The internally Displaced People Should go Back to their Homes

In 1992, there were tribal clashes in Molo. Some individual from certain tribes lives were shortened. There properties destroyed and they were forced to leave the land they bought with their hard -earned- money. These displaced Kenyans , some flew to Uganda for refuge while their Country was stable.Has the Kenya Government ever tried find out who occupied their homes and who does farming on their farms ? At least these people had land and homes established before clashes.
I am sure The government of Kenya has never wasted time to investigate on this which is the reason as to why clashes keep on re-curring every election to come. That engineered some communities forced to leave their farms and businesses in the mid 1990s in west Pokot District, used to be called. I expected the government act responsibly find out why did these left the land that belong them to seek refuge in a neighboring country ! If these people own land in those Areas , The Government should have the responsibility as a country to repatriate them, and provide security, let them go back to their former homes cheaply, instead of buy them land wherever else.

The claim always is , the forced out of the land is that, ‘they are taking our jobs and businesses and they occupy their ancestral lands’. Should the blame be put on some people for working hard to amass wealth ? . If you have lived in a place for long and you have not amassed enough , do not blame others for getting rich in a shorter time than you , instead accept your personal mistake and land from learn them to make better you, because not everyone waits for angel Gabriel to bring food from heaven.

It has become a routine in Kenya , violence wait for approaching election or just after the election . This is because our politicians are planting bad seeds in the youth mind who are desperate for jobs to win votes to fill up their Debes. Many are thinking what will happen again come 2012.The youth will not just wake up one morning , get hold of pangans ,rungus and match boxes without being incitement from an elderly . No, never.

The internally displace people (IDPs) should not be bought land any where in Kenya. The government of Kenya should act by returning them to the land they used to leave , to farm before post election.It proves how dedicated the governments is in preventing any violence related with election in future.

 Secondly , it proves the government readiness to deal with any act of criminality and administer justice to protect Kenyans. Now that PNU and ODM are one Government , i dont see why should we have( IDPs) because , the Truth and reconciliation was forged through Koffi Annan Mediation.Unless they are just there to justify asking for help from donors.

 We are approaching another election and IDPs have not been settled and those in Uganda not repatriated ! The government should provide security and move back Kenya to there homes. These will stop people from thinking to evict others come election. The selection of DR willy Mutunga to head judiciary , Kenyans have hope for justified future.
The good news is the monitoring politician from spiting venom in the name of hate speech to guarantee Kenyans safety. The same should be extended to social media to monitor communications and messaging of hates through facebook, friendster or bizoppers and twitter only to control the spread of hate messages but to not suppress freedom of expression and association.It is through these social networks that gave birth to Arab uprising demonstration leading to violence.

 Ugandans have tried to block these communications through these social networks without success. Blocking is good at all because some messaging are of good intend, they should only monitor to strengthen security only.
By not acting the Government is giving those who evicted others an automatic win over the victims of these violence. They will always ridicule, saying , ‘ you see , we chased them and now they are refugees’. Those who burned others houses and forced them of their land, will assume they have recovered their lands and will encourage the delays tittle deed issuance after selling a piece of land to someone and wait for approaching election to force the victims off their land so that they can not claim anything after election violence . This mount to ‘looting without fear.’

The acts of criminality is likely to occur in the neighboring communities because they have eyes to see and ear to hear what others did and criminal escaped justice and can decide to do the same on their part.There is nothing that deny them to chase the neighbor who happen to come to that land later than them to claim their traditions in the name of our ancestral land .

 The best thing to do is to make the whole land to belong to the government. The so called ancestral should sweep out of Kenyan constitution because every tribe in Kenya, Came to Kenya, at least from somewhere ; i e Nilotes from Sudan , Bantus from Congo Niger and the Cushites Ethiopia that is Their ancestral lands. The Kenyan land should be for the Government and should be controlled in terms of acreage owned by one individuals. 

That will stop people from fighting because of land for good. Buying (IDPs) land some where does not assure them security in the fast place .Others will think (IDPs) are bad people and had right to be chased from where they use to live because of their bad behavior,Forcing them from where they used to live before post election violence should be treat as a crime punishable by the Law and those involved ought to be brought to books to assure Kenyans safety.

 Otherwise someone somewhere now is scouting on somebody’s land and he is only waiting for election ,2012 to get himself a free land, after all IDPs will bought land by the government in another province. This because they are not seeing those who killed others being jailed or punished . They are only seeing Ocampo six , who were even comfortable when people were butchering themselves.
For instance some one sells car to you , later He organizes a gang to rob back the car from you, the same happens with land , someone goes desperately looking for land to buy , come election he or she is evicted and the piece of land goes back to the owner. The reason why we have government is to prevent this happening!

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What is terrorism:Understanding the act of terrorism


Terrorism is the use of violence especially as means of cruelty to a group of people. It is creating a feeling of fear the victims and has no legal binding what -so -ever. This act of violence is intended to inflict pain to the civilians and military officer by causing death and creating insecure environment mainly to cripple the economy and to compel governments of the people for the people and by the people against their will.
How to stop terrorism ? To stop terrorism then find its causes.No democratically elected government has ever supported terrorism either by funding or recruiting followers. The act of terrorism has defied the core value of humanity and many have associated it with religions. It is the true act of terrorism is done with religious, political and Ideological intentions. Act of criminality need to be condemned by everyone in the International community.

Act of Terrorism is a violation of human right. Every person has a right to life and to own property. Terrorism can also be defined as the use of force against civilian and government in power to bring social change.

USA department of defense and the FBI, define terrorism as the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate and coerce governments. The main goals of terrorism is to inculcate fear and gain recognition, popularity, as a way of protest to oppression in the society.

According to U.S.A department of defense, terrorism includes the use of biological, chemical and nuclear devices as the act of assassination. It means the killing of Osama Bin Laden is also an act of terrorism in itself.
 Terrorism as per its definition is not a new phenomenon to humanity. The used of chemical weapon during the World War II. Can this also be described as an act of terrorism? It can not qualify the act terrorism because it state against state. This where one can now differentiate between terrorism and war.

No one is able to define well terrorism unless he or she has felt it. The marvel calculus and justification for these actions differs widely if you compared to terrorism of enemies in the Nazi in Germany.

If one listens to people discussing terrorism these days, the perception is that terrorism is a new phenomenon to humanity.

 Differentiating war that is just and unjust is very hard. Supporters of terrorists describe terrorism as an act of a freedom fighter while others term it as crime against humanity. One man freedom fighter is another man terrorist in world we live in.

 Early 1980’s, the U.S.A described Osama Bin Laden and the members of Al-Qaida as freedom fighters. Politicians like Dick Chaney considered Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. It is simple and logical to understand this. My friends are someone enemies who also has a friend.
The United Nation definition of terrorism states that ‘all war crimes will be considered acts of terrorism. No American was taken to International Criminal Court for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and for wars against Iraq or Vietnam. This is impunity of International Standard.
The first act of terrorism was in 1785 the supremacy of terror was instituted by the French Government. The use of terrorists showed anti-government activities.

It was also recorded first in 1866 referring to Ireland and in 1883 referring to Russia.
Terrorism has lived throughout the history of human being. Humans have one away or another terrorized their neighbors to generate fear and compel changes in the society.

In the Imperial age of China  the time T’ai Kung the first and great Chinese general and progenitor of strategic thought described terrorism as the ‘spreading of civil offensiveness’ to sow dissension demoralize the populace  and incapacitate the government.

The act of terrorism has lived for the last 100years from anarchist assassinations to hijackings and to suicide bombing.

Since 1968 the time when United States government began recording statistics of act of terrorism, more 7000 terrorist bombings have occurred world wide. US currently listed 30 foreign terrorist organizations.

The most renowned acts of terrorism includes the September 11, USA embassies in Africa the USS Cole in Yemen all allegedly sponsored by Osama Bin Laden.

 The most fames attacks in the modern terrorism attacks era were attacks on individuals’ political leaders includes the assassination of French Prime Minister Sadi Carno, killing of Spanish of Prime Minister Antonio Canoas , assassination Empress Elizabeth of Australia, Italy’s king Umberto 1 and the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 that sparked the First World War.

  Anarchist mail bombs in the U.S started the palmer Raids in 1920.It is one of violations of civil liberties in US history.

In the post war period, Acts of terrorism includes the Munich Olympic Massacre in 1772.Plane and airport shooting in 1970’s to 1980’s. Attack on the world trade centre in 1993 and Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.

It is wrong to associate a terrorist with a certain religion. It is wise someone point out characteristics of a terrorist than pointing fingers to religious groupings.

A terrorist is a person who is a member of a group who uses or advocates violence or threats pursuit of political aims or social change. This individual fights threats and violence right in a struggle to fight himself free from oppression.

I f we take e example of Arab uprising a young man committed suicide by bathing himself  in a paraffin and setting himself ablaze in protest to unfair treatment by his government official . The young man graduated from university but remained jobless for long. 
He decided to start a hawking business. Government official confiscated his goods for not having a license to trade. At home his family expects to come with some food for his family. He decides to take his life than shame going home without food for the family. The government is to blame for the action.

African governments have for long given a lame excuse for lack of jobs in the government placement and can not even provide good environment for small traders to do business. It is up to government to provide jobs to the youth of a nation to avoid youth being recruited to terrorist organization.

The western worlds have been blamed for interfering with right and freedom of worship. This has led to regrouping of youth to fight for freedom worship. African nations saw independence because of ever mounting acts of terrorism to colonialists. In the 1961-1990 the National African Congress waged act of terror against the apartheid government of South Africa. They won freedom. Every South African, whites or blacks were treated for the first time equally as human.

It is main characteristics is ‘people-struggle’ that earns them title terrorist or freedom fighters. If everyone has all what he/she needs in life, then the world will be a peaceful place to live in.

If there is a real free society then no need for some people to form rebels to employ terror acts to reclaim freedom.

A social, political and historical injustice is the number one cause of terrorist acts to right wrong in the society. If citizens are evicted of their land, rights, freedom of worship and right to own property then violence and threats becomes appropriate to usher in-change.

Violence and threats is believed to be the only solution to fight back justice in cases where courts in the country are not trusted to handle disputes. This is what happened in Kenya in 2007 general election, politicians who are lawmakers who some are lawyers by profession did not trust at all judicial system of the country can handle the election. Their followers ended in street solve disputes by use of crude weapon.

Government institution like judiciary is sometimes not trusted because they are believed to be tools to suppress the oppressed or it is for the rich.

The acts of violence are chosen after long deliberation and failure of courts to solve disputes, and then streets violence becomes the only remaining option.
It is hard to accept the truth about the causes of terrorism. 
It sounds theoretical. Every Terrorist group has a reason why they acted in the way of violence.

For example, Zionist bombed British targets in the 1930s; the main aim was to be allowed to create a Jewish state.

The Irish Republican Army bombed English targets 1980s pointing out their land being colonized by Imperialists in 1960-1970s.

 Front for the liberation of Palestine felt that attacks on Israel as justifiable response to usurpation of Palestine’s land.

 In 1990s Osama Bin Laden’s protesting against U.S.A troops stationed in Saudi Arabia Holy City of Mecca. What led him and colleague to employ terror acts to protect Islamic and traditions.

People choose terrorist acts are some times persuaded or lured by cash dish out to blaze violence on as an effective way to win back justice and get employed at the same time. There is nothing wrong fighting for your right as well as earning.

Gary Becker a professor at the University of Chicago, Business school, argues that there is a ‘connection between wealth and terrorism. Though poverty does not directly cause terrorism but still unfairly distributed economic development give group chance to recruited youth to terrorism.

Studies show that there is no direct transition from poverty to terrorism but youth from developing world who are unemployed are most lured to be recruited and those who support and fund terrorism are well educated and with fat earning. We can say they fight for fun but at least in one way or another they feel oppressed.

Most youth lured to be recruited to terrorist organization are promised money to their family and themselves and volunteer martyrdom for good life hereafter. It is more complex when even sons of billionaires perform martyrdom operation. For them, their mission is to earn paradise by acting human bombs.

Many scholars from Muslim world do not support these claim instead they put clear boundary between Jihad and act of terror. Misconception of terrorism being associated with religion becomes crystal clear. Inequality in distribution of resources throughout the world is another cause of terrorism.

The act of human is not religious but it is an Arab skill of fighting. It is hope of every parent that their children grow in a safe society, get quality education and lead a quality life.

Working way out of poverty is desperation in itself. Among available option is get recruited to terror groups, sale and abuse drugs and other prohibitive acts to find oneself out of deep seas of poverty.

 The gap between the dirty poor and super rich is ever widening and no sign of narrowing soon especially now everywhere in the world recession is in every donors tongue.

Terrorist are believed to be funded by Islamic charitable organizations, extortion of money, prostitution rings, video pirating and drug trafficking.

It is also believed that terrorist have connection with Russian Mafia drug cartel and international criminal organization.

 According to Washington though oil holds it far from holding Saudi Arabia responsible in funding Terrorism blame Arab nation and sympathizers for financing terror acts.

Fund raising is also done in a different name like to help the orphans or refugees. In eastern Africa, Al shabab member s succeed to fund their organization by exporting charcoal to Arabia and ransom from cargo ships in the Indian Ocean.

 It is hard to stop money flowing to terrorists groups despite effort by many governments.
Terrorist organization has powerful actors working within governments. This has aided much funding of terror group around the world.

These groups have business operating without knowledge of the government in the name of individuals trusted to register business in their own name.

From the historical perspectives 1918-1945, account the act of terror during Nazi period progressed from Anti Jewish acts, from Anti- Jewish acts to persecution, from persecution to terrorist and from terrorism to genocide.

These acts has been the results of failure of revolution the lust for revenge on the impoverished .The changing lower middle class leads to a bloodshed and brutality.

Terrorism is a known concept in Africa. During the struggle for independence, the Africans who returned from fighting in the two world wars from 1918-1945 found acts of terrorism as a better weapon for the weak to fight their then masters or vice versa.

 In the Northern and West Africa regions have been intensely impacted by nationalist and religious conflicts. This was attended by destructive acts of terrorism.

The context of terrorist’s network has long lived in the horn of Africa. The Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. It is also established itself in the East Africa coast, that is Kenya and Tanzania.

The history tell us that in 1973 the America, US deputy chief of mission, George Curists Moore and Belgian diplomats Guy EID were assassinated by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September in Khartoum Sudan. It was beginning of modern extremism acts of terrorist in Africa.

In 1995, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was attacked by a group calling themselves Gamaat Al-islam ugya an Egyptian terrorist group in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.
Modern terror act spread to Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Al-Qaida bombarded the U.S.A Embassies in Dar Es Salam and Nairobi. The former president Daniel Moi flashed Islamic charity organization within Kenya. Many became jobless which might cause young Kenya lured to be recruited to terrorist group.

The perception was it was war against Islam by the Kenya government in support of the U.S.A. The government on the other hand has a responsibility to provide security to the Kenyan its citizens.

There were three scenarios circum -located terrorist acts in Kenya. The US government saw Islamic charity organization as breeding extremist in Kenya. These charity organizations see it has obliged to help the poor Kenyan. Thirdly Kenya must suffer for listening to western governments’ .From this scenario Terrorism organizational won sympathy supports from the faithful and poor a like. None of these had good reason attached to the other.

Many people in the world go on searching for the causes of these thousands of terror acts around the world but they do not get right always. For example when religious organizations both Christian and Islamic organizations  employ their own personnel to distribute aid to the intended masses, but when the Western government give aids ends in the hands of corrupt government officials.

The gap between the poor and the rich continue widening. What is sometimes leads to people to end on street cry for their right.

Another typical example of internal terrorism in Africa is the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.Hundreds of thousands of innocent Tutsi was massacred, raped and their life ended by the fellow country men.

 It was an ethnic conflict that was characterized by tribal cleanse. It used massive terror to haphazard savagery towards nationals.

Freedom fighters have one time been called terrorists by opposing group or governments. Many governments are committed to using everything at their disposal to fight terrorism from intelligence to military and criminal justice is provided is to be effective in both incapacitating terrorists and collecting valuable information about terrorist grouping and plans to hit next.

What worries most about the act terrorism is good number of arrested terrorist’s are from developed world and well educated. Some terrorist incarcerated in US federal prison facilities are sons of well to do individual in the society.

In Africa we associate terrorism with lack of employment and abject poverty but in Europe!
To combat terrorism is hard unless world government work out together to know the exact cause and address it permanently.

Western world correct long time ago social injustices and the world do not expect act of terror by citizen to claim whichever is right but one may ask what are these well to do involved in terror act.

It is difficult now to eliminate terrorism, unless their demands are met. Waging war is expensive but being honest and providing justice to everyone is cheaper.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden is not the end of terrorism. Stopping terrorism is sealing the loop holes within our society that leads some to rebel and swear to kill others. If Israel –Palestinians has never rested terrorism has a potential threat than even nuclear wars. In the whole human history terrorism has lived from stone age up to today and there is no hope of it ending soon.

 To stop terrorism everyone person has to understand what is terrorism, because terrorism will not stop if we continue war on terror blindly.

Terrorism is willful obliteration of possessions and people by person not act on behalf of an established government to redress injustices attributed to an established government.
All cases of willful ruin property of and people are not terrorism. It is important to put in mind the characteristics of terrorism.

The act of damage is performed by a people or a group of people not acting on behalf of recognized government.

Destruction is performed to redress a real social change in society. This act is directly aimed at an established government. Destruction without the three characteristics above is not an act of terrorism but war.

Terrorist targets officers and shopping center not because they want to kill innocent people but to hurt enemy target. Terrorist aim is to inflict damage upon the enemy.
Wars organized by government can stop because the plan and decision way by leader. The leaders have control over their troops. They can stop them any time.

Terrorist leader do not start or stop their war because wars are not as result of decisions by leaders. The results are engineered by feeling of people united by creed, nationality or similarity of Injustices that generate hatred towards the oppressors in desire to liberate themselves from oppressors.

To redress the injustice sooner or later the group is more determined to come together to fight for the common cause.

Terrorist leaders just emerge to lead fight. Terror war can only be stopped if they win or feeling of injustice disappears. So to stop wars against terrorist is to redress the injustices they claim because there is no sign of them winning these wars. Government will get on fighting and the Innocents continue suffering.

Killing terrorist leaders will not help because they are easily replaceable. Imprisoning or killing terrorist leader escalates the feeling of injustices and hatred and therefore worsen further and increases desire for revenge.
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How to lose weight yourself at your own time


Man finds it hard to carry and managed own weight and opt for a range of methods to reduce it. Many people believe in fasting and breaking with little amount of food which allow the body used the already stored fats. Some consume appetite suppressors to control hung pangs. It makes them stay whole day without eating. It helps to reduce weight but slowly.

The main reasons for losing weight are to keep a good shape and a sexy figure. Researchers have found out the causes of over-weight is unbalanced life style, Irregular mode of feeding and lack of education of healthy habits of eating. They have scholarly advised obsessed to check on eating habits to improve emotional and physical health.

Weights lose supplements in the market, May not effective, and slow in cutting weight as an obsessed individual may wish. Consumption of junk food is the main cause for obesity and increase in weight in the over-weight victims. Reducing weight and diet can be stressful and hard to manage.

There are drills, strategies, and plans when it comes to losing of weight. The most important for someone who is already a victim of over-weight is to devices ways of burning more calories. One must take care because most of the ways to reduce weight quickly that floods the market can exist as a propagandist campaigns seeking only publicity.

To drop a kilogram, one has to be careful not to begin by overhaul eating habits or exercise long hours but to find a simple thing you enjoy doing, do it daily and losing weight would not be harmful but calorie burning process that is of great help to healthy living.

Most healthy food and drugs posses weight losing properties. Many people purchase drugs over the counter. Others use naturally extracted meal replacement that suppress weight. Some supplements can have side effects; therefore, a need for advice from qualified physicians is of great significance. It might interfere with medication prescribed by a doctor.

No, fixed and quick way of weight loss; Healthy eating and regular physical exercising should form a foundation of any weight loss programme.

Studies show that consumption of calcium and serving food with low fats help weight loss. Low fat dairy food combines with reduced calorie diet than calcium supplement.Dropping weight require one to cut significantly amount of food he eats.

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How to Survive being sacked


 Be appropriately dressed when looking and walking .punctuality is what cairns keeps you in a job .attitude everything and so learn faster to cope up with the existing job environment

Employment relation should be understood it is important for job success .some job require in dependability .that mans as employee you should perform o when you are given a job to perform on your own .it is important you be realizable and know you job well

Understand the job intimation and compete tasks in time .on job training is free and flexible and read to learn. Know supervisors well, be trust worthy, no employer who likes to keep employee with long hands but employees with tatter thought and skills

Exercise a lot of maturity and understanding benefit you in your job peace .benefit from networking with other and mashing friend at the work place

How and where to get a jobGet a job is very hard these today’s because many quality grandaunt are flowing every of the year into the job magnet. Many job are advertised cheaply in the social Media and presences blogs

To wait for the job to be advertise on radio ,television ,newspaper or magazine are my talk long before seeing an advert employer are marching use of the new melees to advertise vacancies freely

Some employers require prospective employees to have subscribed to their website in-case the job is available they apply only by apply and they are done

It is also good to identify the area you are seeking employment list down the name, address  ,e-mail and  websites  of companies and organization in  area including government to their websites if you need to be alerted the  vacancies are available .fund and make  friends in some these organization of they can alert you employer will waist  money advertise a post sometime the just asked other employ to look  for someone to replace employee who has been sacked or got  a greener pasture somewhere or died .it is natural such can happen and  so  need have a friend in that company to uniform of such post

Networking working is every importance because your network can alert of a vacancy available from where ever he/she works. Make sure net work is alive and it works

Making into an organization well dressed just as you going for interview with your going for  interview with your document well arranged and present to the manager professionally let him  or what benefit her company .sometimes can luckily e told later day .make sure have contact whether you promised or not

Ask for volunteer and internship because that is how you can build work experience and where show skills and handwork to impress employers

Volunteering help a lot and it adds credit to your CV some volunteer service can win a job or scholarship .it can also laved to be employer in that organization

Creating your own job is another alternative job is not only washing for someone, you can cart your own and employee other .think of a business idea you offer to your community and be paid incentive .example organizing a group of youth to washing cars in your town at the end of the day you Share what you collected among yourself .by so doing you created a job .you own job and good service to the community

Registering to professional websites and legal job agencies and professional websites in linked in un-job-listing intentional relief agency and many more

Searching for a job is a job in itself .you need to put strategies just like the business planning

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How to work hard keep your in the job


An employee should remain outstanding in work place so that they can be kept on the job even at a time retrenchment mostly during lay off to cut the expense .the lazy worker are the first to sacked and the most active are last to be layer off .to survive must have a quality that tells the employer a reason for you to remain behind must be product employee
Handling conflicts in workplace is very important to retain your public image conflict are destructive when they load violence diversion of time destroy the reposition of the organization being performance sacking and poor communication at work place
The following are causes of conflict in the workplace:

Time management
Religions difference Discrimination and favors ion
Lack of respect and intimidation
Communication barriers
Jealous among employer
Incompetence and laziness
Theft and robbery
All completion amount employees
Gossips among employees
Difference is social class
Cruel treatment in workplace communication breaks down
Pricier knowledge of co-worker

Qualifies of good employees
 A good employee should have positive attitudes towards employer and job. They must be enthusiastic in all assignment given to them a good employment plan well organized to help them in growing in the field and to further their careers. Being a good employee ensure you remain in employment and create room for a better job .you get give their best
Work get achieved their goals .this is possible through a good neuter rend commitment to realize goal in life and career

 Levels of communication at work place include:
 – supervises
Key to effective communicationsUsed of gestures
Distance and availability
Tone variation
Power of speech
Right communication channel
Keeping time
Engaging the audience
Being considerate and respecting other people’s culture religions
Maintaining on upright posture and eye contact
Be accommodative and know power balance
A good employer should be able to wash no-verbal language in work place
Timing and delivery of service is the reason why you are employed make source you observer
Do not let your mind wonder while on duty remain alert till you are sure of what you do
Listen careful not just hear
Check for accuracy
Be awards of other people need
Ask and don’t tell
Keep an open mind
Develop confer table relation

Surviving in the job placeBe appropriately dressed when looking and walking .punctuality is what cairns keeps you in a job .attitude everything and so learn faster to copal up with the existing job environment
Employment relation should be understood it is important for job success .some job require in dependability .that mans as employee you should perform o when you are given a job to perform on your own .it is important you be realizable and know you job well
Understand the job intimation and compete tasks in time .on job training is free and flexible and read to learn. Know supervisors well, be trust worthy, no employer who likes to keep employee with long hands but employees with tatter thought and skills
Exercise a lot of maturity and understanding benefit you in your job peace .benefit from networking with other and mashing friend at the work place

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How to face interview panel to job


Showing up interview without proper  preparation is like washing up in morning only to find out the final exam is on your desk .You have  no other  wise  but  to  do it unless you are genius the end  results is a fail  .his  is because you have not studied either are you psychologically  prepared .

There are two important things loads a student to pass a test .One is to know the scoops of the syllabus where the test can be set .for example this farm we have covered four topics .a god student will predict the she/he is to do in three days time will come from those four topic covered unless a general questions .he or she has to budget his/her available time to cover all the topicFor a job seek company profile advertised job requirement tools for the job .e.g. CV  application letter mode  of dressing and psychological prepared are his/her topics to resource and cover before presenting him/herself for interview.

The most important thing to know before interview is how to manage stress within own self and how to impress the interview

Practice how answer interview question by setting you own questions about the job you are applying .do mock interview with you friend  or family member .one can get these  interview on the internet .let  your friend ask you   ask  you these questions and him correct you where H/She can .this will equip you confidence.

If one has a mentor on the  profession or field they are applying for that is the right time to contact them and seek their advice .It is the right time you call or write to you referees to seek if they can offer you some advice on how answer  interview question

Some of phase people have lived in the field for long and know commonly asked question during time and you easily benefit from their advice for the faithful prayers and meditation help greatly to manage stresses and fear before and during interview .wishes for god look for friend s and family member will help to build you confidence to face interview panel.

Stay and remain calm and mark sure you are ready for interview and  be  confidence to as will help  you interview and be confident as  we help you articulate you point as you speak .Therefore confidence is the first thing you held to build before interview.

Mode of dressing is very important in impressing the employ .dressing speaks out what kind of a person you are. It communicate you characters and whether you are professionally groomed.

If you’re playing for an executive job must be dressed like one during the interview .dressing speaks out the public image of the person and the employee must get from the first sight on you that you are the person to represent and keep the image of his company or organization.

Good communication skills is what make sure you communicate with clarity both universal and non verbal keen to berate and get the questions asked by interviews and give precise answers. Avoid beating about the bush Ability support the content of your CV is crucial because that does not speak out what you can but what are.
 Make sure you have every document you mentioned in you CB with you during the interview both original and copy otherwise don’t include in your CV what you do not have a prove.Know more where you are seeking employment by researching getting details of the company profit including salaries offered for the post you are applying for

Being relevant where answering question is every important .In case you have not heard the question properly ask for answers with lot respect. Frame your answers precisely and in logical manner.  Tell interviewers only what he/she want.  Expound only if you are asked.  Some interviewees think, explaining more, the interviewer will impress the employer. It is wrong just exact answer required.

 If you don’t know the answer never tell lies, waist time, guess or try.  Just admit you don’t know and go ahead.Holding attitudes and temper and habits during interview also help .when asked question that is sensitive is good you are yourself and response cal only reacting would not help any contorting your feelings help a lot.

 Maintain are contact with the interview because that tells interview you are keen to details and you are keen to details and you are not telling a lie .dropping eyes down when answer a question tells interview you are sly or you want to express what is not in you.

Body posture speaks a lot what kind character you are so make sure  you  the right posture to seat during interview  .if  invited for interview do not seat till you are permitted to do .enter the great the panel and remain standing and wait for instruction.

 Avoid bad mouthing your former employer in case you are asked why you left the job .Tell what you want to want to enjoy if given a job your opportunities for further development.

Remain outstanding in your presentation and be organize make sure you have all you need for interview .leave behind lasting  impression and do not forget  thanking the panned for taking you interview .in case you are offered a drink avoid soundly  slip .it could concussion of you  having bad habit What avoid during interview.

The following should be avoided during interview ; giving irrelevant answers reflect a form arrogance in  strong performance , wasting time in answer in a question do not know; over confidence ; being silly ; Jumping into conclusions; stare vacantly to interviewer ; bad mouthing  former employer ;show lack of interest and not keeping time.

It is important to arrive at the interview place earlier so that you get know the  room for interview so that one is able to release before gazing to interview being  punctual tell employer what kind employ you would be if given a job

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A chaeper software developed to suit low level earners


Leading developer of cheaper wireless technologies firm Qualcomm  built up its strength and presence in sub-Saharan Africa , launched early this year a third office in African to be based in Nairobi. The firm foresees potentials of trading in region.
 Qualcomm has subsidiaries in South Africa and Nigeria as its east Africa regional headquarters located in Purshottan place, Chiromo Road, Westlands to serve as its base for the fast growing mobile market hub for business operations in the Eastern and Central Africa region.
Qualcomm Director of business development in East African Billy Owino said that East Africa is continuing its rapid transition to 3G Mobile broadband services.
He said that across the region business and consumers have turned to mobile phones for a wider range of activities which includes downloading music and video, social networking and money transfer and that new Smartphone to the market requires working together of all the partners.
“Qualcomm Nairobi office is to maintain closeness to the people, government and important industry that drives telecommunications in the region” he said, adding that African is the fastest growing mobile market in the world and second largest after Asia.
Owino said the number of user’s increases by 20 per cent every year pointing out that Pyramid Research Projects; industrial analyst firm, Predicts telecommunication revenue to account rise by more than half by the year 2016.
The firm has significantly grown since setting office in the continent and it believes  mobile data revenue will grow up from 460 million US Dollars to 760 million US Dollars by 2016 which is 44 per cent growth.
He said Qualcomm will engage the government and other partners in giving Kenyans technologies that provides localized content applications. The USA based firm hinted that it will in future engage with the governments and partners in designing affordable Smartphone globally.
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Pope Benedict XVI on the cyberspace


<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–>85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI is set to tweet to world’s a billion plus Catholics on his twitter account before the end of the year. The Associated Press reports comments from Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi .The pope might begin communication in a 140 characters to the world. Entering to the cyberspace by the highest Catholic leadership can create room for authentic personal encounters with rest of the world. Catholic Church gets on exploring new communication option but they should be extra careful as we might soon witness even terrorists tweeting threat messages to the Pope.

Pope Benedict writes items by hand rather than on computers or other digital devices. It is very unlikely that he will actually be involved in pushing soft button to formulate tweets and takes the role of digital advisers soon. The Vatican has been in favor of communicating using new technologies. Formally gave its blessing to spreading other voice of The Divine Word on through the Internet. He urged even the priests to start blogging in 2010. 
The church already has a verified account @news_va_eng established last year when an online news site was launched. It shows some Internet-savvies but back in 2011 on World Communications Day some messages denounced fake identities and link baiting. Technology is good but out there lives some vultures that may use them on their own way. Experts offer Google + for the pope. Other religious leaders using Google service are Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.
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How Global Information Technology is answer to business future


The world has begun to feel the effect of information revolution in the future businesses. Getting an opportunity to start building wealth and attain your financial freedom by creating your own internet business empire is what is now ruling global business and economies. If one is concerned about financial security and want to take control of fat retirement benefits then do business on the internet.

Many businesses are going online globally. What you need to have to do business online is a computer with a connection to the internet and a good number of friends on your network. One need not to leave his or her residence to report work. It is only connecting the computer to power source and have power to identify genuine websites or design your own and let client know what products and service you provide.

A part from businesses online, people enjoys outsourcing services on the internet. One needs not to travel to UK or USA to get a job. You can outsource jobs online and you are paid online so long as you own and e-wallet account. Many people do polls survey and they make quite a good cash out of that.

Internet as made it easy for many to attend interviews on Skype and teleconferencing at your own convenient time and place. You can sign documents and submit back to be filed without necessarily carrying hard copy. This is again credit to the environments as it is being conserved and no industrial carbon emission to the ozone blanket. This also reduces stresses of looking for fare to traveling to attend interviews in far place.

Working on the internet is living your own boss. The best of all is working when you want and income stream in even you are sleeping; someone buys your service and products online anywhere around the world. One only allocates oneself comfortable hours to attend client online and business proceeds fetching profits.

Internet users worldwide continue to grow steadily on daily basis as employers recruit workers online and payments for services and products done online. Many governments in the world including African have gone electronic in terms on payments. Call it e-governance or e-payment or e-anything. Again we have saved trees from destroying papers need. Soon e-wallet may become a requirement as now computer skills for one to be hired by the government or private employers.

This makes business entrepreneurs enjoy advantages to work and operate their home business industry while relaxed at their living rooms or attending other activities as some business on the internet mostly automated. Statistics indicates over 900 millions internet users worldwide at present information revolution age.Home based businesses have taken advantage of ever-growing social media network to reach their clients. This has forced people to be friendly even to strangers who add them to the network because you never know she or he might turn to become your potential client or customers.

Aggressive multi-level marketers’ gurus have found ways to converts the number of friends on the social media network into a source of income. Graduating with good grades now seems not to please employers. What seems to impress employers is a practical skill and a number of friends on your social network because is what helps their businesses. On interview you will not miss a question like are you connected on facebook, Bizopper or google+? Just to name a few. This is because what helps the business to grow is how many friends you will introduce into the business if you were to be given an opportunity to serve as employee.

Internet is ever changing global employment and world economies with internet opportunities go getting every day. Loses are thing of the past and thinking about it is backwardness of highest order. That is what some will describe if you are not connecting to the internet.Internet business is environmentally friendly compared to industrial revolution. It is cleaner and better than automobile and industrial business the carry with it negative effects on the environments.


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Growing up in the slum suburb


Blessing left Mr. and Mrs. Morgan house help job in the city suburb and decided to settle down to marriage life at young age. She had no formal education. She dreams to be a lawyer or a doctor at her younger age but lack of school fees to high school dimmed her golden dreams .She opted to seek a house help job in the city.

After hide-and-seek love affair with Nkuia at early age Blessing Omari met affluent Khuta who was curious to discover sweet love with her. He used to meet her after work when blessing was almost going home. Mr. and Mrs. Oman begun to suspect Blessing for her new behavior thinking of the dowry they were to get if she remained a good girl. Sometimes she comes blaming a lot of work given by her boss and some public transport vehicle for delay to her boss telling to sleep to help visitors and remain with the child. But at the back of her mind she knew the good and true reason for all this was her love affair with Khuta.

She had regular boyfriend Okiriate whose parents had approached Mr. and Mrs. Omari for marriage arrangement. She missed her monthly periods and she immediately informed Khuta but he reacted differently. He strongly told blessing he was not ready to be the father or continue more love with Blessing. It was a heart break to blessing who hoped to get married to a rich boy with financial ability to support her and the children. The girl blamed herself for her mistake together with her family background.

She had swallowed it all alone and decided to patch her pregnancy to her regular boyfriend who was happy to be the father. Okiriate was proud he is a man and he had a woman with a child that sprung from his groin in her womb.
Okiriate was the first to anchor the news to his parent that his girlfriend had missed her period. He had a thought that she might be pregnant. He feared the ruling of his traditional norms that a child born before marriage ceremony belonged to girl’s family. He wanted his parents to shift in for help and rescue it before situation slipping out of hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Omari were ready for anything to arrange the marriage ceremony or wait for their daughter to deliver at home to receive a new family visitor. To them they were proud of their daughter and any announcement made first was good news to them.
Mr. and Mrs. Bari were ready to do all they can to make their son proud. A committee of village elders was called in for breakfast at Mr. Bari homestead. At the mid of feasting, Mr. Bari delivered the news to the old men and a delegation was sent to alert Mr. Omar and his family of the visiting committee  for marriage proposal. One evening when Blessing was returning home from her house help job she was informed to be ready for visitor coming to their family the next morning and someone will be sent to deliver resignation message to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan.
Blessing slept silent as if dead in her bedding with a speaking mind and silently praying the truth may remain buried forever. She knew the truth about the child she is carrying in womb belongs to irresponsible rich man not to the innocent serious responsible one who has agreed against odds to marry. She loved Okiriate braveness to face situations with a Man’s heart. She wished it’s him who impregnated her. She was filled with pity and sympathy for his innocence and she begun to love him even more than ever. But she blamed the devil the mislead her to Cheat on this good and understanding man.
One day blessing was seated outside her parent mud walled house enjoying the warmth of the rising sun and viewing the up shooting skyscrapers of city. She wished her parent had one of their owner houses among the city tall building. May be Khuta could not have underrated to denied her. She shifted her thought to Okiriate.”He is hard-working and responsible may be one time he will buy a house in one of the neighboring city suburbs”. She thought in a monologue.
Her heart was occupied with the love she had for Okiriate and part hate she had for Khuta and another for the baby she carried in her womb. She prayed silently for the baby she was carrying be a boy. She will educate the boy to be a doctor or a lawyer. She promised herself work hard to be able to afford school for the boy.
She remembered one occasion she discussed with Okiriate who had luckily completed his secondary school exams and had secured a job telling that he will do all he can to enable sit for secondary school exams  in two years and wonder why she cheated on his responsible man. Seating for high school will enable get a job or go to college and get job latter.
Marriage arrangement was done and it was time for Blessing to move to live with her husband. Okiriate parents had a two room mud wall house in a small piece of land out of the city outskirts. Okiriate had to make an extension of Iron sheet Single room from one end of the walls. This is where he is to begin his family life. He worked in private pharmaceutical firm as casual laborer.
The dowry was agreed on, part of it was paid and the remaining was to be paid before Christmas that year. The old men and women feasted delicious meals served and hot drink during the marriage ceremony. Blessing was happy she would supported by her husband and in-laws but the guilt of the true father of child she carrying haunted her. It never gets out her mind however she tried to forget Khuta.
Blessing was a girl every man watched in the village of Boma. She was a first born in a family of four children and the only girl. She had Angelic looks, character and miraculously well behaved. She was a beauty queen to be precise. She wore a beautiful face, a lovely smile and a merciful look but had one problem why Khuta jumped her after she got pregnant. She was from a clan that was termed lowest caste in the society, outcast despite her angelic beauty.
She had every quality of being pleasing to every sense of every man. Wealthier men in her village wished they be the first to seduce the gorgeous Blessing. She was unlucky to be born in a community that entertained societal stratification, Caste level systems and her family position situated in a level of outcast. Boys from noble families cursed the division and segregation in their society and even described it as primitive because that denied them to marry “The Beautiful Blessing”.

Blessing’s parents belonged to the same clan and community. Blessing and her three brothers were supposed to marry from their owned division of the society. Riches did not matter most in this society. The community comprised of the ruling class who find themselves in office not because they worked for it but because a taller relative has held the post before. The hard workers who their offspring’s were not supposed to see the dolor of a school or access information. Having influential relative, the level of caste you belong determined what you earn.
Despite of blessing successful marriage celebrations she remained deep in thought in some occasions. She was used to a lot of work that her new family and her mother in law home household tasks she could do in minutes. Okiriate had two sisters Asunta and Sophia. They were all in high school. Sophia was almost the same age with Blessing.  Blessing wondered why she has settled in marriage life and her age mates are in school.
Blessing hated the societal division in the society she lived in. She was beautiful and loving but she could not get married to Khuta because of her family background. Khuta was from noble clan. It he could be termed as coveted to outcast class. The two could be ridiculed and or discriminated or even killed if found they have fallen in love. It could even lead to war between two clans.
“If he knew he couldn’t be allowed to marry me by his clan why did he approach me for love?” Blessing asked herself.
Blessing was tall brown with astonishing beauty. She had a built up of an athlete body. Her black-long hair reached to her waist. Every boy in the village admired her. Rich men approached her but family background kept them off. For noble clan to marry from outcast was a curse. Blessing knew well why she could not entertain rich men it was because they wanted her for sex only but Khuta succeeded to lie to her to give in. She remembered him telling her that they will run and get married and live in a foreign country. “But what happened Pregnancy is what made him changed the vow?” She asked herself. To prove she was right Khuta ate from the plate and then spite on the same describing it as not worthy to have it.
She was blessed with strong well arranged white milky teeth with a natural gap on the upper incisors. Her eyes sparkle life. The name Blessing was a blessing to her if had a shop she could make big sales because had a talent like natural smile and a business executive courtesy and etiquette.
Blessing carried pregnancy for eight months instead of normal nine. Some could have suspected but the norms of the society agree that some pregnancies come and end as early as six or seven or eight months or sometimes go beyond by a week or two. The boy was born.
Blessing named her boy after Mr. Morgan her former employer Mr.  Morgan was good. He used to visit send Blessings presents and even told her not to stop visiting them and she might even resume her job after she delivers. To Blessing it meant a lot. To remember her first love with Mr. Morgan neighbors’ son Nkuia who is now married to the only Morgan’s daughter Tanya. “I am from lower caste but even the noble ones chase after me”. She prides herself in trying to for get the reality in the she lives in.

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Truth about United States mission in Benghazi


An extra-marital affair that has lived on headlines for a week across the world that USA chief intelligent official, retired general David Petreaus fooled around with his biographer Paula Broadwell that has cost him his job might just an additional to Benghazi attack cover-up.
The global media is digging deeper to unearth what might have lead the retired army general to resign is more than having another woman. Having love out married life seems to another problem that compromise USA security or even world security.

US official praised the general for his good in Iraq and Afghanistan but speculations surrounding the sudden resignation of CIA chief based on his role in an allegedly cover-up of the US mission attacked in Benghazi in September 2012. Allegation is more serious that just having love outside marriage circle that could handle a religious way or in court of law.
It is now clear that what the media describes as a US consulate in Benghazi never existed. What existed is US diplomatic mission building which served as meeting venue to coordinate aid offered to rebel-led revolt according to Middle East security officials.

US official blamed a film about Islamic figure, Prophet Mohammad for claimed popular protest lead to the attack of US mission.According to intelligent official, the popular protests did not take place in the night of attack. Recruitment of fighters including jihadists took place in the building branded consulate in Benghazi. Big monster might eat t up US as foreign Policy and international relations.

If the building described as a consulate was real, where was the heavy public security that normally guides US consulates around the world? That might be a sign the building in question not used for a sensitive purpose. Unless USA has two consulates in Libya, the real consul is Tripoli even today not Benghazi. President Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton both referred Benghazi station as US mission.

On August 2012 two weeks before US ambassador, Christopher Stevens attended opening ceremony of consular service in Tripoli where he said he was happy to announce US readiness to offer full consulate service to Libyans.

An hour to the attack, Stevens had finalized meeting with a Turkish diplomat. Turkey leads insurgency against Assad’s rule. Ambassador Stevens was allegedly involved in recruiting jihadists to fight in Syria according to Egyptian security officials. Does it mean top security officials work hand in hand? They might even be eating in one plate may be if they help one another to put down legal governments.

This is more serious than sex scandals used as a shield for defense and cover the truth. This may mean in every war in this world there is an American hand involved. It is clear US government is supporting rebels. Recently Obama announce a $ 50 million dollar aid to rebels.
The principle of salvaging the suffering in the Arab world and trying to avoid the truth of failed democracies in the world by bringing down governments in power placing with jihadists. The principle is using their own enemy to fight them. The reasons why some arms of Al-Qaida receive aid form US to overthrow regimes. Removing dictator from power is good but working with terror group is not.

Assistance received by rebels form US includes direct assistance, weapon, and financial assistance to Libyan and Syrians rebel but it is US has vowed fight on terror. Why is USA together with Jihadists in roof? May be we are meant to get confused for something to happen because some are truth reveal by resignation of retired general.

Nature of assistance by United States is questionable because there is evidence al-Qqaida is among the rebel fighters supported by US in Libya and Egypt. If so which war on terror is US fighting. It is funny jihadists group fought US in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the fight to help in fetching hot overflowing Arab spring waters.

It is true there are no permanent enemies in these wars.
US official state that White house is proving non-lethal aid to the Syrians rebels and there is widespread report showing US works closely with Arabs world to ensure opposition in Syria is armed.

An extra-marital affairs, cover-up of Benghazi attack and increase criticism doubting strength of CIA in Benghazi on the night of attack might leads to fall of big names in the US security agents, General David leaving his job is just the beginning.
The headlines may not stop soon as General Allen name coming on spot with investigation under way. The world is not stopping digging deeper to the heart of matter to find out what else might have contributed to the resignation the general. His resignation is not even stopping world from know the truth.
Paula Broadwell is still finding space in headline despite her disappearance from the media. She might need to stand up and face the world to set her record straight. Alternatively, may decide to remain silent for fog to clear ahead for utter anything to public for fear of fueling the already burning fire. 
Her disappearance from public may do her good. Straightening her record now is hard because the wound is still fresh though the scar may remain even later.
FBI investigative about 30000 e-mails concerning Broadwell threat to a third party. The outcome might more about her public and private life.Everyone is wondering what might happening in her family now as avoids the media.

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Government plan to upgrade SLUMS


Ministry of housing together with many stakeholders joins hands to address the numerous problems and challenges facing the informal settlements and slum areas in Nairobi. The plan to upgrade slums settlements is the effort of the government and other stakeholders desire to provide decent moderns residence housing to slum dwellers at cheaper cost possible.
The ministry is formulating national slum upgrading and prevention policy to stop growing of slums in cities. Slums and squatter settlements manifests at higher rate.  It is uncontrolled and frenzied urbanization linked with scarce space for urban management.
Slums and informal settlements has unbearable urban living conditions characterize by urban decay, high rate of poverty, illiteracy, joblessness, congestion and insecurity that makes them breeding ground for negative uses and deteriorate behavior.
Slum lack basic infrastructure like water, sanitation, solid waste management, ease of access to electricity, social amenities including schools, health centers and market facilities. According to the statement to the press, the ministry says housing structure is badly dilapidated.  Structures are constructed using temporary materials and unfit for human habitation.
Settlements are allocated in very fragile points including unsecure and unfeasible areas close to industries and along the railway lines and road reserved areas. Settling under high power voltage lines a top underground, petroleum pipelines and dumpsites. Slum dwellers are susceptible to all types of pollution which includes air, water, noise, noxious waste and environmental degradation.  Inhabitants of slums are also prone to disasters like floods and diseases outbreak.
Accessibility to credit is hard for slum dweller as they lack formal job and legal land ownership.  Slums and informal settlement account for a big percentage of the urban population. The reason as why lack of jobs is high in the country. Accessibility to credit facilities will create more jobs and money is pumped back the economy. This will see slums dwellers going to school then after reducing poverty level in entire country.
No single entity can boast to address slum menace in every respect but many hands make it easier. The scenario is too complex.  The Government and other stakeholder held a forum in April 2012 to formulate a slum upgrading and prevention policy to provide a framework for addressing the concern at last there is hope ahead for the inhabitant of informal settlements.
The government and other parties are working together and the process will be all inclusive participation.  The policy serves as a guide to spread its wings to devolved government structure in their effort to upgrade and prevent slum patching on edges of urban centre.  The policy comes at a time devolved structures are taking other responsibilities in investments development and consequently provide for the increasing urban population.
Past initiates have had minimal impact in addressing menace related to slum formation and prevention. The government has been blamed for low budgetary allocation and failure by private sector to provide low cost housing to the urban poor even after introduction of incentives by the government.
There is a divergence between housing supply and demand arising from non responsive building standards and regulation which recognizes only conventional building material. As envisaged out in Kenya vision 2030 that the country to be a middle income class economy, there is need to focus legal and institutional framework to tap on the high potential, talents and home-grown technical know-how of slum and informal settlement dwellers.
 This can be enhanced to develop small and medium scale industries that can earn the country foreign exchange to compete even with Asia Tiger Economies.
This is happening at a time when housing supply is almost reaching its peak in Kenya especially for the middle and upper class earners. The sale is moving slowly not as faster as ten year back.Property investors have ripped good profit for the last 10years.  The sales were good. But does means all middle and upper class earners have secured homes and no more buying? Kenya Diaspora should also be a target and favorable policies to allow foreigners to buy and own home in Kenya also one way to increase sales.
 Now prices for real estate are soaring through the roof.  Mortgages prices have fallen the same yet new development is sprouting in the Nairobi Suburbs.
Lenders are watching keenly the dropping values fetched by the real estate business on low sale and may decide to close the source of funding.
Property developer targets mostly few middle class and upper class forgetting 60% percent of the population is low income earners with also high collective power to purchase. Makers of property should consider the class level when target market. The united should match earning levels of general population.
With many unsold units, the real state property sector could be leading to a crush after booming for 10 years.
Now with government partnering with others to upgrade slum housing foresee units made to target lower income earn facing another fate as the once targeted for upper class income earners. Property makers should now increase units that target the pocket of lower income earners by making units more affordable to many than targeting a few rich. One just imagine if we have a decent house unit that cost up to Ksh. 200 000, for sure the will higher it is at present.
I think property makers should be creative enough to construct decent property development to other growing towns; still the market will still be fetch-able.

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Cotu (K) Prepared To Blocks PUSETU

Central organization of Trade Union COTU (K) fight to thwart registration of newly founded Trade Union, The Public Servants Trade Unions (PUSETU) was revealed at 89th executive board meeting this week at solidarity Building in Nairobi.

The executive board upon scrutiny of the aim and objectives of the newly founded Trade Union body noted that its main goal is to interfere with the smooth operations of COTU (K).

COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been mandated by The Executive Board to proceed and do all within his powers to ensure PUSETU overtures are silenced with the Board promising financial support to his office.

The resolution unanimously ratified by the General Secretaries of the 38 COTU (K) officials will remain binding to the entire labour movement in Kenya. COTU (K) boasts of 1.8 millions members with secretariat taking leads in co-coordinating effective implementation of passed resolution.COTU (K) members stay to non-partisan and exercise neutrality in the March 4th2013 general election and allows its members to freely exercise their constitutional and democratic rights to make own choice to a political party of their own.
In a press release to the media no political party had directly approached COTU (K) for support but COTU (k) leadership is to continue to engage all political parties with a view to identify ones with workers- friendly policies to support should there be a need.

Employers have been directed by ministry of labour on COTU (K) request to deduct Kshs. 20 from every employee’s earnings, who are COTU (K) members to be utilized in the completion of ultra modern Resource centre at Tom Mboya Labour College and fund training programs of members.  This is because of the growing education and need for training.

The Executive board unanimously endorsed the new national social security) Fund (NSSF Bill 2012 but faulted one provision in the Bill on the quorum for meetings. Members sought amendments on the quorum of members the NSSF Board which exclude Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and COTU (K) in what is to be quorum of the meeting.  The bill gives two quarters members present in order to form a quorum to go with a meeting.

The Board viewed realization of quorum without FKE and COTU (K) as dangerous citing past historical political inference in the fund.  
COTU (K) through Secretary General Atwoli has sued National Hospital Fund Board for the new rate citing unfairness.  The minister for medical services Prof. Anyang Nyang’o has also been accused for refusal to consult with COTU (K) and FKE on the newly proposed rates member unanimously endorsed.  A decision to replace the secretary General with General Secretary also cropped. The fight is purposely for the labour movement to remain solid and formidable.


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Kenya remembers Road Traffic Victims by announced stiffer penalties to traffic offenders

  Government announced stiffer penalties to traffic offenders as it prepares to remember all those who lost their life on road accident on Sunday, 18th of November, 2012. The government has to put all that is required in place to honor the Road Traffic Victims as now most motorists are not familiar with the new Kenya road network especially the complex Thika Supper High Way.
The government enacts two new crucial laws to address challenges hindering the transport industry from being responsive to its needs. These challenges include conflicting laws and weaker penalties for traffic offences.
Reforms in the sector is hoped to translate into enhanced good organization, safety and refurbishment of order. This will strengthen the fight against impunity.
Implementation of the National transport and safety Act is aimed to better management of the transport sector and to attract investors. It is also meant to merge gains that have been achieved so far.
The national transport and safety Authority Act 2012 paves way for creation of National Transport and safety authority (NTSA) to spearhead discharge of policies in the road transport sector.
The functions of NTSA are to control the motor vehicle inspection (MVIU) Transport Licensing Board (TLB) the registrar of motor vehicle (RMV) and the National safety council.
NTSA Board is to be headed by chair person appointed by the president. The authority will be under a Director general Appointed by the Board in consultation with the cabinet secretary.
NTSA will be represented at the county level in accordance with new constitution indulgence.
NTSA will finance its operation through funds accrue from levy paid to National transport Authority and safety funds.
The Traffic amendment Act of 2012 is a disincentive to those breaking traffic laws. It will attract heavy fines, education of road users and safer road safety facilities.
Drivers will be required to renew driving Licenses every three (3) years. Inspector general will be required to gazette designate place to mount security check.
The law also requires the officer commanding police divisions ((OCPD) to be in charge of traffic matters and all police to deal with traffic offences.
A driver for a commercial or for a public services vehicle will be required to undergo physical fitness, eye and testing every three (3) years. Every driver would be subjected to a demerit point system for traffic offences.
Reckless driving attract a jail term of two years of fine of Kshs 300,000.Drunken driving attract a jail term of not less than two years or a fine of Kshs 100,000.If you are caught overlapping you risk a jail term of three years(3) months or a fine of Kshs 30,000.
The government has to invent ways to finance a trillion shillings budget even if to stiffen penalty.
In a statement to the media Hon Amos Kimunya the minister  for transport appealed to all stakeholders in the transport sector to support new laws ,this was announced days after the president of the republic of Kenya Mwai Kikbaki flagged the opening of Thika superhighway.
New law as are meant to bring positive gain to road transport and road safety but Matatu owners association are not happy with stiff penalties. Kenyans have to embrace safe road use culture to reduce road carnage.
Positive gains have been realized despite many challenges in the road transport sector .It has continued to play a crucial role in the commuter transport in Kenya.
The ministry has also developed laws to regulate common means of transport like boda boda, use of breathalyzer to check amount of alcohol in the driver’s breath and special speed cameras.
W.D.McNalley invented a breathalyzer 1927 in Chicago, IL corners chemist it found, its way to the Kenya road system though this invention was originally for house wives to test whether their husbands had been drinking Prior letting them in the  house.


To reduce traffic congestion within Nairobi and its environs, the ministry of transport encourages the use of high capacity vehicles and commuter trains as mass transport system.


The ministry works hand in hand with key ministries and agencies to automate all transport activities, transport integrated management (TIM) system is to facilitate sharing of transport information among stakeholders.


TIMS will provide reliable and efficient information to Kenyans seeking status of log book, driving license, PSV license and owner of the vehicle online at the touch of mobile phone button.
National curriculum for training, testing and licensing of drivers is in place to ensure qualified motorists only are permitted to have driving license. The Minister is confident, implementation of new laws and stakeholders support will make a better road transport sector.
Kenyans and stakeholders are urged to support the government efforts to improve road safety


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East African Community Has Opened Brand New Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania

The East African community is working towards full implementation of the common market protocol though the outgoing chairperson Mwai Kibaki points out certain bottlenecks and teething troubles.
 The chairman urged partner states to hasten harmonization of their relevant national law as to be in cycle with EAC treaty for realization of intended goals as he hands of Chairmanship to Uganda.

The brand opened center of operations of the East African Community in Arusha is commissioned the Arusha –Namanga-Athi River-Namanga Road constructed as pillars of the steady growing E.A.C. This facility is intended to serve citizens of the member’s partner states and implementing agency is urged to operate according to the spirit of agreement.

Achievements are part of infrastructure developments the community has prioritized to realize, improved and sustainable livelihood of the people of partner states. In the last one term of Kibaki’s Chairmanship EAC worked towards establishment of one stop Border posts at strategic point to ease cross border movement for promotion regional Trade.

EAC through its Sectoral council on gender has formulated 2012-2016 strategic plans on gender equality and all –inclusiveness. The treaty’s commitment of partner states to develop EAC child policy that forms a common regional approach and realization of children rights.

The legislative organ of the EAC has passed several crucial bills in recent years that seek to fortify regional integration. Some mechanism has to be put in place for joint approaches to human rights, health, environment and good governance.

The community has secured two permanent senior judges based in Arusha. Court EACJ is meant to take services closer to the people of partner states. EACJ has establishing sub-registry in the various national headquarters.

These achievements have marked a year for the EAC integration and the community looks ahead to an even faster regional growth and success. The community hopes to realize a setup of single customs territory and towards envisage of political federation.

Sensitization campaigns have to be prioritized by EAC Affair as important part of the integration process. Citizen of the partner sates should make to understand and appreciate the benefits of the regional Integration Agenda.

Kenya handed over the East Africa community chairmanship to Uganda during the 14th summit of the EAC heads of state in Nairobi the week.

According to the outgoing chairman Mwai Kibaki EAC has made a greater progress in the Integration Agenda giving citizen of member states hope for economic and socio-political success in the future.
The chairman in his statement praised the common market protocol that provides opportunities for the member’s states free movement of persons, goods, services, capital, Labor and rights of setting up business and residence is progressing well, though there are more cropping tribulations.

The East African community has already begun benefiting from the establishment of the common market after removal of unrealistic restrictions to free movement of goods and people. This comes in form of Non Tariff Barriers (NTB)

Cumbersome road blocks and time wasting weigh-bridges along the EAC regions major transport corridors has made it easy for traders to move their goods within partner state cheaply and have maximized profits.

The move has attracted neighboring Eastern countries to apply for member as is hope of a better East African community in the near future.The outgoing chairperson of the EAC council of Ministers Hon. Musa C. Sirma looks back with pride and confidence at achievement so far recorded by the council during the last one term.

The outgoing chairman said the implementation of the EAC African common market protocol has made significant progress and East African now can enjoy economic and social benefits out of the common markets.

Sirma, further in his message to the press said the elimination of Non -Tariffs Barriers (NTBs) has been intensified through National monitoring committee (NMCS) citing recent dedicated session of ministers and on going development of a legally fastening mechanism on the elimination of (NTBS).
He commended Kenya for reducing roadblocks along the Northern corridor from 36 to five. This protects cross border traders from unscrupulous high-way control agencies extorting bribes from traders. It is hope for every citizen of partners’ states to see these dreams come true to allow the ripe the benefits of the integration.

The EAC has developed a centralized customs transit data system to improve and enhance information access and advance clearance of cargo in the region. This will make easier for trade to live and running in region smoothly. It also help congestion that in check points that consumes a lot of times.

The world is keenly watching the EAC Integration as Euro zone experience a crisis
. Will East Africa community be better than the Euro zone?

The minister expressed optimism on the East Africa monetary union negotiation saying it taken a steady pace since 2011. Already, 77 articles in the draft protocol having been negotiated.
With such progress Sirma is confident that the journey to the East Africa Federation is on the right and sure course.

The Acting permanent Secretary, Ministry of the East African community Hon.Chiboli I.Shakaba in his message wished the incoming chair of the coordination committee Uganda’s Permanent Secretary in charge of EAC affair, Madam Edith Mwanje Success as she takes over the baton of steering the committee to even greater success.


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Kenya to switch off Analogue Transmission

The government has announced December 2012 as official date of migrating from Analogue to Digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Nairobi areas  and its environs. The moves been countered by complain to afford Digital migration though it is thought to more beneficial than Analogue.
Dr Ndemo cited ICT as one of economic pillars identified and expected to increase the GDP growth rate and carry on it. ICT is anticipated to play a crucial role in propelling economy.Migration to digital broadcasting ropes the Africans social development agenda through founding of more new jobs and generation of foreign exchange. It is also viewed as attracting direct investment to African continent.
The benefits of digital broadcasting scaffold is better picture and quality sound production more channel to viewers and better utilization of the scarce frequency resource.Analogue switch is probable to down gradually to other towns as the lesson in Nairobi is to be used to make the switch off to the rest of the country smoother.
Since setting up of digital broadcasting in Kenya, it’s  only up to ten towns that enjoy quality pictures and sound. It is projected to ramification to entirely country in the near future.The digital television committee (DTC) is a multi-stakeholder committee comprising members in the ministry of information and communication commission of Kenya CCK, Kenya Broadcasting Corp[oration , National communication Secretariat(NCS) and media owners Association being represented.
The digital Kenya Secretariat which is lives within CCK provides logistical support to DTC.In 2012 /2013 budget the government waived import duty on digital receiving devices to make it cheaper for the buyers but some consumers still complain of inability to purchase the gadgetThis was in line with the East African Communication (EACO) resolution passed in April ,2012 to lessen tax on set to boxes to make them within reasonably price.
Remarks by Director General of CCK Mr Francis Wangusi held the commission has licensed two digital signal distributors, signet part of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 2009 and privately owned company, Pan African Network Limited in 2011. The duo are rolling out digital signal in the entire country.
Distribution has so far reached a significant number of major towns. Public is aware on the progress that has been running on air on popularity trends. For this  to happen,  the public has to be informed of benefits of migrating to digital broadcasting CCK  recently ran for last three months media campaign.Kenya has upgraded technology from Digital Video Broadcasting to Terrestrial (DVB-T) the upgrade is still climbing ladder to a more superior(DVB-T2) that provides better services with most favorable utility continuum that the better still head to come is the “best” of technology to entire Nation.Mr Wangusi acknowledge technological shift did have impact but he commends CCK has been holding engagement with those affected to reconcile the rationale and business sense of technological upgrade.
It is Kenya government initiative to migrating from analogue to Digital television broadcasting got from the decision made at the Regional Radio conference in 2006 in Geneva Switzerland(RRC-06). I t required countries in the RRC to plan area to migrate from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting technologies by 2015.
Kenya seems to be on the better course to meet deadline.Wangusi commends the Africa Telecommunication Union (ATU) for the good progress that has been made so far across the continent in the (ICT) Sector. He added that the  commission shall continue to play an active role in the initiative of the Union.
Message from the ATU Secretary General Mr Abdoulkarim Soumaila who cited the global ICT trend runs through a dynamic change because of development and abundance of digital technologies with definitive aim of building a full digital economies. To have a say to digital economies and to the world in general is to move from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting that seeks to revolutionaries TV in reflective ways.
Moving from analogues to digital broadcasting will provide cost effective likelihood to play a part in the digital world .It is meant to provide affordable means to partake in services from e-government to e-commerce’s.
Digital TV will revolutionaries  quality -of -experience by providing super quantity and quality if what is available on TV and to offer viewers with much needed choice. This fits well in ATU wider subterfuge plans and continued dreams .The facts that information  is a significant economic, Issues  the government has to ascertain  policies and outlines to address digital smooth movement  from analogue to digital broadcasting.
It is crucial for some governments in the African continent to take action in  migration  set up process for the continent to  move in one accord and to maximize the benefit from migration to digital broadcasting technology.
In  the Sectary General message , many countries in the continent have shown internet and have began to integrate digital migration processes on average but he cited  some countries in the continent still lag behind.
Secretary general of ATU is pleased to note significant progress made as result of two continental summit held in Nairobi and Accra in November 2012 and September 2012 respectively .He also commends two coordinately workshops successfully held in Mali and kampala.
“ Migration from analogue to digital broadcasting is a flagship project of Kenya’s economic blue print vision 2030.” Says  information and communication permanent Secretary Dr Bitange Ndemo in celebration of the 35th of African Telecommunication Union (ATU) /Information communication technology(ICT) day on December 2012.
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How to make a good presentation with confidence


A presenter has to be creative enough to hold audience onto listening to him or her. Have ability and willingness to help the learners have a desire to learn .Unless you show this qualities at the first few minutes of your presentation, you may not win the confidence of your audience fully even if theme is more motivating to the learners.
Flexibility and readiness to change to something else that learner’s need in case they resist what you have just started is essential. This is the reason why a presenter has to find out prior presentation what learners expect to benefit from the lesion so that he or she begins presentation with expectation of majority of the learners in mind. That will place the presenter on better side to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
Contributing own knowledge and skills to the development of the community or society and its members give learners a reason to concentrate to listen to what the presenter offers. The audience values a presenter as someone within something to offer. Application of the knowledge and skills you are teaching is significant than just fact you are pumping to them. For instance, to improvise items from locally available in case of inability to purchase commercials ones excite learners and will have confidence to the presenter. This makes teachings use locally available material more interesting and learners love working with the material they are familiar with.
Learners seem to trust an Instructor’s past and present deeds and achievement and what you do at present and what you wish to achieve in the end. Boastful profile during Introduction will do well.
Learning names of the learner as quickly as possible is important because it makes learners behavior well. By knowing them by names gives them sense that this person might pinpoint me to the authority or book mark me has ill behaved. If it is not easy to remember names of learners then it is good the presenter let them mention their names whenever the learner contributes answers or ask question. Identification by names or title is away to relate and make peace and so the presenter has to establish a lasting relation with the learner and be a peace maker.
Adult learners know what they expect from you as a presenter and so it is up to you to offer what they want. Younger learners do not know what exactly they want. It is up to you to direct them to achieve the goal and objectives of the lesson.
Participation is important for both adult and young learners. They term the method of teaching a learner- centered. This is where learners participate in more activities and the presenter guide the learners. This method has advantage because you can assess participation of learner.
In lecturing method it is hard to assess who among the learners was listening and who was just giving you a vacant stare.
I t is up to the presenter to help the audience develop understanding, knowledge and skills by providing promotional professional values. This is where learners see him or her as a role model to emulate. They will find value of giving the presenter a good audience and sacrifice the time to him.
Make learner belief that you understand importance of protection of human rights and they are save being with you as their presenter or a trainer. Learners love listening to presenters who are enthusiastic and with ability to manage assertiveness in a supportive manner. Recognizing and understanding how people learn is important. Having knowledge on how people learn helps trainers to be able to accommodate both slow and fast learners.
There are various learning styles. We have the reflectors who enjoy others doing activities and listen to others and offer their points. Theorist’s learners think logically. These are perfectionist who goes through the problem step by step. Pragmatists try every idea, techniques and theories if they really work practically.
Learning is surrounded on knowledge, skills, attitudes, understanding and behaviors. Educators say that learning has to bring change to an individual. If no changes then know that no learning has taken place at all.
The objective of the presenter is to pump new knowledge to the mind of the learner. If the learner has gained and is able to apply the knowledge in real life situation for example he is able to shape letter A or B then that is change and learning has taken place.
Sometimes learners take several lessons to write, to shape alphabetical letters or number but they are not in a position to draw lines to shape letters then no learning has taken place.As a presenter you develop a life skill to a learner. For instance how to be a good listener, asking questions and recording accurate information.
A change of attitudes is expected at the end of the lesson to the learner. The learner should be able to develop positive thoughts towards social surrounding. For instance how to deal fairly and interact with other members of the society. Accepting and following rule and the norms of the society is a sign of learning. Learners are expected to develop deeper understanding of the subject matter. interpret and apply rules to real life situation.  Participant’s behavior has to change by the end of it all.
A proficient presenter involves learners in the activities for their benefit. Learning has to be interactive and personal contact beyond delivering and receiving information. 
Eye contact with the audience maintains attention span enhances makes communication easy. A good presenter has to give learner time to express their view point.  Let learners say what they think and how they see matters from a different perspective. It will be easy for you to evaluate whether they have understood the lesion or not.
Apart from providing empathy the presenter has to plan, direct and control over the learners activities. Being organized and planning in advance in first place save time.
Learners play a role of participation throughout the learning process. Contributing to discussion and taking part in group work and manipulating of materials excite learning because we learn through all our senses, seeing, touching to feel, hearing, tasting and smelling. As learners interact with materials they explore the environment and get answers to curious mind.
Oratory is a quality for every presenter. He or she might not be an orator from birth but practice makes it perfect. Most public speakers in the world have at one time practiced hard to make it happen. You too can make a good orator with practice. It cost them time and energy to practice odd hours even staying in seclusion and to read to themselves at the tops voices addressing invisible audience, taping, recording their sound and latter listening to themselves just to be sure they pronounce well every syllable and their voices appeals to the audience to when they get to the Podium.
He or she has to be tolerant to conflicting information, and ambiguity and evaluating uncertainty .If you are not sure about something do not struggle to answer ,give the audience a chance to tell what they know about the questions as you prepare and offering yourself time to think.
Diversity of learners should be utilized well. This is so because they come from different backgrounds. Some asking questions because they may not be aware of their colleague knowing the answer. Some learners live with professionals and so they might have been told the answer before coming for training by a relative or a friend, read from some media or I have hard about it.
Beating about the bush trying to answer a question you have little information may cost you as a presenter the trust of the audience. Any good presentation must have a plan prior presentation. Learning is divided into three main domains. These are cognitive learning which applies to gain knowledge. It is a connection of thought and mental processes that is reasoning and remembering. Plan for motivational activities that leads to reasoning and remembering is essential.
According to Benjamin Bloom, an educational researcher, his ordered list summarizes cognitive to involve: knowledge, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, application and evaluation. Psycho-motor leaning applies to physical skills while affective learning is concerned with feeling and attitudes. Blooms lists competency, mastery and proficiency under psycho-motor learning this is where you find football genius and boxers. He lists receiving, responding, organization and characterization under affective learning.
Therefore when plan a presentation, your objective should achieve at the end cognitive, psycho-motor and effective skills.
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How tasking is writing process

Mind of a writer overruns with a world of ideas. With his or her to do list is filled with personal proposal and work plan. He or she has several pieces of papers ,well organized with well researched pieces of information or business ideas.
Ideas come to the minds of a writer at a time. It is noble and almost a tradition for every writer to have his tools with him all the time. This is because you do not know when a business idea gets into his or her mind. The idea comes in as a writer observes situations around his or her. He gathers information by engaging all the senses.
Carrying a notebook to write your own idea before it get out of mind is something that lives in a writer’s thought .A writer  is always cognizant of  forgetting a point that is significant  in supporting this  or her statement. For the writers to hold any water it has to contain facts and attributed to source if the piece of information is to have value in it. A pen, a notebook and urge for information is essential wherever the writer walks at anytime.
There are two types of writer and a part time writer. This is some one who is engaged somewhere or does writing and working at the same. These are typically of writers in Africa.  They teach for instance as well as writing on their free time. Then a full time writer, a writer who specifically writes to earn a living out of writing and a writer who writes because he/she is passionate about it.

If you are employment or self-employed or you write out of passion. It is important to develop positive attitudes toward writing and have passion towards it and be a good time manager. A writer sacrifices other things she or he loves for writing. It includes waking up at midnight to write to meet deadlines against the will of his body and spouse.
Spending 14-18 hours a day and allotting only 4 hours to sleep and two hours to other activities .It is risking health problem related to not having enough sleep or straining a lot.One has to love researching on ideas as soon as the idea pops into his or her mind.
If you  are writing as well as doing another job, you need to be keen in keeping time because you have  to jot down an idea as soon as it pops  into your head  so that  you are  in a position to Google it later  when  you get time. Time is always on your side and there is a need to develop ways to cope with it. It is a rare resource you ought to use wisely. Otherwise you would be getting idea as it disappears at the same time.
Writing will serve well if you enjoy it. To write a story, an ideas or proposals the makes sense requires your full attention. Write-and-write and re-write and re-write for you to come up something of valuable. It needs your energy, your time and patience and perseverance come up with a selling story and a winning proposal.
Many people have made a living out of writing; creativity and uniqueness of their idea. It excites them to wake up out of their beds in morning to write. Sleep late in the evening to have something jotted down to a piece of paper.  If time is not managed well writing may dribble into the business that you earns you money at the moment specially working writers.
Anybody who writes and at the same time involves in other business is guilty of letting writing take over. You do not have to stop thinking and putting down ideas and proposals in pads. One has to find the right balance of current paying job and ideas that flows to his head and that keeps him or her up at night with excitements and plans to come out with something tangible.
If one has set working hours he or she has to stick to that because the biggest problem is sticking to time allotted to other business that earns you now.  This will affect your work and your writing business as well.
Writing is just like any other type of entrepreneurship that needs organization, management, co-ordination and planning. One has to be convinced that he or she would not postpone what he does for a living to write down ideas that might help him no soon.
What he or she has aim is to achieve in the end especially for the beginning writers.For established writers it is different. The lifestyle of a well set up writer is living and earning out of writing because he has already secured market for his or her writing. He enjoys his royalties has he writes and enjoys writing as well. Writing in itself is a form of entertainment.
One feels good when he writes. When he or she gets bored the first decision for a writer is to engage in writing.
Combination of working on ones proposal during the day  and not working on what earns him or her a daily bread may leads to getting less pay at expense of writing that  wont pay soon. It is just like going parting and forgets report on work on time. While writing down your ideas do not spend more time doing it while suppose to be working. This will  affect you  and even destruct the flow of ideas into your mind there is  needs to settle  your daily household tasks which is  a relieve and refreshing to you  and when you get into writing business you find ideas flowing as you get down to writing. One has to be focused and spend his or her work hours on the current bread winning activity no matter how that relate to your writing business. 
It is hard to concentrate on the current activities when you have not achieved or performed well in the former one. Your thoughts and concentration will be divided too. Underachieved activity will haunt your concentration and your thoughts might not flow to pads as you write. That will be an obstruction to your success in writing job. If you find your self sprawling off to work on activities that are not related to your present business, immediately stop and get back to your work.
Writing has a stress – relieving – benefits to a writer. It is good for people who can not sleep at night. Writing something things down helps they get a good night rest. It is so because once you write something down you no longer struggle to remember it. That means your brain stops racing and you can get a sleep after you are settled in your mind. If you put down idea to revisit later, it gives you confidence not to stop working to do research or planning. You wont have to worry because you are assured in records that some things you want to do are save for a later free time.
Let the writing spirit grow because you have reason why all these ideas keep on coming into your mind. There is a reason why writing excites you always and you are passionate about it. Keep on writing and nurture writing spirit and keep it flourishing. Have time structured well and forcing oneself to do certain things might hurt the excitement you are enjoy while writing. Write to keep the excitement alive as long as you have the spirit and passion.

What you are doing at present is important to sustain your living but remember writing could grow, develop and shape your career. It may lead you to a more fruitful and a happy life in the future. Keep on top of you current projects to earn a full concentration of your writing business. Never stop writing down your ideas because you have obligations at hand.
Always find time for it. Writing business needs planning and idea development, setting time a day, a week for writing is essential as it gives you a surety of progress toward making your own idea a reality. This helps to alleviate the feeling to make progress. It makes you attempted writing ideas when you should be focused on other activities because you are guarantee progress in future.

Writing helps one to express oneself, how much he or  she can communicate; writing helps one uncover more about the way he or she thinks, it a form ideas and thoughts that  allows you to work and plan for them better than when you let the ideas remain evolved in your mind. Writing translate one thoughts to other people, writing help in acquiring vocabulary of a languages as you always longer for suitable term to communicate you thought. Writing motivates ones towards positive thinking which is important to one healthy living.

One who is dedicated to the world of writing, he or she learns how form a language, how put together a plots, spellings and to make a logical argument. Writing is the important part of our life and it is a better way to relax. It is a suitable way to spend your free time to learn, entertain yourself and build a health living of your own self.
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How to help internally displaced persons.

In 1992, there were tribal clashes in Molo. Some individual from certain tribes lives were shortened. Their properties destroyed and they were forced to leave their homes. 
The land they bought with their hard -earned- money. These displaced Kenyans; some flew to Uganda for refuge while some parts of the country stable. Has the Kenya Government ever tried find out who occupied their homes and who does farming on their farms?  The government is too busy doing some important things than IDPs maybe. At least these people had land and homes established before clashes occurred.
I am sure the government of Kenya has never wasted her precious time to investigate on this issue.  It is the reason as to why clashes keep on re-currying every election in the country. It engineers some communities to force others to leave their farms and businesses.  In the mid 1990s in west Pokot District, used to be called before the promulgation of the new constitution. 
None were evicted from their homes. I expected the government act responsibly and to find out why these did left the land that belongs them to seek refuge in a neighboring country! If these people owned land in the area why the Government did allowed this to leave their home refuge? It is government the responsibility as to repatriate them, and provide security, let them go back to their former homes cheaply, instead of buy them land wherever else.
The claim always is, the forced out of the land is that, ‘they are taking our jobs and businesses and they occupy their ancestral lands’. Should the blame be put on some people for working hard to amass wealth? If you have lived in a place for long and you have not amassed enough wealth do not blame others for getting rich in a shorter time than you , instead accept your personal mistake and land from learn them to make better you, because not everyone waits for angel Gabriel to bring food from heaven.
It now a routine in Kenya, violence wait for approaching election or just after the election. This is because our politicians are planting bad seeds in the youth.  The youth are desperate for jobs, to win votes to fill up their ballots boxes. That is conclusion for our politicians and the arithmetic to gather more votes. 
 Many are thinking what will happen again come 2013. Our politicians should assure themselves Hague court if they try this time around. The youth will not just wake up one morning, get hold of pagans, rungus and match boxes to touch homes without being incited by an influential individual.
 The (IDPs) should not be bought land any where in Kenya. The government of Kenya should act by pushing them to return the land they used to live and security given to them. That is being a sovereign state. They should empowered to farm as they used to before post election violence .To reconcile means the conflicting persons coming together again and co-operate as they used to before conflicts.
 It proves how dedicated the government is in preventing any violence related with election in future. Secondly, it proves the government readiness to deal with any act of criminality and taking of justice to the people and protecting them. Letting the conflicting people apart is a sign of fear that they might fight again. It may mean the antagonism is still at large. 
The communities are still divided. Now that PNU and ODM are one Government, I don’t see why we should have (IDPs) because, the Truth and reconciliation was forged to healing the wounds. Unless it is just away make donors to believe. We are approaching another election and IDPs have not been settled and those in Uganda not repatriated!  It is now a way to win votes by promising the new settlement.
The government should provide security and these people move back to their former homes. These will stop people from thinking that they will evict others come election 2013. The selection of DR Willy Mutunga to head judiciary, Kenyans have had a lot of hope for justified in the future and justice reaching every single Kenyan. The recent purchase of mobile facilities for mobile courts to effects makes Kenyans proud of their government.
The good news is the monitoring politician from spiting venom in the name of hate speech to guarantee Kenyans safety come election 2013 but what is worrying is the striking of police officers. We all hope the government will act more good than worse in handling these striking junior officers.
To monitor social media communications messaging in trying cut back hates through face book, Friendster, bizoppers and twitter only to control the spread of hate messages but to not suppress freedom of expression and association. It is through these social networks that gave birth to Arab uprising demonstration leading to violence.
 Other countries like Neighboring Uganda tried to block these communications through these social networks without success. Blocking was not good at all because some messaging are of good intend, they should only monitor to strengthen security only.
By not acting the Government is giving those who evicted others an automatic win over the victims of this violence. They will always ridicule, saying, ‘ you see, we chased them and now they are refugees’. Those who burned others houses and forced them of their land, will assume they have recovered their lands and will encourage the delays title deeds issuance after selling a piece of land to someone and wait for approaching election to force the victims off their land so that they can not claim anything after election violence. This is ‘looting without fear.’ Not good at all.
The acts of criminality is likely to occur in the neighboring communities because they have eyes to see and ears to hear what others did and criminal escaped justice and can decide to do the same on their part. There is nothing that denies them to chase the neighbors who happen to come to that land later than them to claim their traditions in the name of our ancestral land. 
The best thing to do is to make the whole land to belong to the government. What is termed as ancestral land should branded another names. If not swept out complete because every tribe in Kenya, Came to Kenya, at least from somewhere; I e Nilotes from Sudan, Bantus from Congo Niger and the Cushites from Ethiopia and that is their ancestral lands. Kenya is home land form them all.
The Government should be sole controller of land. Citizen purchase this land from the government to a maximum acreage. Some should not own more than can even manage or even land equivalent to a province. Kenya is bigger than individual and no one is more Kenya than the others.
Buying (IDPs) land some where does not assure them security in the fast place .Others think (IDPs) are bad people and had right to be chased from where they use to live because of their bad behavior. Forcing them from where they used to live before post election violence should be treat as a crime punishable before the Law.   
Those who involved ought to be brought to books to assure Kenyans safety. Otherwise someone somewhere now is scouting on somebody’s land and he is only waiting for election ,2013 to get himself a free land, after all IDPs will bought land by the government in another province. They watching perpetrators walk free in street why not them. 
 They are only seeing ICC suspects acting Jesus. A good example is where  someone sells car to you , later He organizes a gang to rob back the car from you, the same happens with land , someone goes desperately looking for land to buy , come general election he or she is evicted and the piece of land goes back to the owner. The reason why we have government is to prevent this happening!



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Kenyans long road in search for crude oil


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