Free Freedom of Speech is A Thought

A free freedom of speech can make one win in an election or not win at all. When Barack Obama was giving his campaign speech, he told Americans, he will fight terrorism, and he will capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. He won with over sixty million votes, and

The East Africa Data Centre (EADC) has launch a $5 million Dollars Kenya Power substation in Kiambu County

The importance of this new facility was marked on Monday, 23th of October, 2016, in a launch ceremony for the new Kenya Power substation at EADC. In attendance to the launch were Hon. William Kabogo, Kiambu County Governor, the CEO of Kenya Power, Dr Ben Chumo, the CEO of Liquid

Explosion of Lifestyle Diseases

Lose of a family member, close friend, to lifestyle diseases is exploding. A survey by Broadway Bakery Limited indicates. This is part of its drive to change towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. Which is this healthier lifestyle, cutting on sugar consumption? I grew up knowing sugar taste sweetest ever, and

Sweet Sugar Triggers Cancer: Broadways Bakery Survey Reveals

  A Kenyan Bakery firm has revealed in a survey, that sugar causes cancer. Broadway Bakery Ltd released a survey of scientific studies showing that sugar is causing cancer. Sugar in hot beverages is linked to increased incidences of colonic and rectal cancer. And sugar recently found to trigger, and

Business Chart and Reporting

 Today’s management teams must rely heavily on business charts and business reports to make decisions and run their business efficiently. Management groups area unit particularly fragmentise for time and wish fast straightforward ways in which to investigate massive amounts of information and data and create familiar selections. Without the support

Successful Study Habits When Completing Your Business Degree Online

Pursuing a business degree online will prepare you for associate degree exciting job within the business world. However, several students realize that business degrees, whether or not pursued through distance education or within the schoolroom, area unit terribly difficult. These courses area unit designed to be difficult, and programs in

How to Get Your Own Supply of Free Electrical Power

The most important message you will ever read is that, solar powered generators are now available in the world market at low price. Then below is how to get one for very little money. Solar Generators provide “life-saving” electrical power when you need it most. Let’s compare it with fuel

Vivek has launched locally manufactured Ezee brands to compete dominance of international brand in the locally market

Vivek-managing Director- Right Vivek launches home cleaning products manufactured locally to break international dominance. Vivek Investments Ltd announced this week the launch of a new, Kenyan manufactured range of premium home cleaning products. Vivek Group was started in 1994, with the launch of Vivek Investment Ltd and now spans Vivek

Uganda cancer institute receives a new cancer treatment machine

Cancer patients in Uganda, can now be treated quickly than before, as Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala installs an advanced new Flexitron Cobalt-60 High Dose Rate brachytherapy system from Elekta. “After the workers being trained at the start of March, the treatments of the first two patients with Flexitron were

BILAWAYA keeps Business mantle glowing in Nakuru Town

The Launched of BILAWAYA in April 2015, Swahili slang meaning for WIRELESS, this wifi network is covering about 10-kilometre radius from Nakuru Central Business District (CBD). It has a capacity of a Giga byte per second (gbps), and it is available in major streets, markets area, transport terminus and stadia,

Five Reasons to buy property in Sharm el-Sheikh

 Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is the gem of Egypt surrounded by the Red Sea and mountains of Mount Sinai. Year round sunshine and cultural tours enlisted this city among the top holiday destinations in Arab countries. The city not only houses some world

Business Bay an Evergreen Investment Hotspot

Spanning across the vast area of 46 km2, Business Bay is the premier mixed used development strategically located along Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed Road. With more than 200 residential, commercial and retail towers, the development has gained the status of a city within the city. However, infrastructure work has already

Basics of second passport you should know

legal traveling documents Citizenship, residency or nationality by investment industry has seen tremendous reforms last year with hottest buzz revolving around St. Kitts passport. It became quite a story however many remained silent over the topic for various reasons. Obtaining a second passport presents various opportunities in terms of business

Easily acquire second citizenship now!

Now days acquiring citizenship of another countries is not that hard as different countries have introduced different programs which help people in getting another countries citizenship just in less time and without any hard work as it was use to be. Acquiring citizenship is just a matter of little money

All about triple citizenship: Claim to Three Nationalities to Make Business Easier Across Borders

  Just as the term says, “triple citizenship” means holding nationality of three countries simultaneously (one may lay claim to three nationalities). Depending on various countries and their laws, a person can hold dual, triple and even more citizenship at the same time but in many other states, this is

All you need to know about Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP)

Grenada Economic investment progam logo Citizenship by investment programs has never been more competitive while their demand today is more on global level rather than specific. There are several reasons for this all-inclusive phenomenon but eventually, it all boils down to mutual advantages. For example a country’s capability to permeate

Property Developer is set to design modern Swahili-Arabic architecture in creating luxurious holiday homes

sultan properties a long the Beach Sultan Palace Beach Retreat spans 43 acres along a 700-meter stretch beach. This is second phase of the project that will see the set-up of a five star hotel. It will consist of 16 detached family villas, 50 semi-detached villas and 132 apartments.  The

International Green Structures (IGS) unveils world class and cheaper building technology to create low cost homes to Kenyans

Multinational company, International Green Structures (IGS) has unveiled details of a revolutionary building technology. IGS is now set to manufacture and deploy low cost housing in Kenya. Company has the potential to create up to 90,000 square meters of low cost house in a year. Most interestingly from durable materials

Local African content sharply climbs high on the African Internet networks

Cheaper internet connection -TechSling Liquid Telecom has reported more than double increase in local African content on African Internet networks in August 2015. Africa’s leading independent Internet Service Provider unveiled a sharp climb in the proportion of local content on its network in Maputo, Mozambique today. The increase grew from 20

Sultan Palace commits to boost 18th century ancient art of Swahili architectural design

Mosque In Mali Swahili architects skills date back as far as the early 18th Century. The art is now celebrated globally for it intricately elegant interiors design of its houses style.  The Carved wooden doors, shady courtyards, imposing entrance porches, magnificent and beautiful decorative stucco plasterwork makes unique and suitable