepting submission from freelance writers. Some accept and receive unsolicited pieces of writing, some accept proposal and a completed work and other need a pitch. The best to do as a freelancer is to go to the website and read submission guideline, read past issue, understand fully what is required of you, then reach the magazine management through the methods they have displayed on the website, on how to reach them. It is recommended so as to know exactly what kind of content they publish. Some publishers are looking photographers and illustrators.
Two plus Two
It is an online website, publishing pieces about poker game. They publish technical pieces about playing the game poker. They accept a well written interview as well as biographies of poker game personality. Pay is $200 per every article they publish on their website
How to submit your work to Two plus Two
First, your work has to be about poker or gambling concept or related concept in a different field, interviews, and biographies of poker personalities, a discussion of advanced level of poker strategy and application of mathematics concepts on gambling.
Two plus two accepts work send by emails, and the email is displayed on their website, to be addressed to the editor. The article has to be between (1000-2000) words, and it has to be related to poker or gambling.
The Introspectionist
It is a monthly magazine for very intelligent women. The content they publish is more of in-depth article than of typical woman, Editors look for articles that inform and tells a story, not just normal educating, informing and entertaining ones. They offer also to publish persuasive essay and creative non-fiction. Every month they prepare a theme for the next edition. Payment for feature articles up to (2000) words is $100, and up to (5000) words is $200.
How to submit your work
They accept unsolicited submissions from freelance writers. For more information read submission guidelines. Submission is through email only. They don’t accept any other methods. They are also looking for photographer and Illustrators.
The mask magazine
It is a monthly online magazine. It is an online publication, repository of youth culture. It is also packed with interviews, styles in the age of discontent, and editorial news. Mask magazine editor look for expressive, creative prose and personal essay.
NB: Editors determine whether the content is published for free or paid. If is they decide to pay, payment is from $40-$200. They accept submission through email displayed on their email.
It is a lifestyle magazine for women. They accept articles from (500-1000) words non-fiction submission for and about women. These include humor essay, satire and first person involvement. Payments range from $100 to $200.
Modern love
It is a regular column published by New York Times. They are look for deep personal essays about present affairs, dating, marriage, and parentage. They pay $300 for per piece they accept to use in their publication.
How to submit your essay
• Send a query letter
• Submit an opinion piece
• Submit an opinion video
The Gay and Lesbian Review
They publish non-fiction and poetry. They don’t publish short fiction, personal essay, journals or memoirs. They accept feature articles of about (2000-4000) words. They publish review of books, films and arts work, from (600-1200) words. They publish interviews with prominent GLBT artists, activists, Song writers whose work has made a different. They also accept and publish art memos of about (1000-1500) words. They use article of international spectrum-fight for GLBT rights and culture. They publish correspondence letter to the editor. They take and use guest opinion pieces on advocacy stand on current issue (500-1000) words.
How to submit your work
Submit a well written proposal and a completed piece of writing. They do not accept published excerpt of books or chapters of forthcoming work. They receive both soft and hard copies. And payment is a flat rate of about $100.

5 Websites, Magazines, and Blogs That Pay Freelancers Up To $1500: Entertainment and Pop Culture



If you are freelancer, and you love writing about entertainment and pop culture, listed below are websites, magazines and blogs worthy sending your work to, sending your query, and making a catchy pitch, they are interested good writing, and they pay well. All you need is reading what kind of content they publish, then give exactly what they need, and reach them for consideration; to publish, and use your work. Some require you to fill in tax form before they pay you for your work, tells you that they are a serious, and lawful business and they are trusted.
If you are passionate about pop culture, wish to get paid for your piece writing, and with ability to review movies, video game and television clip, then, Dorkly is for you, and is your fandom. You can stick to them for a pay. For every article they publish, they pay $75, in USA dollars.
Good news, they accept and unsolicited submission from freelance writers, freelance Illustrators, game reviewers, movie reviewers, television reviews and commentary. Submission is done online, and if you have a problem, doing submission online then, reach them through contact of editors’ display on the website. If you live in USA and Canada you may consider applying for a job, they have a job listing even outside writing field.
It is a blog and it publishes comics writing, pop culture and games. They are interested in games that are weird and too bad to get out of mind. They are interested in publishing reviews of fictions. For comics they pay $200, and the pay up to $100 for every article they use.
Huck magazine
They are constantly looking for inspiring stories, for example the counter-culture or youth subculture. Huck publishes news, reports, traveling diary, opinions, profiles, documentary, and photography essays. You have to send a pitch to relevant editors, their contact are displayed on the websites. If Huck publishes you articles, you are paid $500 for single piece they accept to us.
The verge
It is a very popular magazine with a wider readership. It was founded to explore how technology is changing life now, and the years to come. They pay 30 cent per word. They Kind of article they publish is what I call long-form journalism. They publish Pieces of 1500 words to 3000 words. If you have a piece on transportation; for examples Taxify, or Uber technologies, pieces of science and culture, then do a nice pitch because The Verge is your magazine. They emphasize that, if you are interested in writing for them, and then consider reading what they have published already, that is their past issues, to familiarize yourself with what type of content they use.
Boy’s life
It is a monthly magazine, they only magazine publishes about the boy child maybe. It is published by the Boy Scout of America. The piece of writing must be entertaining to boys of 6 –17 years of age. It covers themes like professional sport, American history as non-fiction. It also publishes pieces of writing about aviation, nature, health and music, fiction is only assignment, you can query, if you are a fiction writer. Payment varies from $500 – $1500

Advantages of Face To Face Communication over Other Forms of Communication


No type of communication that is more effective than face to face communication. With rapid development of technology, modern society has option to use to communicate with others, but could be a short message using a mobile phone, a voice call, an email, a letter or a video call, but still face to face communication remains fresh for long, the best since it came into use; and there is no worry of it getting out of date any time soon. This is so because of ability of a communicator to read body language.

Nonverbal language sends messages that the speaker is trying to hide in a verbal communication. The truth lies not in the words spoken but on how the words are expressed, environment, and the body language, portrayed by the speaker.

First and foremost in face to face communication is an immediate response. The response can be understood immediately.  Speaker, not only hear responses from each other but are able to read the feelings, and they can guess what is about to happen next, what conversation can lead to, maybe agreement or disagreement.

This will create a room for exchange of messages, leading to common understanding of the parties involved, leading to a successful chat.

A second advantage is reading of facial expression and gestures. It helps to explain how something happen, and how the speaker is feeling and attitude towards the theme of conversation, for example, happiness, sadness, or sympathy on the face of the communicator, at that moment of conversation on the mention of what took place.

Third is immediate feedback from the listener, the speaker is in a better position for adjustment. He or she is able to read a twist of lips, a contraction of the facial body muscles to tell out that the message is not welcome. A frown on the forehead of listener, tells the speaker, the message has been received with surprise, happiness, shock, or sadness.

Forth coordination of our action are mutually beneficial. We transact agreements when we engage in a conversation. We negotiate, persuade, and appeal in favor of something. Conversation is requisite for agreeing or disagreeing upon an issue and coordination our action.

Fifth, face to face helps people express feeling better.  Scientists say that, seventy percent of people use body language or verbal language in a communication process

We have many choices to make when we want to do business In this modern age of technologically driven world. It is easy to opt out actual face to face communication and choose electronic device. We send email to friends and loved ones while abroad, but it will replace physical human interaction, it is always the better option while away, and the best option remains Physical human interaction. You are to kiss your partner, or hag friends or family member and you feel attached him or her. Talking on phone, use of social, we use text but we always feel the real common component face to face, human interaction


Happy New Year 2019


How to help internally displaced persons.

In 1992, there were tribal clashes in Molo. Some individual from certain tribes lives were shortened. Their properties destroyed and they were forced to leave their homes. 
The land they bought with their hard -earned- money. These displaced Kenyans; some flew to Uganda for refuge while some parts of the country stable. Has the Kenya Government ever tried find out who occupied their homes and who does farming on their farms?  The government is too busy doing some important things than IDPs maybe. At least these people had land and homes established before clashes occurred.
I am sure the government of Kenya has never wasted her precious time to investigate on this issue.  It is the reason as to why clashes keep on re-currying every election in the country. It engineers some communities to force others to leave their farms and businesses.  In the mid 1990s in west Pokot District, used to be called before the promulgation of the new constitution. 
None were evicted from their homes. I expected the government act responsibly and to find out why these did left the land that belongs them to seek refuge in a neighboring country! If these people owned land in the area why the Government did allowed this to leave their home refuge? It is government the responsibility as to repatriate them, and provide security, let them go back to their former homes cheaply, instead of buy them land wherever else.
The claim always is, the forced out of the land is that, ‘they are taking our jobs and businesses and they occupy their ancestral lands’. Should the blame be put on some people for working hard to amass wealth? If you have lived in a place for long and you have not amassed enough wealth do not blame others for getting rich in a shorter time than you , instead accept your personal mistake and land from learn them to make better you, because not everyone waits for angel Gabriel to bring food from heaven.
It now a routine in Kenya, violence wait for approaching election or just after the election. This is because our politicians are planting bad seeds in the youth.  The youth are desperate for jobs, to win votes to fill up their ballots boxes. That is conclusion for our politicians and the arithmetic to gather more votes. 
 Many are thinking what will happen again come 2013. Our politicians should assure themselves Hague court if they try this time around. The youth will not just wake up one morning, get hold of pagans, rungus and match boxes to touch homes without being incited by an influential individual.
 The (IDPs) should not be bought land any where in Kenya. The government of Kenya should act by pushing them to return the land they used to live and security given to them. That is being a sovereign state. They should empowered to farm as they used to before post election violence .To reconcile means the conflicting persons coming together again and co-operate as they used to before conflicts.
 It proves how dedicated the government is in preventing any violence related with election in future. Secondly, it proves the government readiness to deal with any act of criminality and taking of justice to the people and protecting them. Letting the conflicting people apart is a sign of fear that they might fight again. It may mean the antagonism is still at large. 
The communities are still divided. Now that PNU and ODM are one Government, I don’t see why we should have (IDPs) because, the Truth and reconciliation was forged to healing the wounds. Unless it is just away make donors to believe. We are approaching another election and IDPs have not been settled and those in Uganda not repatriated!  It is now a way to win votes by promising the new settlement.
The government should provide security and these people move back to their former homes. These will stop people from thinking that they will evict others come election 2013. The selection of DR Willy Mutunga to head judiciary, Kenyans have had a lot of hope for justified in the future and justice reaching every single Kenyan. The recent purchase of mobile facilities for mobile courts to effects makes Kenyans proud of their government.
The good news is the monitoring politician from spiting venom in the name of hate speech to guarantee Kenyans safety come election 2013 but what is worrying is the striking of police officers. We all hope the government will act more good than worse in handling these striking junior officers.
To monitor social media communications messaging in trying cut back hates through face book, Friendster, bizoppers and twitter only to control the spread of hate messages but to not suppress freedom of expression and association. It is through these social networks that gave birth to Arab uprising demonstration leading to violence.
 Other countries like Neighboring Uganda tried to block these communications through these social networks without success. Blocking was not good at all because some messaging are of good intend, they should only monitor to strengthen security only.
By not acting the Government is giving those who evicted others an automatic win over the victims of this violence. They will always ridicule, saying, ‘ you see, we chased them and now they are refugees’. Those who burned others houses and forced them of their land, will assume they have recovered their lands and will encourage the delays title deeds issuance after selling a piece of land to someone and wait for approaching election to force the victims off their land so that they can not claim anything after election violence. This is ‘looting without fear.’ Not good at all.
The acts of criminality is likely to occur in the neighboring communities because they have eyes to see and ears to hear what others did and criminal escaped justice and can decide to do the same on their part. There is nothing that denies them to chase the neighbors who happen to come to that land later than them to claim their traditions in the name of our ancestral land. 
The best thing to do is to make the whole land to belong to the government. What is termed as ancestral land should branded another names. If not swept out complete because every tribe in Kenya, Came to Kenya, at least from somewhere; I e Nilotes from Sudan, Bantus from Congo Niger and the Cushites from Ethiopia and that is their ancestral lands. Kenya is home land form them all.
The Government should be sole controller of land. Citizen purchase this land from the government to a maximum acreage. Some should not own more than can even manage or even land equivalent to a province. Kenya is bigger than individual and no one is more Kenya than the others.
Buying (IDPs) land some where does not assure them security in the fast place .Others think (IDPs) are bad people and had right to be chased from where they use to live because of their bad behavior. Forcing them from where they used to live before post election violence should be treat as a crime punishable before the Law.   
Those who involved ought to be brought to books to assure Kenyans safety. Otherwise someone somewhere now is scouting on somebody’s land and he is only waiting for election ,2013 to get himself a free land, after all IDPs will bought land by the government in another province. They watching perpetrators walk free in street why not them. 
 They are only seeing ICC suspects acting Jesus. A good example is where  someone sells car to you , later He organizes a gang to rob back the car from you, the same happens with land , someone goes desperately looking for land to buy , come general election he or she is evicted and the piece of land goes back to the owner. The reason why we have government is to prevent this happening!



Kenyans long road in search for crude oil


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