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7 Activities That Feeds Your World of Creativity

A strong desire to learn is what feeds your world of creativity. Call it curiosity, eagerness to know something new in life that is the same as inquisitive thinking. It is a key ingredient to gaining knowledge, getting to know what is taking place in the surrounding you are in.

The most important thing you need to work on as a writer

As a writer, it is important to work on time management.  It is crucial. This is so because it will make you meet the deadline for submitting your assignment in time. If you are a freelancer, for example, writing for different clients or media houses, you have to make sure

Honoring Your Reality: My Writing and Real Me

As a person I love writing. I love reading too, with a passion. I have my daily work to earn a living; to balance the two is my routine for five days a week.  Real me, my consciousness tell me my writing is what is important to me, but at

How I became a writer

My curiosity to know, and discover new a thing surrounding me is what made me wanting to be a writer.  I know names of things around me in my mother tongue, but I came two new worlds at the same time, when I came to school. In school the language

One Publisher Helping Authors Earn from Writing What They Love Writing

One Publisher Helping Authors Earn from Writing What They Love to Writing

The queen I love the queen in you…

The queen I love the queen in you Not really your origin But lighting delight in you The light in you is what I love The person you in you Is what puts life in me Is what puts light? In my face In my soul, In my heart, In

let us all say no What color value…

let us all say no What color value most? The color speak not The ethnicity speaks not The content in one speaks loud Not the darkness of the skin Not lighting of the skin Not yellowness of the skin either But the inner you is precious The mind you speak