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7 Activities That Feeds Your World of Creativity

A strong desire to learn is what feeds your world of creativity. Call it curiosity, eagerness to know something new in life that is the same as inquisitive thinking. It is a key ingredient to gaining knowledge, getting to know what is taking place in the surrounding you are in.

Honoring Your Reality: My Writing and Real Me

As a person I love writing. I love reading too, with a passion. I have my daily work to earn a living; to balance the two is my routine for five days a week.  Real me, my consciousness tell me my writing is what is important to me, but at

The queen I love the queen in you…

The queen I love the queen in you Not really your origin But lighting delight in you The light in you is what I love The person you in you Is what puts life in me Is what puts light? In my face In my soul, In my heart, In